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48 comments to “It's Over! Rep. Anthony Weiner Admits He Posted Crotch Shot! Refuses To Resign!”

  1. 1

    He's a douche!

  2. 2

    Well, surprise surprise!!!!! What a douche.

  3. 3

    Why the fuck did he even bother to get married if he's still playing the field? Twat. Why do these idiot politicians do such stupid things.

  4. 4

    Why is their so few posts and so much blank space per page lately, annoying?!!!!!!!!

  5. 5

    What is up with these Democrat politicians showing off their schlongs!? How can we have these guys in charge of our country? Get rid of him!

  6. 6

    Typical arrogant Liberal douchebag! Resign motherfucker!

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    i wish his crotch shot could have been more impressive….would have made this 10 times hotter and worth it lol i must be honest tho….it is sorta of a accomplishment thing to be in college and be able to swoon a man in power into sending pics of his wiener ;)

  9. 9

    So he thinks he can just admit and go on…what a complete a@#hole! Another idiot with a sense of entitlement - must be something in the water - by the way most 21 years would want to vomit after receiving a tweet of his package - effn sicko!

  10. 10

    He tweeted a pic of his crotch as a joke? OK. That was total BS.

  11. 11

    why would he need to resign? only in the us would the populace push for resigning over soething so stupid while politicians allow corporations to rob them blind, steal peoples social security and medicare and that's ok. the only people left in government who call people on their hyporcicy and their lies are all being weeded out with media bullshit. wake up people.

  12. 12

    I hope he's able to keep his job. His actions were stupid but not criminal and the man does a lot of good.

  13. 13

    It was obvious he sent the pic. It was so stupid for him to lie. He's a BAD lier to claim his account was hacked but not deny that the pic was of him. It's really no big deal. If he would have initially admitted it, this would be over by now. He's also an arrogant ass, so he's getting his just deserts.

  14. 14

    This must be so embarrassing for his wife. I feel for her.

  15. 15

    Posting pictures online means they are there forever. How stupid!

  16. 16

    He's done a lot of bad thinks to this country while he was in office and has questionable ethics. He should do what's right and step down, Pronto!

  17. 17

    Re: Im_A_Prick

    There are BOTH arrogant liberal and conservative douche bags you fucking cun*t.

  18. 18

    Re: Im_A_Prick – I don't think it matters whether he is liberal or conservative. For if this were a conservative, he likely would have been tweeting the same pictures to a gay escort service.

  19. 19

    wow why is eva one makin a big deal about this he is grown hello last i knew he is allowed to have a personal life to but to the woman that ran her mouth wat ya mad cause he no longer wanted ya so ya tried to hurt his career grow up can we say SCORNED STALKER she the loser if ya ask me

  20. 20

    Call me naive, but I really wanted to believe that this man wasn't stupid enough to tweet that picture accidentally. I mean, come on! That is such an idiotic thing to do. Goodness. What a douche.

  21. 21

    no…you wish it was. its just the beginning. everyday we will hear more about what low life lying scumbag he is till he resigns. another good choice weiner…first lie to everyone and then try to keep your job. ba ba ba ba bye!!!!!!!!

  22. 22

    Why shouldn't he resign? Where's all the outcry from the public,,its so repulsive to me the bias and hypocrisy! If it was a republican official sending innapporpriate pics out, it would be a withc hunt,,I live in NYC, This arrogant piece of shit should be run out for his policies alone. The liberal rag newspapers in theis cisty wouldn't even barely touch on the story, except for the NY Post of course. No wonder NYC is in such troubles financially,,we got assholes like him in office!

  23. 23

    I dont understand why its a big deal who cares he is grown an sendin them to a supposed to be a "woman" i use the term lightly he is entitiled to a personal life like the rest of us it sounds like she is a SCORNED STALKER TRYIN TO BE A HOMEWREAKER wow really whats wrong he wake up an relise he didn't want yr crazy @$$ so you decide to blab yr big mouth if he is doin his job leave him alone about it

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Even Q's spy gear lab in James Bond had nothing quite so effective.
    Self destruct, in 3…2…1…*

  25. 25

    He needs to resign. There are text messages and more pictures to come. His foolishness left all of us vulnerable to some of Mata Hari scenario with a sitting U.S. Congressman. Resign Mr. Weiner. NOW.

