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Check Out All The Viral Videos For The Dark Knight Rises!

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We're not 100% sure what to make of these, but we want MORE!

Check out the viral videos (above) which Warner Bros has JUST released in an effort to tease their upcoming Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises!!!

The first few videos are pretty difficult to decipher, but that last one features Anthony Michael Hall on the Gotham City News network! If these videos AREN'T legit, then someone sure put A LOT of effort into fooling us! Ha!

BTW, is it just us, or is that chant in all these videos REALLY creepy and catchy? We can't get it out of our heads!

What do U think of these Dark Knight Rises viral videos? Legit? Insightful? Nonsensical? All of the above?

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11 comments to “Check Out All The Viral Videos For The Dark Knight Rises!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    OHHH JEEZZZ. looks batmans got some real shit coming his way

  3. boooo says – reply to this


    I think they're chanting Si, Si, Matalo! (Yes, Yes, Kill him!)

  4. 4

    Those are for the Videogame Perez. Arkham City.

  5. 5

    woah, this is hella creepy. it will be hard to top the dark knight, but this seems more than promising!!!

  6. 6

    Oh, I didn't know the Illuminati made home videos. How cosy.

  7. 7

    confirmed fake guys..sorry to burst your bubbles. Even without the news link, check out the video's properly. a 2008 copywright on one of them, Chicago plice written on a van in another (Thought they were in Gotham? ;)

    42 Entertainment (the people that were hired by warner bro's to do The Dark Knight viral campaigns) are not behind this.

  8. 8

    Clearly these promos focus on Bane's escape from Arkham.

  9. 9

    Re: boooo – I got 'This is murder, murder'. The chanting's the only thing that's 'real', the vids aren't, unfortunately.

  10. 10

    ok the first 2 clips are black, then the 3rd stars with an ad featuring a gay asian for Fit Perez, no thanx, then the chanting sounds like a bunch of frenchmen or dirty africans chanting "eeeet's bottman, bottman"!! FAIL!!

  11. 11

    Every video has a 32 second ad!! WTF??