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Inmate Suing The State Of Virginia For Sex Change Operation

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What a complicated, sad situation!

Check out the video (above) of an inmate who is suing the state of Virgina for a sex change operation after the Virginia Department of Corrections refused to approve the procedure.

The inmate tried to perform a self-castration in October, which was unsuccessful, and has vowed to continue castration attempts until the state gives in…even if the end result is death.

What do U think? Should the state of Virginia pay for this inmate's sex change operation?

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59 comments to “Inmate Suing The State Of Virginia For Sex Change Operation”

  1. 1

    No the state should not pay for a sex change operation. The people who would be paying for this operation for this inmate would be the people of Virginia and if this inmate had really wanted to get a sex change operation then they should not have ended up in prison. I am sorry I feel for the inmate and their need to feel happy with themselves, but there are certain rights that people give up when they break the law. #JustMyOpinion.

  2. 2

    Now, I'm all for transgendered rights and people being able to live the life they want, but WHY should Virginia taxpayers have to pay for this person's sex change operation? I would understand if he wanted to pay for it and they weren't letting him, but absolutely not. You did the crime, now you're serving the time, you're just going to have to deal unfortunately.

  3. 3

    I do not think the state of Virginia should pay for it. If he is determined let him pay for it himself. The tax payer dollars should not be used.

  4. 4

    Should the state of Virginia pay for this inmate's sex change operation…hopefully there is a resounding NO. It is very necessary to be physically and mentally what ever you were born to be, but (and I respect that there will be those who agree and disagree with me) I feel 'adequate medical care for inmates' is coming out of taxpayer dollars and using those funds for sexual reassignment surgery for an inmate does not fall under withholding adequate medical care. This just sounds like media manipulation for attention, especially since there was that caveat about her continuing deadly castration attempts. I am sorry that she has had to live for so long with an appendage she hates, but the state doesn't OWE her this and after committing crimes bad enough to land a 70+ year sentence, perhaps if that money were to be subsidized for the purpose of government funded sex change operations…it would go to someone, dare I say, a little more worthy…

  5. 5

    Although I sympathise it is their own responsibility, not the tax payers, in addition i am sure their are several individuals in the same situation who cannot afford the procedure who have not committed crimes, they should get priority if doctors are willing to work pro-bono.

  6. 6

    HELL NO! That is the stupidest thing I have heard in awhile.

  7. 7

    i agree with everyone else on here. NO WAY! why should he be rewarded while IN JAIL? obviously he is in there for a reason, he is being punished for something that he did, and he certainly shouldn't get special treatment and what basically amounts to a reward while he's in there.
    he should have to wait until after he is released. and then pay for it himself. the people of virginia are already paying this man's room and board for the time being, i think that's enough to ask of them.
    and for the record, i am for transgendered/gay/bi/lesbian rights. but asking tax payers to pay for something that isn't necessary is ridiculous.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    I think they should offer to give all violent male offenders a free "sex change". Do the crime, it's snip snip time.

  10. 10

    First how about PAYING THE STATE OF VIRGINIA back for the cost of incarceration and making RESTITUTION to anyone you harmed for whatever crime you did. You are entitled to pay for your crimes . . . once that bill is paid and you nolonger are on the public dime sure go ahead any PAY for your next choice.

    She should have the RIGHT to PAY for any operation she (is deemed mentally stable for) wants on her OWN once released from PRISON. First she should PAY THE PEOPLE BACK for the cost of incareration!

  11. 11

    Virginia is a commonwealth, not a state

  12. 12

    Absolutely not!!! I am al about gay rights and equality but I'm not going to the state and asking for a boob job cuz that would be ridiculous, as so is this man's attempt.

  13. 13

    HELL NO! Next inmates will be wanting boob jobs and rhinoplasty! You're in jail for a reason- it's a PUNISHMENT! If he wants this operation he needs to somehow find the funds either from his family or some idiot dumb enough to give it to him.

  14. 14

    NO…NO…NO…not a taxpayer problem and I couldn't be more liberal in my politics. This is totally unacceptable as a taxpayer expense. I oppose the death penalty…why? because first of all it is too good for most of these criminals and secondly, it is way, way too expensive to defend during appeals. I do not want to appear heartless, but "don't do the crime if you can't do the time"……..

