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Girl Finds Father's Cocaine Hidden In Candy Package While Presenting It For Show-And-Tell!

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Well isn't this just lovely?

A man in Newhaven, England was recently arrested on suspicions of drug dealing after his 10-year-old daughter brought a pack of gummy candies called Haribo Starmix to school with her for show-and-tell, and found a baggie of cocaine hidden inside!

Thankfully, her teacher apprehended the substance, and when police were called to raid the father's home, they found found enough drugs to warrant suspicions of intent to sell!

The girl has since been moved to live with her mother, and is being monitored by social workers.

A source at the school explains:

"The girl is naive and innocent and had absolutely no idea the wrapper contained drugs. The wrap was never opened so no child took the drug or came into contact with it."


It's bad enough to think that there are children exposed to that kind of stuff from their parents, but to HIDE DRUGS in candy wrappers?!

He might as well have been spoon-feeding her it!

Absolutely deplorable!

We sincerely hope that this poor girl is okay, and doesn't have to exposed to anything like this for the rest of her childhood.

Sometimes, this world can be a sad, sad place. Ugh.

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14 comments to “Girl Finds Father's Cocaine Hidden In Candy Package While Presenting It For Show-And-Tell!”

  1. 1

    wow mario aka. baldy mcpedo. this news is like a week old. my god even your cut paste work has become below awfull. finger on the pulse? what of a corpse?

  2. 2

    She brought in a bag of candy for show & tell? lmao. What did the next kid bring, a ball of yarn?

  3. 3

    wrapping it in a candy wraper is not on but dont you think the fact that the girl had no idea what the stuff was meant that she might have been protected from it somehow?? you'd think that a child who has a drug dealing dad would know something about it. he probably kept her seperate from it.guys got to make a living

  4. 4

    PROOF READ. "they found found enough drugs to"

  5. 5

    Re: andypandy1 – And yet you still come here with your juvenile bile-spewing. Try being a productive human instead of an annoying troll. Who knows? You might even like it.

  6. 6

    Who brings a package of candy for show and tell?

  7. 7

    Kids and grown-ups love it so – the happy world of Haribo.

  8. 8

    Re: Office Drone – also, i'm pretty sure one can't apprehend a substance, you CAN confiscate a substance however.

  9. 9

    lol, viewers of this site have serious issues. The normal commentors have all moved on to better sites… stop the hate; you people are so rude and fucked up in the head.

  10. 10

    this isn't really news… or celebrity news.. question is .. her mom and/or dad obviously knew the coke was in the candy because duh they put it there- so why they let their daughter take it for "show and tell" is beyond me…..this is called a bad parenting mistake… don't normal kids bring like pets and stamp collections for show and tell… fat ass bringing candy… and neither one of her parents stopped to ask her what item she was bringing? Woot parents of the year

  11. 11

    Kudos to the teacher. A lot of teachers are lackadaisical when it comes to show and tell and dont pay much mind to the objects, having students quickly display them. Clearly this teacher took the time to have students discuss them which is how the drugs were probably found. Uh, It disgusts me that this man is a parent. Just another example of why reproduction should be a privilege and not a right. Re: Hairplugs for HiltonRe: ellafricka – Aw c'mon, she's a kid. I've had little ones show novelty erasers. Sometimes they forget and they just grab something because they want something to show and want to participate. Are you really insulting a 10 year olds decision? It's sad how you've completely forgotten what it was like to be mesmerized by the simplest of things. And thank goodness she brought in candy, or else she'd still be living with a druggie dad.

  12. 12

    theres that "deplorable" word again… find a thesaurus please!

  13. 13

    what 10 year old is doing show and tell and why would they bring some gummie candies?

  14. 14