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Are Paris' Parents Having Money Troubles???

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paris parents take out 10 mil in equity

Guess Paris isn't as generous with her rents as Jessica Simpson!

According to financial docs from the L.A. County Recorder's Office, Paris Hilton's parents Rick and Kathy have recently taken out a $10 million equity line out of their mansion in Bel Air.

The docs show that Paris' rents were approved for the equity line, and they must pay everything back in full by 2021.

Hopefully everything's all right, but if things go SERIOUSLY downhill for the Hiltons, maybe they can go get a job as farm workers or camp counselors. Do we hear the beginnings of The Simple Life: Parents Edition? Ha!

Why do U think Paris' parents took out $10 mil in equity?

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Are Paris' Parents Having Money Troubles???”

  1. 1

    Dude, stop inferring shit that doesn't exist. They aren't having money issues. These things are done by wealthy people every day of every week. It's not uncommon nor unusual.

  2. 2

    thet're just gaming the the system to get their part of the stimulus package. getting a loan at near zero percent to go into the market and make millions on the backs of the working man who are just struggling to get by. fuck those bitcher

  3. 3

    I suspect they are just fine. Silly to act like there might be a problem. Rich people borrow money all the time. It's cheap interest.

  4. j.no says – reply to this


    Look who is yet again stirring the pot o drama for his own entertainment….
    This is fairly normal practice for people who have money tied up in equity. A business class might be a good idea for your tiny pea brain.

  5. 5

    What is she doing with her skirt? Airing out a smelly fart?

  6. 6

    I hope they both burn for bringing that annoying bitch into our lives - preferably in a burning car or plane

  7. 7

    Her dad is worth something like $360 mill. i absolutely doubt they're having money issues and uh the Hilton hotels aren't exactly going bankrupted.

  8. 8

    sorry perez, this is a non story…and if ur doing as wll as i suspect u r, then u 2 should consider taking out a low interest heloc and investing the money to earn a reasonable return over the next few years…it's smart investing…r u smart enough to get with it?????

  9. 9

    agre with those who say this is cheap loans, etc, but if you have money why get the loans. probably living beyond their means, like many of us do. but you have to know he inherited the money, and she married into it, so it's not like it was earned on their back and they don't know how to fully appreciate it.
    lets do the best thing and not care about paris or her parents at all.

  10. 10

    Because rich people are never satisfied and often over spend. Many have a bloated sense of their actual financial security.

  11. 11

    Oh Yeah parents btw bad job on raising Paris.

  12. 12

    On this season's Celebrity Apprentice one of the stars asked Kathy Hilton for money and she could only fork over $100.00! what the hell…..

  13. 13

    Re: XraySpex – LMAO

  14. 14

    That picture musta been taken quite ahile ago…Let us just say Kathy has a few more chins, now……Really, she has one FAT ASS !

  15. 15

    True..are they about to accept their award for WORST PARENTS OF THE DECADE … ? Daughter does drugs/porn, son gets arrested for D.U.I….Nicky mildly retarded….special schools could not even help her ….Just say'n ….I wouldn't exactly be flashing my fat ass all over the place with such an embarrassing clan !

  16. 16

    The world according TO Paris: Sleep, Fart, Coke, Shop, Coke, Fart, Sleep, SUCK COCK, Coke….you get the idea….

  17. 17

    They must be SO PROUD of their WHORE DAUGHTER …..

  18. 18

    LMAO at the idiots on here commenting about rich people and what they do.
    You can always tells the people that have no money that think they know what people with money do.

    FYI, when you have money, you do not take out home equity lines..ever.
    The very process of borrowing money is because you do not have the cash to pay for something.
    You expect me to believe that they are going to take out a loan at 5% to hopefully make 7% before taxes if they are lucky on investments? Are you people really that uneducated and stupid?

  19. 19

    Wonder if the father ever maturbates to his daughter's video … ? Wouldn't that be crazee if the wife walked in on him doing it, with the other (mildly retarded) daughter going down on him.. ? ! Knowing how trashy they all are, I would not doubt it !

  20. 20

    Take a good look at these tw0. Them together = Paris. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwr !