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Cheers To You, GaGa!

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Damn! We wish we had been there! Sounds like it was blast!

Last night, the Meatpacking district was on the edge of glory as Lady GaGa partied at The Top of the Standard to celebrate her CFDA win! The private event had Belvedere concotions flowing and several celebrities schmoozing, but the HIGHlight of the evening was a special rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow by one Miz Patti LaBelle!

You know, she only sings that for one other person wifey - and that's Oprah!

We hear the evening was wildly exciting for everyone there, including Ashley Greene who reportedly grabbed the attention of Gerard Butler on the way in and kept his attention all evening. So much for Jessica Biel, huh?

Congrats again, GaGaloo!!!!

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102 comments to “Cheers To You, GaGa!”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    Congrats GAGa! Looks like she is having a blast and she deserves it!

  3. FS says – reply to this


    A big, fat no. She looks like an idiot. Someone should beat the shit out of her for dressing the way she does. What a joke.

  4. 4

    Look close you can see his/her wood…

  5. 5

    She looks like he's letting out a huge fart in that picture.

  6. 6

    Gaga should have her bodyguards kick the living shit outta LaBelle and then pose for photos.

  7. 7

    She looks like a goddamn porn star. Disgusting.

  8. 8

    Wizard of Oz is used in MK Ultra programming.

  9. 9

    I love that hair color on her.

  10. 10

    Somebody throw a brick at her.

  11. 11

    What an insult to Patty! She won't realize until she takes a look at this picture! freaken clown! And she looks so stinky! hope you washed your hands patty!

  12. 12

    Can lady GaGa do anything with clothes on I am sick of seeing her bird body.

  13. 13

    Amazing she has met so many people in such a short amount of time! She was born a star!

  14. 14

    Why does she dress like such a dirty slut? Pathetic and wrong!

  15. 15

    Look at the differences in their outfits. Gaga looks like a complete moron. Enough already.

  16. 16

    Wow, she looks like a very cheap whore. When will the gay community understand that she doesn't give a damn about your plight, you're just an excellent niche customer she can exploit by telling you what you want to hear. That woman has no dignity, she cares for nothing but money. If she didn't, she wouldn;t be parading herself like a piece of meat and expet to be taken seriously afterwards.

  17. 17

    And are you kidding me with that shit that Patti LaBelle doesn't sing that to anyone else except Oprah?? Are you a complete asshole or high again, Perez?

  18. 18

    thats because Ashley Greene is a whorish man-stealer. she's done it countless times before.

  19. 19

    She's very talented, and she IS a fashion Icon, but c'mon, I'm a Model and I know for sure . . . that outfit looks stupid, that's what we call ”run-way exclusive” . . . Being naked all the time is a reason why some people can't take her serious

  20. 20

    Why does "he" choose to dress this way. I just vomited my lunch.

  21. 21

    gaga only sells 67,000 thou second week close to biggest drop in sales ever. her numbers for her cheat stunt were 450,000 thou amazon and estimated 200 thou through best buy dropping her way below the "record" and she had the highest digital downloads 60% compared to swift 25% and em 37% ..two other major debuts recently. and she did rip off that 19 year old russian whom she was working for until she copied her style (outfits) and style in songs use (dance/club). the kid was gonna have her record out until all of a sudden fame came out and the 19 yr olds didn't then that girl killed herself. daddy's connections and money help with that?

  22. 22

    Love Patti

  23. 23

    Why is it that only the ugliest of people feel the need get nekid? She needs to put some clothes on and paper bag her mug. I haven't seen such a talentless media whose since Fred Durst.

  24. 24

    Lady Gaga is officially disgusting. She's legitimately 98% naked right next to Patti LaBelle. So disrespectful. And by the way, people with real talent don't have to shock people and go around nearly naked to get attention - their talent speaks for itself.

  25. FS says – reply to this


    Come and check out my Slam Gaga page. Where the unenchanted can come together. Fuck this tranny bitch. email me at gagablogger@rogers.com and I'll send you the URL. Fat fuck Perez won't let me publish the link here because he has his head too far up Gaga's ass.