  26. 26

    On a side note….thanks republicans for turning this into a "look! this is what all democrats do and look like!" type of thing, any chance you get to win the government "back" huh? At least whenever fun is poked at Sarah palin for example its about her intelligence and lack of knowing anything really and not have to mention because she's a republican is why she's such a dumbass. Human beings are human beings, we all make mistakes and some of us are just smarter then the next, or just less shitty there's not one single perfect person anywere.

  27. 27

    Re: WatcherOne – He hasn't mentioned resigning. I'm amazed that the Libs haven't demanded a public impaling.

  28. 28

    Honestly, I think that's the reason a lot of men go into politics in the first place.

  29. 29

    So if youve got an ugly face, but flirt with your body parts on line with other women behind your wife's back, you get a pass because you didnt break any laws and you are a high and mighty political type. Wow - aint he the role model. What a douche.

  30. 30

    i'm just glad his weiner wasn't out of his underwear

  31. 31

    I should never be surprised at this stuff, but I am always amazed when it turns out to be true. Is it even possible to have a public position of power without having some shady underbelly ? And a crotch shot - how sexy… I hope somehow our future leaders morality swings back in the right direction.

  32. 32

    Don't act like you're not impressed….Ron Burgundy

  33. 33

    I can't help but laugh when he cries

  34. 34

    Re: MissJosette

    Agree @ No. 18. Anyone (conservative or liberal) in politics doing something like this is very stupid.

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  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: *Sloane – Right. As above, so below. Wait…

  37. 37

    Well he needs to be booted out of his office. This is a really sick person to do something like he did. What an ego. I do not even know what to say. Sicko is a great word.

  38. 38

    always have liked him, and dont think this is the end of the world, but what awful judgement. just being dumb isn't such a good thing.

  39. 39

    Rep. WEINER needs to keep up. Things will get better! Don't let people JERK you around. Don't let people TUG at you. Don't get down on Rep. WEINER. I feel he is about to EXPLODE. :)

  40. 40

    We are all WEINERS.

    If you tug on us, don't we "bleed" the same? (white)

  41. 41

    Anthony Weiner you are a very bad boy! That pic should be reserved for your wife only.
    Just sayin…

  42. 42

    he goes with crotch and chest shots only cause his face is straight butter

  43. 43

    He SHOULD resign because who the hell sends a dick shot when the dick ain't big enough to see through the chonies? Dumb ass….

  44. 44

    This is hilarious. First off, maybe it was a "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours." Weiner's wiener didn't impress so they leaked it to the media. Funny shit. The more that comes out of our politicians private lives the more we really have to clean house. It it jam packed full of trash. Time to take care of all the garbage that is in there but who knows how many ppl would be left to serve. Sad that these ppl are telling us what we should be doing and what we shouldn't be doing and running our country. No wonder we have no respect from other countries. We are the biggest joke ever.

  45. 45


  46. 46

    Re: o3mta3o – Why resign oh because he is a LIAR and he exercised such terrible reckless judgement and thought he could get away with it. He has a problem and he needs to deal with it privately on his own time and not while on the publics dime.
    He compromised himself and opened the door for blackmail. He has LOST the publics trust.
    Someone that shows such recklessness, lack of judgement, and ease with lying and then trying to blame others (hacker allegations) isn't someone we want in government.
    Oy, he boldly refuses to RESIGN and then arrogantly asserts his wife is going to stay with him. This guy is a piece of work–don't you think she might need some time, space, respect. Think she gets to decide that on her own Anthony. What a tool. Then again he was married by Bill Clinton —really who would want Bill Clinton to officiate at their wedding REALLY???

  47. 47

    Re: justtospeaktruth – Not really. Republicans that do this RESIGN–their leadership and constituents DEMAND it. He is of no use to the Dems now and should resign and not drag us all through the sorrid details. He won't because he is an ARROGANT selfish dishonorable person who can not take responsibility for the mistakes he has made. This is NOT a Rebpublican/Democrat thing—this is a there are consequences thing–you have lost the ability to be effective, trusted, believed thing.

  48. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: WatcherOne – He would, (resign), but Anthony appears to have no cojoining mental bridge between his personal ethics and his professional ethics, yet he has elected to represent the people. He appears to have had what I like to term a political lobotomy.