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Quote Of The Day

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"When I was young, everybody on screen was gorgeous. I have to say, there aren’t that many good looking actresses around today. I mean, there’s Angelina Jolie and there’s… Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Aniston is cute, but I wouldn’t call her beautiful. She’s no Ava [Gardner] or Lana [Turner]."

- Joan Collins On Team Angie Versus Team Jen

[Image via WENN.]

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57 comments to “Quote Of The Day”

  1. 1

    I first heard this about 2 months ago

  2. 2

    but it is true

  3. 3

    Isn't this really old?

  4. 4

    Old. News.

    Was there nothing to report on Lady Gaga this afternoon that you had to fill the blog with quotes that Joan Collins has already said were misrepresented?

  5. 5

    And half of the people who are famous are not actors! What would Joan say about Snooki's porky behind?

  6. 6

    Has this old whore seen Angie lateley. She's hideous.

  7. 7

    Why are you printing crap that is months old??!!

  8. lolli says – reply to this


    wow thats just rude and not classy! in other words every other actress besides angelina is not good looking? honey get your cataracts in check! good looks does not equal talent anymore. #whenoldfolkkeepitreal

  9. 9

    That quote is ancient history.

  10. 10

    Why are you quoting this now? This is like 6 months old. You suck now, so late with everything.
    By the way, she is right.

  11. 11

    um, did i step into a time machine? this is from - maybe - a YEAR ago?????
    and she's just as high as perez and gaga - angelina jolie looks like a crack whore.

  12. 12

    Angelina is still a homewrecker.

  13. 13

    I dont think Angelina is that pretty….

  14. 1finn says – reply to this


    Quote of the day ??? Taken from news article from 12 October 2010, way to be relevant Perez. Are all your posts stolen from other sites?

  15. jham says – reply to this


    You posted this quote about a year ago.

  16. 16

    So true.

  17. lolli says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – angelina looked good… maybe 6 children ago!

  18. 18

    Joan obviously has not had the privilege to be in Jennifer's presence. I saw Jennifer Aniston last year in person in New York. She was breath taking. Simply stunning. Seeing her in a movie/tv screen does not do her justice. Seriously. Her beauty and aura were radiant. I was in awe. I really cannot think of a time in my life that I have ever seen a woman so flawless. My two eyes have never seen perfection until I saw her. She is blessed. True story.

  19. 19

    Opinions are like butt holes, everybody has one. This old hag should stick to do what she does best, shop for plastic surgeons all over the world.

  20. 20

    What a rude, old bitch. Not that she's one to talk, she's never really been attractive herself.

  21. 21

    This sooooooooooooooooooooooooo old

  22. 22

    I never thought this old hag was beautiful in her best day. She always looked like a cheap tart IMHO…

  23. 23

    What is she even talking about? There are plenty of beautiful women in Hollywood.

  24. 24

    that quote is from months ago mario.

  25. 25

    jennifer is much prettier then angie. and i think theres quite a bit of pretty actresses.. like scarlet johanson. elisha cuthburt.. i can think of more but eh.. theres my examples.

  26. 26

    LMAO! NICE quote…from WEEKS ago!! WHY the fuk do I even come to this POS site anymore???? Hey MARIO, get yer head outta Kat Graham's ass and do your job, you worthless, ugly 'MO!!!

  27. Jaded says – reply to this


    Way to keep on top of your own posts. You posted this quote a year ago. No wonder you are becoming so irrelevant you just don't do the work anymore. Why don't you just give up and spend your time doing what you're good at kissing gaga's ass? Oh wait she wouldn't give a shit about you if you weren't able to praise her every fart.

  28. Sane1 says – reply to this


    Usually the older generation know better than to make comments like that about fellow actresses. Totally uncalled for!

  29. 29

    Latest headline:
    "Week Ending June 5, 2011. Albums: Gaga's Record Drop-Off"
    I am sure Perez won't post anything about it.

  30. MsBre says – reply to this


    This is MONTHS old. Get some new quotes. Good Lord it isn't that hard.

  31. 31

    That's kind of an old quote…At least a couple of months! Perez….you're slipping a bit!

