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Kate Plus Eight Returns! Perez Hilton Interviews Kate Gosselin!

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The new season of Kate Plus Eight returns to TLC this evening (check out a sneak peek above) and Perez recently sat down with the mother of many, Kate Gosselin, for a very revealing chat!

We talk about her love life, her kids (they're all back in regular school now), her relationship with ex-husband Jon (her response may surprise you), how she stays in shape plus more.

AND, Kate answers YOUR reader questions!!!!

Check out a transcript of our exclusive chat… after the jump!

Perez Hilton: Hello.

Kate Gosselin: Hello.

Perez Hilton: Hi, it's Perez. How are you doing?

Kate Gosselin: Good, how are you?

Perez Hilton: I'm well. Where are you right now? Are you at home in Pennsylvania?

Kate Gosselin: I am.

Perez Hilton: that's a good thing. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Are you work mode promoting the new show?

Kate Gosselin: Yeah, pretty much. The kids aren't here this weekend so I have like, it's my catch up weekend to do everything that I never get done.

Perez Hilton: I'm sure that there's a lot to get done too because you're — like I can't imagine having eight, you must be super busy. So let's talk about the new season of the show. When does it premier? When can we look forward to that?

Kate Gosselin: It starts Monday night at 10 o'clock eastern time TLC.

Perez Hilton: And on the —

Kate Gosselin: And it should be fun.

Perez Hilton: And on the — what will we see on the premiere? Can you give us a sneak peek?

Kate Gosselin: It's my birthday, my surprise birthday episode. We, my best friend Jamie surprises me and whisks me away to New York. And I don't know how she got away with surprising me because nobody surprises me. And pulled it off.

Perez Hilton: You're like Oprah that way, she does not like surprises.

Kate Gosselin: No, I need to plan everything. And so when she showed up I was like, ″Whoa, what is going on?″

Perez Hilton: How did that feel like to just kind of surrender to your friends surprise and go with the flow?

Kate Gosselin: Well it was — after I got over the initial shock I mean, she caught me when I was coming back from the bus stop with no makeup on and I had just been running so I had my running stuff on, and I was all like in after school mode and she appeared. And I got over the initial shock and I was like, whoa. I mean, I spend plenty of nights here by myself after the kids are in bed, you know just me. So I was like, I got over the shock and I was like, ″Wait, this will be fun.″ Of course until she mentioned going to a club and dancing, then that was a whole different story. But yeah –

Perez Hilton: On this new season of the show, can we expect or do you, have you, would you go on any dates? Is that in the cards for you?

Kate Gosselin: Well I hope that it's in the cards for me someday to go on some dates. But I don't know. I mean, I'm not going to rule it out as a possibility. It's my real life, and so if that happens that would be pretty fun probably.

Perez Hilton: You haven't gone on any dates recently?

Kate Gosselin: Not really.

Perez Hilton: Oh. You know what I did recently –

Kate Gosselin: You feel bad for me?

Perez Hilton: Well I feel like I'm in a similar situation in that you know you have — well I don't know, I don't want to — I feel like I have baggage. And I guess I wouldn't call eight children baggage but it's part of you. And some people may be afraid of that and they may have preconceived notions of who you are. But something I did recently was I joined online dating. Is that something you would do?

Kate Gosselin: No. I don't know that I could do that at all. But I mean I know people who do it. How weird is that?

Perez Hilton: Well I guess I'm in a little different situation. If somebody's just wanting to use me, I'm like I'm happy to use them back, let's get naked.

Kate Gosselin: Oh my gosh.

Perez Hilton: I don't have kids so it's a different situation for me.

Kate Gosselin: Totally.

Perez Hilton: Would you consider going to a matchmaker like that Patty woman from Bravo?

Kate Gosselin: I don't know that I know about Patty. Who is that?

Perez Hilton: She's the millionaire matchmaker so she specializes –

Kate Gosselin: Oh I've heard of that. Okay.

Perez Hilton: Is that something that you're open to?

Kate Gosselin: I don't know. I'm just, I think I'm still in the world of I just hope I'll happen upon the exact perfect person. Talk about wishful thinking huh?

Perez Hilton: Well I don't know if the perfect person exists, but close to perfect is a good thing to aim for. So –

Kate Gosselin: Well I say ″perfect″ in quotes. Yeah.

Perez Hilton: So you know after this next season of the show, would you be open to doing maybe a different kind of show like — I'm guessing not because you seem very focused on just being a mom. But would you maybe be open to a dating show? Because I think a lot of people would be interested in seeing you in that role.

Kate Gosselin: I've said it on a million interviews today and I'm going to stop saying no to things because if I say never, it seems to happen. So I'm never going to say never again and so therefore I don't know, you be the judge. I mean, if it was the right thing and it was tasteful and whatever, I'm not going to say, I'm not going to say yes either but at this point. But I mean I am, I do want to meet somebody. My kids want me to meet somebody believe it or not. And so you know I mean, I think in my show, you see me in mom mode. I think the image out of there of me that truly does not exist in real life is that you know I'm horrible, and I'm mean and whatever and I'm not. And so I think that keeps people scared away because they think that I'm some mean, horrible, awful person and I'm not. I'm very driven, I'm very focused, I'm very protective of my kids and you know that's where that part of that ends. So I don't know.

