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Weiner's Wild World Of Women

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W W W 1
W W W 2

It's hard to keep'em straight, and put faces to the names, so we've compiled pics of the infamous Weiner Women for clarification!

Top Row: Ginger Lee and Megan Broussard

Bottom Row: Genette Cordova and Lisa Weiss

Also, we added a few more pics of the gals below, so make sure to check'em out!

Now. We aren't completely sure that these are all the women, these are just the ones that have been confirmed. So, if any more make it out of the woodwork, we'll be sure to update!

We still feel super bad for Huma, and we feel bad for the attention that these ladies are getting. But, less bad. Because they were probably aware of who he was and that he was married.

We don't feel bad for Weiner, though!

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9 comments to “Weiner's Wild World Of Women”

  1. 1

    If you feel so bad for these women why are you posting their pictures and names?????

  2. k2016 says – reply to this


    I find your selective evoking of the new "anti-bullying" stand point you have taken on to be totally hypocritical. How in good conscience, and with this new found commitment to positivity, post these women's pictures and their names? In an effort to help reduce bullying and its negative effects, wouldn't you set a better example by NOT dragging their image into this? To be clear, its not that you are posting them, I could care less, its the hypocrisy that you have created in selectively "bullying" those who are not celebrities and in actuality have less of a voice to present their justification. I find the inconsistency to be blatant evidence that your anti-bullying statement is purely for trend's sake.

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    His wife of eleven months seems to be missing from your line up.

  4. 4

    You are every single type of ugly

  5. 5

    How can you feel bad about women that have engaged in legal mutually consenting sexting communications with Weiner? They are the ones selling his photos, his messages and his their story for 15 minutes of fame. Even though no one has done anything illegal, they are not "innocent" and are not worthy of anyone's empathy or pity. They are getting what they deserved for engaging in "inappropriate" relations wit ha man that they knew to be married.

  6. 6

    Pretty sure his "wife" Huma only cares because it puts the cover of her LTR with Hillary Clinton at risk.

  7. 7

    have you guys seen his wife? she's gorgeous! he's a damn fool.

  8. chiro says – reply to this


    You feel bad for the attention these whores are getting?! PEREZ, HOW DARE YOU?! These women KNOWINGLY carried on with a MARRIED MAN!!!!! They knew he was married! They're SKANKS who have no respect for the institution of marriage!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9