  32. 32

    Re: hoochpit – Angelina Jolie…Hideous?!?!?!? You're out of your mind!

  33. 33

    Angie's a fucking skeletal hag. She was gorgeous 20 years ago.

  34. 34

    This is really insensitive considering jennifers husband left her for 'beautiful angelina' it would so sting to hear this and once again the bitch gets praised while the nice girl gets insulted. I think Jennifer is beautiful and had the best body in Hollywood Angelina just has the face but her body is frail

  35. 35

    Oh and Joan "when yOu were young"…how can you even remember that far back lol

  36. Wrenn says – reply to this


    This quote is 5 years old you moron!!! Get something new!!!

  37. 37

    Joan is right!

  38. 38

    I agree with her 100% Jennifer is fucking ugly, her face looks like its been plastered by a truck.

  39. 39

    lol quote of the day? which day, or rather, which month? it's sad when we as readers know stuff before you Perez, since you know, this is your job and all.

  40. 40

    and yet despite her unique sex appeal, ange can never "find love" with a man who isn't already in a relationship… there's no denying ange was ONCE gorgeous but she just looks unhealthy these days. you'd think with how happy she is she would at least feed herself once in a while.

  41. Coqi says – reply to this


    As others have said - really, really old news. Also, didn't you already post this quite awhile ago? Regurgitating stories because you have slim pickings today?

  42. 42

    Compared to Ava Gardner or Joan in their prime, Angelina wouldnt even have been considered cute.

  43. 43

    OMG!! Joan Collins is an old woman!! Nobody cares about this woman says! Jen is pretty and her body looks fab, more than other actresses more young than her!! Angie looks like a skeleton, her arms and legs are so thin, in my opinon that are far to be sexy or beautiful!

  44. 44

    any woman with a spectacular face and bone structure can wear her hair any way at all and look great
    short/long/straight/curly/up/down etc.
    Angelina can
    Jennifer can't
    the only way she looks good is with her hair half hanging into her face-because of her angled chiseled chin that isn't your typical feminine bone structure
    a pony tail isn't too bad but she can't carry off the variety of hairstyles that some can and look beautful any way- like say Elizabeth Taylor could
    and neither can Joan Collins- I assume Joan knows that- which is why for decades she has pretty well maintained the same hairstyle herself

  45. 45

    I don't think that angelina jolie is that cute, she is so thin and looks older than jennifer. In my oponion there are many actresses, including jennifer, prettier than angelina.

  46. 46

    This is an old comment, and Angie looks like an under nourished pale bag of bones. Gross, Jen is ten times better looking, better body, etc. Angie needs to eat a burger! Brad must like slappin up against her boney ass, groody!

  47. 47

    yeah "Perez" def already posted this like ummm MONTHS ago. And also, it is not true. Also, the movie star greats of the past had to follow ONE formula for being gorgeous, and a big part of that involved not having a drop of any ethnicity in you. So let's just say for time's sake that the aesthetic is now vastly different. And again, why is someone of her age getting involved in this and adding fuel to the fire anyways? This is so stupid that I had to comment on it.

  48. 48

    U posted this months ago.

  49. 49

    Re: dubnoxious – actually yeah but Perez wont report it. Yahoo confirmed that Gag's album has the biggest drop in sales everrrrrrr…

  50. 50

    We'll all grow up to be fugly like Joan, so it doesn't matter.

  51. 51

    so? for someone old she is very judgemental! beauty is not everything but TALENT

  52. 52

    well, thats just rude.

  53. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oh, come on. Kate Blanchett can be stunning. Kate Winslet, too. There are many more if you're not too lazy to look at a few lists. Halle Berry for many years. Salma Hayek. Uma Thurman.

  54. 54

    I knew I wasn't going mad, you posted this FOREVER ago.

  55. 55

    Jeenifer Adiston is an ugly bitch.

  56. 56

    I agree, Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. The second most beautful is Jessica Biel, and then there is none.

  57. 57

    Re: mack33

    ur standards are quite low then. she's got a very greek look to her. not that i have anything against greeks but she's not a classical beauty. thin lips, mannish jawline and big nose. not beautiful at all. and any woman can be flawless if they can afford to pamper themselves as jen can.