Perez Hilton: Does that translate to your personal life? Like would you approach somebody that you're interested in?

Kate Gosselin: Probably not.

Perez Hilton: How come?

Kate Gosselin: I'm not, like I'm not a confronter-ish person. I'm not like a you know I don't know. And that whole dating thing having been out of it for how many years, it's just weird to be back in it. So it's probably the area that makes me like squirm the most probably other than dancing of course.

Perez Hilton: Yeah. Well a lot of people are probably curious you know there's been some time. What's your relationship like with Jon these days? Is there much of an interaction between you two? Are you friendly?

Kate Gosselin: There isn't much. I mean, he's working now so he has other focuses which is good. The kids go there two weekends a month and they enjoy spending time with him, and you know I wish he would spend more time with them. I think there's a miss conception out there that I keep the kids from him which is, couldn't be you know less true. But they do see him you know four days a month and they enjoy going there now. And I think he's made a better effort in the recent days to you know have more of a kid friendly living situation which is good. And I mean, we do communicate. It, again it goes with the day, the mood that he's in. But you know over the last weeks or a few months, you know we've had friendly kid focused conversations that don't end up in him screaming and yelling at me so that's good. But I think that if I had to judge over the last few months, I would say, yeah, it's been more peaceful than it had been.

Perez Hilton: And what's your relationship like with his girlfriend? Are you a fan of hers or you don't have any relationship with her?

Kate Gosselin: No, I don't have any dealings with her. I mean, that's his life and he lives his life and I live mine, and there's really no need. I mean, I have to deal with him because he's their dad, I don't have to deal with anyone beyond that.

Perez Hilton: Is she allowed to be around the kids or not?

Kate Gosselin: Well in any divorce situation, the, you make the rules in your own house and the other parent doesn't have any you know control over it. So yeah, I mean, whatever he does with them is his business.

Perez Hilton: I have a few questions that some readers wanted to ask. And I thought I'd start with this one because I don't know if you get asked this often. But Lola G wants to know, are you happy?

Kate Gosselin: I am happy. I'm happier than I have been in many years. I look forward always to a bright future for myself and my kids. I love being challenged, I love working hard, I love balancing everything. And so the answer to that is yes. And I think that you know happiness is something you find within yourself and not in somebody else. At the same time obviously if she's asking me happiness, you know alone, single versus with someone, it would be great to share our lives with someone but I'm happy how I am.

Perez Hilton: Well that's a good answer. Leah wants to know if all the kids are back in regular school now.

Kate Gosselin: Oh Leah has such a good name. Yes, they are. They went back — Colin and Alexis went back successfully in April and have done wonderfully and finished the year and so I look forward to a bright first grade year next year. So we got everything squared away and I'm really happy for them, they've done great.

Perez Hilton: Lisa P wants to know if you could possess any talent, what would that be that you don't have?

Kate Gosselin: The obvious answer would probably be dancing but I don't really care to — I think dancers are amazing but I don't know that I would ever aspire. I would love to be able to, I mean, I can hold a tune. But I think more than anything I would love to be able to sing.

Perez Hilton: Me too. I love music.

Kate Gosselin: So do I.

Perez Hilton: Brittany Miller wants to know and I'm sure I want to know too, you know how do you deal with the con — not con, with the criticism that comes your way because people have these misconceptions about you?

Kate Gosselin: When mean things are written and you are guilty of it Perez. I'm –

Perez Hilton: I'm positive these days. It's a new more positive Perez.

Kate Gosselin: Good for you. Thank you. When harsh things come my way, when things are written, when people say things, I turn it around and use it as constructive criticism. So I say if that's what you see about me, and you don't like, I'm just going to work harder to do better.

Perez Hilton: So you actually read like all the stuff that's written or –

Kate Gosselin: No, if I hear things. I don't read it, I mean stuff comes across my twitter and obviously I block awful stuff. But I don't go out my way, no, to read stuff. But if I hear — you know people will come to me and say, ″Oh, did you hear that people will think that″ I'm using this as an example. ″That you keep the kids from Jon?″ You know that kind of, anything that's negative that comes my way that I hear in anyway, shape or form, no. I mean, I don't actively read stuff because clearly there's way too much written about me in my opinion that is so false. So I mean, like my image is that I'm harsh and mean, and whatever so I just work to be everything that is not that. And it actually has really worked because if people open their mouths and criticize you then, and you hear about then I don't know, it gives you something else to think about and prove them wrong.

Perez Hilton: That's a good answer. Michael B wants to know if you weren't doing reality TV anymore, what would you be doing?

Kate Gosselin: Like if TV ends for me, what would I be doing?