  26. Merab says – reply to this


    i´ve been indifferent and quite tolerant to her outfits so far..
    though I´ve gotta say …THIS one kills me…hehe…
    bless your heart, darling! poor thing
    …how miserable ( or desperate or both) a person should be to put that on herself? …
    I hope there´s a help …she will need it sooner or later ( if not already now)

  27. 27

    Patti the brute. She needs to publicly apologize to that cadet make sure he is reinstated!

  28. 28

    enough is enough Perez! Stop!!!!! The only way she can get attention is by her freakin outfits? Please YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Merab says – reply to this


    Re: Electro_storm
    why wouldn´t we hook up ?

  30. 30

    Put some fucking clothes on! Why aren't people over her already!?

  31. 31

    Re: Electro_storm – She is NOT a fashion ICON!! I dont see people walking down the street in red meats and used condoms or poping out of eggs!!!

  32. 32

    SO beyond gross & tasteless. She has no class whatsoever. Someone who was genuinely talented wouldn't need such pathetic gimmicks. Everything she does is to draw attention to herself. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME…I'm SO great! It's hard to believe so many people fall for her BS. From interviews with her, it's obvious how fake she is and that she has major entitlement issues. She outright lies and contradicts herself constantly, just watch her facial expressions and body language. There is NOTHING about her that is to be admired. Patti is a legend and Gaga shows up in something a $5 crack whore wouldn't even be caught dead in. FYI the tape/pasties over your nipples was super lame In the 90's, it's even more lame now.

  33. 33

    Oh gross. I'd betcha Patti LaBelle is hoping that naked troll doesn't get any closer.

  34. 34

    she looks like a dirty disease looking tranny who haven't washed their ass in months.

  35. 35

    Why can't she JUST WEAR CLOTHES???

  36. 36

    Thats disrespectful… She needs to put some clothes on she's standing in front of a legend!

  37. 37

    Re: Electro_storm – THAT"S a runway exclusive? lmfao shes wearing a see through sheer body suit with pasties on her nipples and a thong. Nothing exclusive nor runway about that sir.
    And it's pretty disrespectful to a woman of pati's age and career to allow someone to act like that in front of her let alone sing with her, guess anything to make us look away from her thugs beating the dude for standing near her luggage.

  38. 38

    I don't get it, if she's so talented and "born that way" why does she need to put that silly outfits? You can be original within being a clown… And I feel sorry for her 12 year old "little mosters" who are following THIS as a example how to express yourself.

  39. 39

    Is that her fucking nipple? …lovely… /sarcasm

  40. 40

    Re: the1 u luv 2 h8!
    Well, we've already seen what happens when you stand next to a "legend" like Patti LaBelle: you get your ass beat by her bodyguards.

  41. 41

    Re: ickynicky – You are dead on. Mindless people with no direction follow her like a cult. It's a shame, really….these people need someone so badly, they'll follow anyone. She is a drugged up, alcoholic mess. She only claims to love the gays because she knows it will sell. She lies constantly - she was never bullied (people have said SHE was the one bullying her classmates), she grew up rich and wanted for nothing as a child. She's full of shit. She's using the gay community.

  42. 42

    OMG look at those PANCAKE TITS GROSS, SHe's so fucking repulsive like her fat fans, seriously why are her fans soo fat, anyway, gross

  43. 43

    lady gaga, your hair and outfit looks a mess, u should wear more unique cloths like you always do, this isnt unique its whore like. Your better then that you have talent.

  44. 44

    Anyone else notice as much pub as Mario gives Stefani she never drops his name and he is never seen with her?

    Hopefully one day she will realize he is a leach and is a major cause of people losing interest in her.

  45. 45

    Look at me! Look at me! I have to dress like a moron because I lack attractiveness that everyone else has!

  46. 46

    Fashion icon? ridic! she looks just awful!

  47. 47

    This tranny never wears clothes..no one wants to see you like this..you're totally ugly and look like Marilyn Manson. What a total train wreck.

  48. 48

    Then she admits to doing cocaine and still smoking pot currently for inspiration. Wow…what aspirations. Plus, she is a satanist..what the hell is the world coming too?

  49. 49

    Wtf is she wearing? ugh. Disgusting.