  15. 15

    Absolutely not!!! He is "bulling" the state with his threats in order to get his own way. I believe that if you are found guilty of a crime and sent to jail that you should lose your rights! Why the hell should tax payers pay for his surgery when many Americans can not afford health care for their own families?!?!?!!?

  16. 16

    Anybody who thinks the state should pay is an absolute moron, including Perez for thinking it's 'complicated'.

  17. 17


  18. SRM says – reply to this


    Hell NO!!!! He's prisoner. He gave up his rights when he violated someone elses. I can't believe this is an issue.

  19. 19


    Not only is this person mentally ill, but they committed crimes and ALREADY living on the taxpayer dime, and now they want to charge the people of Virginia MORE to have an unneeded and cosmetic surgery? The rights of the people who pay to keep this man incarcerated by far trump the rights of this inmate who clearly doesn't care about what happens to others.

  20. 20

    It is interesting that there is no comment on what this particular inmate has been charged with. In Canada there is a 50 some year old rapist who has been found NCR (not criminally responsible, formerly not guilty by reason of insanity), who wants the Canadian government to pay for "her" sex change. Soooo that she can eventually be transfered to an all female facility. Be VERY careful before you support some of these people, I believe that everyone has a right to be who they want to be, but understand that there are predators out there within our criminal justice system that have other reasons for wanting things. If this "woman" I was speaking above would be allowed this and put in an all female facility it would be the equivalant of putting a shark into a fish tank….just a thought.

  21. 21

    uhh… NO!!! the state does not pay for this type of surgery for people who are not criminals so why should they pay for someone who has committed a crime ? nothing like rewarding bad behavior,right. this guy can't be very bright if he thinks that chopping off his dick is going to change his gender, there's a lot more involved surgically. if he wants to keep chopping at it, let him. when he bleeds to death one less criminal in the world. who cares.

  22. 22

    Yes, it should. No matter what he did, he's doing his part and paying for his crimes and doing his time in jail. Due to the fact he's incarcerated, he's unable to get a job, get medical, dental, psychological assistance and pay his bills like the rest of us, and is unable to pay for his sex reassignment surgery. if it's proven he's indeed emotionally a female, he is in the custody of the state, the state should pay for his surgery.

  23. 23

    No way! Sorry but he, she, whatever this person wants to be considered as, should have thought about all this before they made dumb decisions that put them into prison. If states started paying for all sorts of procedures, I wouldn't mind committing a small crime to get myself a pair of new bobbies ;)

  24. 24

    According to the dept of corrections they house the inmate by gender at birth so if they do completet the surgery then she could endanger her safety.

    Years ago she legally changed her name. Ophelia was chosen for the Shakespearean woman who died for love; De'lonta because it was the last name of a slain friend; middle name Azriel for the angel who helps one cross over.

    De'lonta first tried to cut herself when she was 12. By 17, she was robbing banks with the hopes of getting enough money to have a sex change operation. By 18, she was in prison, sentenced to more than 70 years for robbery, drugs, weapons and other charges. Some physical changes have already taken place. Hormones won under a 2004 court order have caused her to develop noticeable breasts.

    She is eligible for parole this year, but a wide range of prison infractions mean it's unlikely she'll be released any time soon

    I DO NOT think they should pay for this operation, I am from Virginia and we could do so much more with our tax payer money. If he wants to be a she then he can find a way to support himself. Also I think if you commit crimes against society you lose the right for "elective" care.

  25. 25

    NO! of course the state shouldn't pay. a sex change operation does not fall under adequate medical care. being trapped in the wrong body would be horrble but too bad. you had no problem doing the crime so now you have to deal with the consequences. the people of virginia shell out enough money to take care of you because you refused to play by the rules, you don't get fee surgery on top of that.

  26. 26

    Absolutely not.

  27. 27

    Even when I dont live there, I find a nonsense to want be paid for that operation. What this person needs is a psychologist to help her go through her emotional troubles and help her cope with her situation until SHE HERSELF can pay for the operation. Im all up for the right of people choosing whatever they want to be (as long as its healthy) but wanting people to pay for something you choose to feel better with yourself its just silly. Imagine all the old women wanting botox too so they can feel more "young, feminine and self assured", nobody would pay taxes for someones else 'option'.

