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Attention Mariah Carey Fans!

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Rejoice, lambs!

Perez recently sat down with Nick Cannon and in this previously unseen footage (above), Mariah's husband tells us all about Carey's new album!

Juicy details!!!!

Read some highlights of our chat… after the jump.

Watch the Mimi music talk in full (above)!


Perez Hilton: You said that she's working on or she's been working on new music.

Nick Cannon: She is she's –

Perez Hilton: And that you said it's going to be out before the end of the year.

Nick Cannon: I said, I think there will be a record out before the end of the year. I don’t know the album is going to be –

Perez Hilton: Is that still on track to happen?

Nick Cannon: Yeah, it should happen.

Perez Hilton: And whats it going to sound like? Are you giving us a taste, a tease –

Nick Cannon: Like I told you on the radio, if she –

Perez Hilton: You got to listen to the radio because I get a Mariah scoop from him as much as possible.

Nick Cannon: Yeah, she's very inspired by her early work.

Perez Hilton: Which I think is very amazing.

Nick Cannon: She's been listening to her first two albums quite a bit and –

Perez Hilton: Those first two albums. Actually the third album was amazing too. Actually the fourth album. Those first four albums.

Nick Cannon: And that's what she's been listening to.

Perez Hilton: Actually even up until the fifth one which had ″Honey″ on it. You see I know my Mariah Carey!

Nick Cannon: I think it's going to be good though. I think she — you know because she's ready to bring music back to the game and I think that's her job so she's excited about being able to be musical and bring the voice back.

Perez Hilton: Well, I'm so excited about that. And like I think that radio could really be recep — if she hits the right lane, radio could be receptive because I think we might be at a point where we're danced out.

Nick Cannon: Done with the dance.

Perez Hilton: But you could still have pop that's dancy like ″Someday″. (Perez sings ″Someday″)

Nick Cannon: That's my favorite song. I love that one.

Perez Hilton: I love that song too.

Nick Cannon: She does not. She doesn’t.

Perez Hilton: No?

Nick Cannon: She thinks I'm making fun of her every time I sing it.

Perez Hilton: No, I love that song.

Nick Cannon: I was like that was, that video was the video when I fell in love with Mariah Carey.

Perez Hilton: She doesn’t love that song?

Nick Cannon: [Watch the video for more.]

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11 comments to “Attention Mariah Carey Fans!”

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  2. 2

    He looks totally uncomfortable next to pig face; he doesn't even look at Perez……..hmmmmmm, homophobe or just hates you - I'm thinking the latter.

  3. 3

    whats with all of these awful hats lately? going bald? u look sick. r u sick?

  4. 4


  5. 5

    totally agree with you Perez. She's amazing and I have all of her albums but she lost her way a bit when she got a little too urban. Very cool of you to actually say it to Nick! She's too much of an Icon and Goddess to reduce herself to just another urban video ho and that's kinda what she did during that period. Can't wait for the new stuff!

  6. 6

    Nick looks totally uncomfy!

  7. 7

    living through his wife so sad

  8. 8

    I AGREE 100%, I loved The E of Mi but she is trying to be too urban and sexy and she dresses like a sixth grader. If she made another Music Box or Emotions album I would LOSE MY SHIT! One of the few times I have agreed with Perez but I gotta give credit for him telling Nick that cause most would just kiss ass, hopefully word will get back to M.

  9. 9

    Oh, Mariah's FIRST FOUR ALBUMS were her best musical efforts to date. 1) Mariah Carey 2) Emotions 3) Music Box (personal fav) and 4) Daydream. Those albums are timeless. Hopefully she is inspired to create music like that again and reunites with the same producers, specifically Walter Afanasieff. Just posting this comment makes me realize how much I miss REAL music that comes from the soul. I don't think I can stomach another techno automated dance tune by today's cloned artists, which is why I find myself listening to my iPod fully loaded with 90s hits. Bring the old school MC back asap :)

  10. 10

    Mariah freaking rocks!! :D

  11. 11

    poor pig she will flop again, she is the pìg of flops , all the world hate that SLUT , repulsive cum WHOREEEEEEEEEEEEE