  50. 50

    She looks like a five dollar ho. She's going to kill her own career with all the over-the-top fashion and massive over-exposure. It's getting very old & repetitive now. There's only so much people can take. I get a bit of a Charlie Sheen vibe from her. Not the drinking/drugs, but the over-exposed nuttiness. It has gotten very tacky and very predictable. I don't want to see her mug or her name again for a long long time. She needs to get out of the spotlight and maybe think about being a real person for awhile.

  51. 51

    if anyone who wasn't famous wore this outside in public would get in trouble by the law!!!! i don't know or understand why shes an exception! its trashy & disgusting & her songs aren't anything out of the ordinary or different or special….

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    Patti can wail, and had a good reputation. I hope she gets in there and fixes the cadet thing personally. She can set it right herself.

  53. 53

    What a disgusting piece of trash…she never heard of CLOTHES??? its all for attention…she is NOT talented at all.

  54. 54

    The Satan worshipper sings with the evil, cadet-beating bitch. No thank you.

  55. 55

    I'm quite embarrassed of her. I love her music but I don't like the way she advertises her music. It's all way too much of a publicity stunt.

  56. 56

    it's amusing to me how little monster freaks call Madonna and old whore. I would MUCH rather see Madonna in that hideous outfit that Gaga. Gaga has saggy tits. People used to call her a "butterface" but she is not even that.

  57. 57

    what a disgusting fuck!! she looks like a cheap whore. i bet she smells like shit.

    poor patti!

  58. 58

    If this were anyone else it would be considered indecent exposure.
    What is she trying to prove by wearing little-to-no clothes in public places? It looks trashy and sleazy, and it gives off a horrible impression to the youth of today. Not attractive in the slightest.

  59. 59

    Um… because you're such a "classy" person you know what's "lady like". So, shouldn't this be "unlady like manner" wearing this? You love to post pictures of up the skirt pervert shots of women and their vagina's when they're getting in or out of a car so why all the praise? Her boobs are out and you're less than an inch away from seeing her vagina, pig!

  60. 60

    Wow,what a suprise, look who's hogging the microphone. Pun intended!

  61. 61

    wtf is that

  62. 62

    LOl looks like shes about to take a shit!!!

  63. 63

    I love her wig but her outfit looks cheap.

  64. 64

    her niples are black…i hope her dick is black too =)

  65. @v@ says – reply to this


    Gaga's outfit is just awful. I don't like it. It's tacky, and indecent exposure offensive to my eyes. I guess I was just born this way, baby.

  66. 66

    omg she is fucking ugly.. not to be mean even though it is..but damn…. and that outfit is mother fucking nasty she needs to stop dressing like a hoe..it's just not sexy.. and whats with the rainbow color hair each week? it's expected not surprising.. -_-..she's too predictable now………….

  67. 67

    Re: DarkAdaptedEye – To bad Patty didn't have her body guards beat gaga to a bloody pulp for wearing such a ridiculous getup

  68. 68

    And I thought she couldn't look even more ridiculous until now.

  69. 69

    The Sun has a lot of photos from this event. You can even see her razor rash on her vajayjay. She is the nastiest of whores. Streetwalkers have more dignity than this trashy troll.

  70. FS says – reply to this


    Come and check out my Slam Gaga page. Where the unenchanted can come together. Fuck this tranny bitch. email me at gagablogger@rogers.com and I'll send you the URL. Fat fuck Perez won't let me publish the link here because he has his head too far up Gaga's ass.

  71. 71

    I'm constipated, Patty!!!! Patty is all like, "HA HA HA…that's right huney! You're literally FULL OF SHIT!!!!"

  72. 72

    Wow ripping off Madonna and Kylie agin.

  73. 73

    EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! DIE C)_( DIEEEEE

  74. FS says – reply to this


    Thanks for your interest in my Gaga blog! I'm getting tons of hits!

  75. 75


  76. 76

    I find it interesting that Perez didn't post her nip slip, yet he post everyone elses. Khloe K's is right after this. Just saying it's so bias.

