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Octo-Mom To Do Bikini Car Wash For CA$$$H

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It's come down to this, huh?

Nadya Suleman aka Octo-Mom is desperate for cash once again and is resorting to having a bikini car wash to make some extra dough.

She's called upon her fellow Z-list stars such as Capri Anderson (in case you forgot who she was, like we did, she was Charlie Sheen's porn star involved in that whole Plaza Hotel mess), Reggie Bush's alleged mistress January Gessert, Mel Gibson's alleged mistress Violet Kowai, and just when you thought she couldn't get any lower, Tila Tequila.

Come on! Seriously?!?!?!

We thought she didn't want to exploit herself and her family??

Anyway, if you're in the need for a wash and want to see some washed-up celebs, Nadya will be washing cars for $20 and SUVs for $30 on June 18 in El Lay.

[Image via WENN.]

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29 comments to “Octo-Mom To Do Bikini Car Wash For CA$$$H”

  1. 1

    okay this proved it you are back to trying to make people feel like shit. whatever happened to your promise

  2. 2

    People need to stop making fun of her.

    she has a better body than all of you SIZE 12 girls out there. Including Kim "hippo ass" kardashian.

  3. 3

    Still a bully Perez!


    stop calling her octo mom she has a first name THOUGHT YOU DIDN"T LIKE LABELS ON PEOPLE

  4. 4

    She should ask also Britney, Lindsay, Jessica Simpson, Lady GaGa, the Olson twins, all the fur wearers. Good luck Octo, I admire you much more than those mentioned here.

  5. 5

    When it got to the end of that list, Tila Tequila topped it off. She had to have a garage sale not long ago to raise cash, and stole a bunch of tips from strippers at a strip club she "performed in" in the last year or two, so I wouldn't be shocked if all the proceeds from this car wash didn't make it to all them babies. Anyway, come for the washed up skanky plastic surgery victim "celebrity" car wash, get a side of herpes for free!

  6. 6

    The bottom line here is she has a shit load of little mouths to feed. Think of the kids not of her mistakes.

  7. 7

    Z-list, and yet you get the exclusive…leave the girl alone and let her feed her freaking kids.

  8. 8

    Well If she needs money, & is trying to do something to earn some That is fine by me. I honestly feel that she is trying right now. I gotta give her some credit, her kids haven't been taken away so she must be doing something right. She made a huge mistake, & dealing with being a mother to THAT many kids is going to be hard. I actually sympathize with her.

  9. 9

    Re: joc.starr – Perezzzyy is a big fat liar…

  10. 10

    Re: iloverickymartin – think of the pregnant and 16 kids…they are more likely to be abused/molested by all the new boyfriends these girls bring home…..

  11. 11

    she must be disgusting after so many childs she have had, there are other ways to get money you know, like a real job? stop selling yourself and go out find a real job

  12. 12

    I don't really like nadya but i'd rather hear story's and news about nadya than other z list celebs like the fake & fat kim kardashian. i can't stand that bimbo. fake as hell.

  13. 13

    I see that you are still ass hurt by Tila T.

  14. L.C. says – reply to this


    Love the caption with that photo. Lol

  15. 15

    …ive seen better hands on a crocodile….dam shes ugly…..

  16. 16

    Re: joc.starr
    Perez knows trash when he sees it. Porn is the next stop on the octo-ho train.

  17. 17

    Re: Team Kim Richards
    You an employee of her new pimp, DD Entertainment? Ain't no way her image is gonna be rehabilitated. The other ho's have a better chance, at least they didn't involve 14 innocent children in their fuckery.

  18. 18

    Re: Team Kim Richards

    Her first name is skank.

  19. 19

    Re: iloverickymartin

    She gets food stamps for the kids. She needs cash for her plastic surgery upkeep. Her lips need to be continually pumped up.

  20. 20

    Re: blaakq

    Since she signed up with her new pimp, she has a lot of 'defenders'. How much you getting paid? She gets food stamps for the kids and SSI payments for all the disabilities the children have because of her neglect. She is never at home (many, many pics of her excursions) so she never spends any time with them.

  21. 21

    Love it. She is having a car was to benefit her favorite charity, herself. Hope she brings her 9 year old daughter to meet mommies new BFF's, it could be like a career day too.

  22. 22

    Defenders of Suleman are just doing it for attention. No one with 2 brain cells can think this woman takes good care of these children…cage them up….feed them like animals…dust them off when a buck needs to be made. The kindest act that could happen is to take the children ans place them in loving homes , then they would have a chance to be productive adults.

  23. 23

    u go girl u got it (be it stretched ) u flaunt it

  24. 24

    Re: bellestarr21445 – I don't "follow" this chick at all. Honestly, I couldn't care any less what she does. You, however, seem to be all up in her business. I don't get paid to be a "defender" of hers. I'm no fan. Maybe Perez & others shouldn't pay for the paparazzi photos of her and she could just disappear. Also, maybe you should back off and not make assumptions about things/commenters of which you are clueless …

  25. 25

    Re: blaakq
    What are you, the comments police? I can be in her business as long as she puts her business in the streets. So, maybe you need to back off, crawl back into your hole or go post where someone cares what you think.

  26. 26

    Re: Team Kim Richards
    Please be quiet, you're making a fool of yourself!

  27. 27

    I'll give her $50 to GET HER TUBES TIED!

  28. 28

    so if this thieving serial child abusing sociopath is so destitute she has to bareass with a buff rag, how is she finding the SSS to pay DD Entertainment to put up these totally not credible defend-the-skank posts

  29. 29

    Re: bellestarr21445 – Plenty of people care what I think. If you don't, who gives a shit. You made the point to comment on MY post first. That gives me the right to comment back in your direction. Get over yourself. And I don't need to crawl under a rock or in any hole. The fresh air I breathe is fantastic. You, however, can take your own advice.