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Anderson Cooper Vs. People Texting At The Movies

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We are SO happy that this made it onto the RidicuList!!!

Last month, Anderson Cooper sarcastically added HATERS of the Botox mom Kerry Campbell, who injects her 8-year-old daughter with botox, onto the list, which we thought was absolutely HIGHlarious!

Now, he's added people texting at the movies to the list (above), and we cannot emphasize enough how much we agree with him!!!

Thank you for getting this important message out to the world, Anderson! We appreciate it!

How do U feel about people texting at the movies?

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12 comments to “Anderson Cooper Vs. People Texting At The Movies”

  1. 1

    Just gas them.

  2. 2

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  3. 3

    People who text & talk on the phone during a movie really get under my skin. I don't even care if it's quiet, I just view it as a sign of disrespect. Even if I'm watching a movie at home with someone, & they are sitting there texting it pisses me off. I just think it's super rude for one, & for another if you wanna watch the movie watch the damn movie! If not GTFO!!! Same goes for people who bring kids to the movies & let them cry the WHOLE way through! If your kid can't handle sitting through a movie yet LEAVE, & try again in a year. When I go to a movie it is because I am excited about that particular film, & I want the awesome experience being in a theater can offer! That experience can so easily be ruined by rude people who don't have the same appreciation. It just bugs me to no end.

  4. 4

    It is distracting and I pay good money to see movies so I completely agree…

  5. 5

    so many people are ignorant, selfish, and rude. right on cooper!
    and its not like they don't obviously remind you not to do it (texting) before the movie starts.
    the're were people sitting close to me at 'pirates' with a child about 1 year old in a baby carrier. idiots.

  6. Rohan says – reply to this


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  7. 7

    Re: Rohan – right on

  8. 8

    I 1000% agree with him. Are people really that stupid? All the theatres in Canada anyways have a little PSA that say please turn off your phone so it doens't disturb others, before the movie starts. Do some think just because its on silent and they're not speaking that the lighting and texting is just inivisible in a dark fuckin theatre…REALLY!?!?

  9. 9

    technically it's not talking but it's a huge bright annoying light for sure. Is it like a dinner theater though with table sand beer and food? I think he could have ripped her a part a lot better

  10. 10

    she is a rectangle… with arms and a head

  11. 11

    Bravo, Anderson. Finally, someone bravely confronts this issue. People can't wrap their heads around the concept that talking and texting in a theater and NOT OK. Trust me, everyone around you notices, and everyone hates it. In a black theater, the only source of light is supposed to be the film, which is why your eyes are drawn to it. If you see light coming from a little screen in your peripheral, it draws your attention away from the film and ruins the experience for other people, much like your talking and unnecessary commentary is. If you can't put your phone away for an hour and a half, you have a serious problem. It's amazing how oblivious people are to this and how entitled and self-important they think they are. When movie theater tickets cost over $10, you'd better believe everyone is pissed when they can't get what they paid for. The movies are the ONE place where you are asked not to do this. Grow up, losers.

  12. 12

    I agree 100..