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Dennis Leary on "Hating" Michael J. Fox

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Leary Vs MJFox

Dennis Leary's popular and critically acclaimed show Rescue Me is coming to an end this season, just days before the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

There's bound to be some mixed emotions about it, especially around such a heavy time. But that's what the show was all about: balancing those emotions.

Dennis has recently had some other emotions about the show, though, that has been nominated countless time (he too), but has yet to win anything. What Emmy the show DID win, however, went to Michael J. Fox for a guest appearance.

And Dennis Leary is hilariously pissed off at his friend for winning it:

"In the beginning, when I was getting nominated — or we were, Peter Tolan and I — it was an honor. I still believe that. The only thing we won was for Michael J. Fox's guest role. I'm happy for him, but Mike's got, I'm guessing, four or five Emmys. So when you get to the point where one of your friends already has four Emmys, and you got him one of them, there's a greedy little part of me that's like, 'You know, I wouldn't mind having one.'"

LOLz! And when the interviewer brought up that Fox is nominated for an appearance on The Good Wife this year, here's what Dennis had to say:

"If he gets nominated and wins that one, I'm going to his house and I'm stealing the Emmy from him. Like he needs another one! He also has, like, $600 billion in 'Spin City' money. I hate him. He's a talented guy and nice and successful. He's the worst kind of friend because he's actually the greatest human being alive. There is no way to look good standing next to him."

Ha! Awww!

We can't help but think that it's adorable that Dennis Leary, who is known for his manliness, calls Michael J. Fox "the greatest human being alive." The jealously there is so funny and in such good spirit!

Dennis, we want to wish you good luck with the Emmy bids, and whatever you move on to do in the future after the show! It's been an amazing series about such a hard time, and we know that what you choose to do next will be just as great.

Congrats on all the success!

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