Perez Hilton: Yes.

Kate Gosselin: Well, first of all I hope it never ends because I enjoy it and I feel like I get to do a job that I love. So if it's not reality TV, if it's TV in some way, shape or form that would be my goal. So my hope is that it doesn't end part A. Part B of that answer is if it would end, I'm assuming that I would go back to being a nurse but I feel like I've run a business and I think it would be really fun to buy and run a business, whatever that may be. I have some thoughts. But –

Perez Hilton: Well you could start that now, and that could be part of your show.

Kate Gosselin: I know. Well the thoughts that I have, my kids aren't old enough yet so it would be like a family business that we could all do together. But I'm thinking about it.

Perez Hilton: You know, Shinta (phonetic) L wants to know why did you decide to hold on to the last name Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin: Because I want my name to always match my kids; my last name.

Perez Hilton: Okay. Melissa H wants to know how are you staying in shape these days because you still look really amazing even after Dancing with the Stars which a lot of people lose a lot of weight on that show and get really buff. But you, you're looking super good these days.

Kate Gosselin: You know, I don't even know that it was Dancing with the Stars. I think that it was the motivation after Dancing with the Stars that I decided if I could dance for six hours a day, I could run for an hour a day, and I've continued to run. And my schedule's getting trickier so it's, I fit it in wherever I can. Like as soon as I hang up the phone with you, I'm going to run. So I think that running is just really the only thing that I do. I run as many days a week as I can. You know there's good weeks, bad weeks. When I travel it's harder, but that what I do.

Perez Hilton: How do you run — do you run in the cold there?

Kate Gosselin: Yeah. I run, the coldest I ran this year was 17 degrees out.

Perez Hilton: Oh my goodness, I could not do that. You don't have — it's not the same thing if you're on a treadmill for you?

Kate Gosselin: No. You know I used to run on the treadmill and then I discovered outside running. And if you're an outside runner, I mean, I'll do it in a pinch. Like I just did it the other morning and I was like, it's so boring because I'm not a TV or movie watcher while I'm running. I — it's just boring. And when you run outside and you run five miles from home or three, four miles from home, you have to run home. You don't have a choice, you can't turn off either. You know you can't turn it off and get off. So that's extra incentive.

Perez Hilton: That is true. Especially if you're cold, you want to get home even quicker I'd imagine.

Kate Gosselin: You do run faster in the cold I will admit that, yes.

Perez Hilton: Dana wants to know what happened to the Kate does Mundane Jobs show? Is that not in the works anymore?

Kate Gosselin: It's constantly being reformulated and changed, and honestly I'm just along for the ride at this point and you know I'm really game for anything. So it still remains to be seen what the focus and whole outcome of that will be.

Perez Hilton: Okay. And the last question from Chela (phonetic), where do you hope to be in five years?

Kate Gosselin: Wow, in five years I hope to be in TV as well. I hope to have happy, healthy kids, still living here in our house that we love, and it would be wonderful in five years to be with someone that I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. How do you like that?

Perez Hilton: Well it's, I love it. I mean, I want that now though for myself.

Kate Gosselin: Well everything takes time.

Perez Hilton: I know. I'm very impatient, very impatient.

Kate Gosselin: Me too.

Perez Hilton: Well thank you. And have a great run.

Kate Gosselin: Thank you.

Perez Hilton: And a good weekend.

Kate Gosselin: Okay, you too. Thanks very much. Write nice stuff about me from now on you hear?

Perez Hilton: Bye bye. I will. I will.

Kate Gosselin: Okay, see you.

Perez Hilton: Okay, bye.

Kate Gosselin: Bye.

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    so…… Kate is still prostilatising those kids, nice, can't wait to see the trainwrecks they grow to be

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    Funny, I remember when Jon & Kate Plus Eight first came out and all you talked about was how much of a bitch she was and how he shouldn't take her crap. He left her and then you thought HE was a douche bag for leaving. What an incredible flip-flopper you are Perez…..idiot.

  4. 4

    She says she is protective of her kids and in 5 years wants happy healthy kids. Then why is she putting them on tv which can be so desctructive to a child? Bottom line is money. She is willing to gamble the long term mental health of her kids for money and fame.

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    I never really liked her before or after the divorce. I still remember how absolutely mean she was to Jon, I always felt bad for him on the show. It always seemed to me that he wasn't happy doing that show. I get the reasons for doing this, I just think the repercussions, the damage this is & will continue to do to her kids is not worth it.

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    Perez has become a true media whore.
    He talked crap about Gosselin for years and now he's bestest friends??? ~gag~
    Hypocrisy, your name is Perez Hilton.

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    why exactly is she famous again?

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    The woman needs professional help. Does she not watch herself on t.v? She is ALL of the things she claims not to be: She is confrontational, she is harsh, she is mean. She says she runs a "business" and that business is her selling her children for a price. Her only friend Jamie (the one who took the ungrateful bitch to NYC for her birthday) Has lost custody of a child. They make a great pair.