  77. 77

    ok, i loooooooooove gaga with all my heart BUT PLEASE!!!! what the fffff is she wearing??? THAT is not worthy of a fashion icon…PLEASE!

  78. 78

    She's now one step away from walking around naked. How is this something you don't complain about when you diss celebs who do nude photos on their phones?! How is it that this woman hasn't been arrested for indecent exposure yet?

  79. 79

    perez when brit was going around flashing her crotch you said it was inappropriate, well gaga's vag is basically hanging out but you don't say any negative about her. hypocrite! This is disgusting!!! you don't show up to an event or party with your privates exposed.

  80. 80

    I really thought that was one of those "imitation Gagas" and…I mean, even for her, WTF IS SHE WEARING????

  81. 81

    ****ATTENTION**** whore gaga took an inappropriate picture with her dad, but perez won't post it!!! He's probably embarrassed!!

  82. 82

    dressed like that in fron of patti labelle bitch has no shame.

  83. 83

    Guys there is a pic of gaga with that same outfit on hugging her father!!!! Its on the web. It was the most disturbing thing I have seen. That outfit is a mess

  84. 84

    Britney, Madonna, Katy, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna support gays always. But they dont use them, and they don't treat them like "special" people, they threat them like "normal" people, like everyone must do and like gays must ask to be treated. A gay is not different, or special, but a person. I don't think Gaga really supports them, but I think she uses them to get attention. Gaga is making the gays seems weird and like they are special people… but the gays are not special!! GAYS ARE NORMAL!! Gaga is obviously exploiting the gays!

  85. 85

    love patti labelle! she is an amazing singer and has more talent in her little finger then every pop star (gaga included) and she looks like a class act in this pic…gaga looks like a bad drag queen.

  86. 86

    Re: Gushiness – I KNOW!! She's such an ugly mutton hog!! Her tits , i mean teets!!! LMAO!!

  87. 87

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – You don't even know who Patti is, you dank tampon!! LOL!!

  88. 88

    Her ”CFDA” win? LOL!!!!! GaGa is so 2009!!

  89. 89

    Re: Mushu Baby
    Well, OK, if Lady GaGa is "using the gays," she's raising a whole lot of money and done a whole lot of good for the gay community, which is a hell lot better than the lukewarm "I love my gay fans" responses you hear from those artists you listed, all at the expen$e of their fans.

  90. 90

    Re: DarkAdaptedEye – Oh, yeah, the twat has done SO MUCH for the 'gay' community!! Wtf are you talkin' ’bout douche? Get back to suckin' and watch you TEETH!! LOL!!!

  91. 91

    Re: Electro_storm – You need to rinse after. You know that, right? LOLZ!!

  92. 92

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – You and your people are disgusting animals, you know that, right?

  93. 93

    Latest headline:
    "Week Ending June 5, 2011. Albums: Gaga's Record Drop-Off"
    I am sure Perez won't post anything about it.

  94. 94

    Week Ending June 5, 2011.Lady Gaga's Born This Way set another record this week, but not one that Gaga's team will be happy about. Sales of the album dropped off by 84% from its sizzling (but discount-inflated) opening week. That's the the steepest drop-off in sales, expressed in a percentage basis, of any of the 17 albums that sold 1 million units in a week in Nielsen SoundScan history.Gaga's album sold 174,000 copies this week, down from 1,108,000 last week, when sales were goosed by a two-day, 99-cent sale at Amazon.

  95. 95

    the crackwhore tranny in alley wants his outfit back

  96. 96

    Re: Electro_storm – I didn't know you could type with your mouth full? LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  97. 97


  98. 98

    she's a free bitch and doesn't give a shit what you fat fucks think. she's living her life the way she wants while you all sit on your ass all day finding reasons to hate her. fuck you all. she's a fucking talent, i saw her twice and she is no phony. she must be doing something right to have all of you constantly commenting and giving her attention even if it is negative. SHE ALWAYS LOOKS FUCKING AWESOME.

  99. china says – reply to this


    hell no, what a disgustingly ugly tranny! someone please tell her that no one wants to see her saggy tits.

  100. 100

    Perez, whether you read this or not, I want you to know that the people that actually comment on these are the one's with the least amount of stimulation in their life.

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