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Why Meredith Is Really Leaving Today

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Meredith Reason Why Leaving

Contrary to popular belief, Meredith is not leaving the Today Show just to take care of her husband, who has MS.

In fact, he's been in good health recently! Which is fantastic!

So why is she leaving? For a few reasons, and family IS one of them, but not to take care of them, and maybe it's a little because of the 2:30am wake up calls:

"It was being distorted, because it looked better to make it, 'Poor Meredith, she triumphs through it all,' but that wasn't the case. Richard said, 'What is this? You never tend to me! You won’t even get me a cup of coffee!' I said, 'I know! This scam is working!' But enough gets to be enough."

"We don't know from day to day what might happen. So why not enjoy life now? It's very precious, and anyone living with any kind of illness knows that. Health is fleeting, and you need to celebrate it while you still have it."

We understand that, for sure. Nobody is blaming you for leaving, and we're glad you took the time to set us all straight on the specifics as to why!

And we're glad to hear that your family is doing so well, so, best of luck in the future Meredith!

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3 comments to “Why Meredith Is Really Leaving Today

  1. 1

    I know how she feels, for 5 years I worked as a contractor with a military branch. For 5 years I got up at 3:30am, catch the commuter train at 5am and be at work by 6am. I wouldn't get home until 5 or sometimes as late as 8-9pm, it eventually got to me. I am so glad I left that part of my career behind me, I may not be making the money I was making but I am alot happier now.

  2. 2

    What difference does it make why she is pulling the plug. It's her and her families decision to make. I always liked her and hope that her and her family have a happy and healthy future. Enjoy life cuz boy it sure is short.

  3. 3

    Not sure why the media is so obsessed with her departures as to why. If she says she wants to have more time for herself and her family we should all except that. Good for her she wants to do something else with her time and not punch a clock if more ppl where like this and could afford we would probably be a happier bunch.