  28. 28

    No, the state should not pay for a criminal to have an elective surgery!!! Come on!! I am all for people who want to change their sex because they were given the wrong gender at conception and I am all for gay marriage and gay rights and a end to all bullying. But this man committed a crime and was sent to prison to serve out a term as a PUNISHMENT, not to have the state pay for his elective surgery. That is utter and complete bullshit! That would be right up there with a pedophile suing the state to have access to pictures of children

  29. 29

    No way should tax payer money go to someone A) convicted of a crime and B) an operation that is elective surgery - not urgently required to save a life. These operations are expensive. Are we not going through a serious recession? Why should we, taxpayers, foot the bill for an operation that's not life or death.

  30. 30

    Re: ms trudy – Perfect! Seriously, he's a criminal and obviously a stupid one. And as many have mentioned, he's IN JAIL he does not need a facelift or (Thanks MsMarci!) any thing else that is not absolutely necessary to keep him alive. Too damn bad, let the a-hole suffer.

  31. 31

    WTF? OF course the state shouldn't have to pay for it, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    Re: alexie silver – - what the hell kind of logic is that? If he didn't commit a crime he'd be able to have a job and get the surgery. He only has himself to blame for this.

  32. 32

    No, tax dollars should not pay for a sex change operation.
    Let him cut his cock off and walk around with a piss bag for the rest of his life in jail. I don't care.

  33. 33

    No. Sorry, I just don't feel the tax payers should have to pay for his/her surgery. I do sympothize with him/her, but it is not the tax payers responsibility.

  34. 34

    Re: alexie silver – ARE YOU NUTS? Yeah, you're right he can't get a job and pay bills like the rest of us….want to know why? BECAUSE HE COMMITTED CRIMES TO GET LOCKED UP. That's why?!! How is it taxpayers responsibility?? You are an IDIOT.

  35. 35

    Wow, that takes balls to castrate yourself. He should just learn to enjoy anal sex and be Bubba's bitch in the mean time.

  36. 36

    Re: Mrsjar – so the state has already paid for her to begin her sex change with hormones? well that's fucking stupid, she's a CRIMINAL. but once they started, what would be their objection to paying for her to complete the change? I'm absolutely against this, I like what Re: moran88 – said about giving up certain rights when you break the law, but it doesn't seem like the state can say no when they've already basically said yes to helping her sex change. I agree with everyone, this is a ridiculous waste of taxpayers' money for someone who has no regards for society

  37. 37

    This problem solves itself, let him keep trying and hopefully he'll succeed in killing himself. One less career criminal to pay for.

  38. 38

    Are you EFFING KIDDING ME!?!?????? You think this story is "complicated"???? No darling. It's not. He doesn't get the sex change operation. He can have it when he gets out with his OWN FREAKING MONEY!!!!! jesus h. christ.

  39. 39

    Maybe he should have thought about all of this when he was doing things that would send him to PRISON!!!! I think that you should be whoever you wan to be but the tax payers of Virginia shouldn't be the ones who foots the bill!! It is things like this that make this country so freaking dumb!! Hard working people work their asses off to make a good living for their families and some asshole wants to take that money from them to make himself feel better! Not right!!

  40. 40

    How exactly is HE going to keep trying to castrate himself. Put the perv under 24 hour watch, away from sharp objects and guess what bucko, eat all your food with a spoon

  41. 41

    two letters …….. N O ….
    just b/c it's a gender issue the idiot Perez feels he has to throw his half baked thoughts out there.
    this person is in PRISON, he committed a crime, he is not in a hotel paying his way
    I say let him cut his junk off and die, one less scumbag in the world

  42. 42

    Hell no, not to sound cruel but why would tax payers have to pay for an elective operation? So if a woman in jail kept cutting off her breast because she wanted larger ones, would it be logical to demand the money for that surgery while incarcerated? You are in jail because you committed a crime. If you wanted to change your physical appearance then you should of thought of that before you went to jail. They should keep this guy in solitary with his hands tied or with a straight jacket on so we don't have to keep paying for his failed castration attempts.

  43. 43

    This just goes to show how sick gays are.

  44. 44

    My neighbor has HIV and is on disability. She was able to have the state pay for a sex change from male to female, and got them to cover the cost of the lap-band surgery. She also has a state paid "caretaker" aka her tweaked out boyfriend, and a housekeeper. And she just got a handicapped parking spot. She knows how to WORK IT.

  45. 45

    If "she" got a sex change I'm sure she would be passed around like currency in that male prison…

  46. fiona says – reply to this


    Criminals don't get to choose anything. Do the time, then work to pay for it yourself, stupid loser.

  47. 47

    Ok not because this person wants a sex change but because they are a danger to themselves, put them in a straight jacket, or padded cell if they are not able to cope with thier situation. As a prisoner she is entitled to basic medical care, why should she get anything above that??? Think of all the medical services the children of Virginia may potentially lose as a result of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that couldy be thrown away if they perform this procedure. What a HORRIBLE message that would send….if you cant afford gender reassignment surgery commit a crime in Virginia and the taxpayers will pay for it!!! A resounding ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

  48. 48

    I believe that depending on the reason behind why this person is in jail and their motive for the crime they have committed…some kind of gay/trans rights foundation should try to raise money for the surgery. I personally look at a sex change surgery to be as important as a heart transplant..however, i do not feel it is the people of Virginia's responsibility to pay for it.

  49. 49

    Want a mansion and a luxury car with that? Entitlement issues much. This guy thinks if he kicks and screams enough and throws a big enough tantrum, that he will get his way. He needs to learn the meaning of no.

  50. 50

    what a lod of bullshit…prisoners already havev too many rights as it is, this sure as hell isn't something the taxpayers should be covering. maybe he should have thought about this before he broke the law

  51. 51

    I'm really torn. I know it's a psychological issue, but would this man be paying for it himself if he was not in jail? I have a hard time believing he would. Therefore, the taxpayers should definitely not have to do it for him.

  52. 52

    Transgendered people need to receive extensive counseling and need to pass a psychiatric evaluation to ensure they are stable enough to receive a sex change. It also depends upon the state. Some states medicaid programs will pay for gender re-assignments. I will hazard a guess that Virginia may not be so progressive.
    If the patient is a danger to self due to not getting the surgery the staff should have her in psych services, make sure she has nothing she can harm herself with.
    Do I think she deserves the surgery? Isn't up to me.

  53. 53

    Transgendered people need to receive extensive counseling and need to pass a psychiatric evaluation to ensure they are stable enough to receive a sex change. It also depends upon the state. Some states medicaid programs will pay for gender re-assignments. I will hazard a guess that Virginia may not be so progressive.
    If the patient is a danger to self due to not getting the surgery the staff should have her in psych services, make sure she has nothing she can harm herself with.
    Do I think she deserves the surgery? Isn't up to me.
    I do question how someone can be incarcerated for 50 years for burglary, drug and weapon's charges.

  54. 54

    Re: hjstone3 – She identifies and lives as a woman. It is respectful to address her as such.

  55. 55

    This old geezer had the freedom to pay for his own reassignment before committing a crime. When he gets out he can pay for it himself. This is elective surgery not necessary to maintain his health and well being. Next the state will be requested to pay for facelifts, tummy tucks, butt lifts, and lasik surgery.

  56. 56

    HAHAHAHA. giving a criminal who has done the community harm, a free sex-change? that's messed up. they should give the man more intensive therapy to overcome his "disorder", and accept that he was born as a male, and that's what he's meant to be. if this criminal is so ready to overcome his problems, i don't see why he should have an issue with this option.

  57. 57

    Are you serious??? NO the state should NOT pay for his sex change! This has got to be one of your dumbest questions Perez! Let him pay for it himself WHEN he is finished serving his time. Jail is not a place that is supposed to go out of their way to make you feel good about yourself.

  58. 58

    He should pay for his own. The jail doesn't have to pay anything of his. They are not responsible for him only to keep him in jail and feed him but that is it.

  59. 59

    Eh let the retard kill himself