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Marc Anthony Walks Out Of Interview When Asked About J. Lo's Sex Tape

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Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only diva in her marriage. Turns out Marc Anthony can show his diva side as well.

The Latin singer opened his NY office doors for an interview with Univision. All seemed to be going well until the reporter asked him about the whole Ojani Noa sextape scandal involving his wifey.

If you don’t recall, Ojani is JLo’s ex who is currently trying to release a personal video tape showing JLo in the nude and acting crude from back when they were married.

Forward to the 2:20 mark to view when the question gets asked several times, Mark repeats several times to the reporter saying “Next Question”, his publicist tries to stop it all, and finally at the 2:50 mark he gets up and walks out.

What do U think… did Marc act properly by walking out? Should he have politely said "No comment" and continued with the interview?

See the video…. after the jump!

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40 comments to “Marc Anthony Walks Out Of Interview When Asked About J. Lo's Sex Tape”

  1. 1

    Politely saying next question is the same as no comment.
    If she was too stupid or crass to move on it is her problem. I would have walked out too.

  2. 2

    i don't blame him.

  3. 3

    Him saying "next question" *was* him saying "No comment". The reporter was being antagonistic and disrespectful. Diva behavior, that does not make.

  4. 4

    if he said "next question" that's the same as no comment. it's a sensitive subject to the poor man, so have sympathy without calling him a diva… not only is his wife threatened with this sex tape, especially when they have children, it's a video with her having sex with a man that's not him! obviously he's not going to take it well, so that's obnoxious on the radio station's part… i would have done the same.

  5. 5

    He was right to walk out. Good hubby

  6. 6

    Good for him

  7. 7

    Wish I would have paid more attention in Spanish class…

  8. 8

    He was polite though he said next question what did she think he meant? Plus he even asked his publicist if they went through what could and could not be ask during the interview (standard practice) and she ignored this and asked him anyway so he had every right to end the interview. Its not like the Chris Brown incident where he said it was ok to ask about Rihanna and then got mad when she asked about Rihanna.

  9. 9

    She does NOT want that tape released. She was a big chubby girl with a mustache back then.

  10. GiaB says – reply to this


    Good for him. He was polite & friendly throughout the interview. He said, "next question" 3 times. He gave her a chance to continue the interview. I respect his getting up and leaving.

  11. 11

    Fair enough..at least he was polite and professional about it!

  12. 12

    "when the question gets asked several times, Mark repeats several times to the reporter saying “Next Question”…

    Should he have walked out, hell yes. Honestly, I would have said something more colorful than next question.

  13. 13

    A eso es a lo que te expones por dejar a una mujer con clase y hermosa como su ex esposa por una puta como jenifer lopez.

  14. 14

    Good man, he could have pulled a Chris Brown and demolished the studio.

  15. 15

    i LOVE Marc but i will never understand why he cheated on his REAL PUERTO RICAN WIFE, DYANARRA FOR THAT TRASH GHETTO LOPEZ..AND PEREZ swears he hates cheaters..Marc sure gets a pass huh? Those tapes will show her true trashy, self centered trashy side..also him & jlow cheated with eachother while making their first duet..Ojani found out!! she is trash and fake..i LOVE IT hahahahahahahaha…and yes he was a Diva to cut it off..he dont want to accept you CANNOT TURN A HO INTO A HOUSEWIFE, even if she has your test tube babies

  16. 16

    From what I've heard it really isn't a sex tape. It's just private moments between her ex husband and JLo but not actual sex.

  17. 17

    Good for him!

  18. 18

    Reporter was being rude. He was totally right to walk out. I would have bitchslapped her

  19. 19

    I didn't think him walking off was him being a "diva," but aren't these sort of things hashed out before the interview takes place? wouldn't he have made it a condition to not be asked this? and really, with all the press his wife is getting, how could he think he would do an interview and NOT get asked this. but whatevs, I get why he got up, especially after he made it clear he wasn't pleased with the question

  20. 20

    Re: starstrukk47 – she wasn't being rude. she didn't even get her question out. I think he was kinda rude to not even listen to what the actual question was. but if the reporter noticed his discomfort, she should've jut dropped it. I don't blame him for walking out, they should ask lopez about that. and not everything merits a "bitchslap"

  21. 21

    Re: newtexana – que cafre… como si las conocieras a las dos.

  22. 22

    he was polite enough… no trates de hacer controversia donde no la hay perecito!!!

  23. 23

    Re: RED–SONJA – han de ser intimas amigas hahaha =P

  24. 24

    Re: futuremrslabeouf – wow did you even read the article or watch the video????!!!!!

  25. 25

    I saw the clip, and the interviewer from Univision was the one acting like a diva. Marc was very pleasant. The interviewer suddenly changed her tune, and it was within his rights to reply "no comment", which is exactly what "next question" meant. She knew that but didn't care. She was pushy and rude, as if she could badger him into answering. Marc was left with no choice but to leave, and still he kept his cool. As for Jenn, I think those diva days are far behind her. I love her on "American Idol"; she's lovely, empathetic, helpful and fun.

  26. 26

    He did well … I will be better to see sex tape between Marc & Lopez instead since Rumor has it he got a big one !

  27. 27

    she should have moved on. he politely declined several times. good for him for walking out

  28. 28

    Re: myangelin98 – yes I did, thanks for asking. did you? *what's your point*

  29. 29

    Good for him.

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    The reporter's questionable need to get some answer to her unwelcome question trumped any kind of good manners. Seedy ambition over humanity.

  31. 31

    Appropriate. Good for him.

  32. 32

    Anthony doesn't want to be asked about his wife's prior behavior before he married her, nor, does he want to acknowledge his wife was anything but the housewife and motherly image that she presents today. Back in the day, J-Ho was shaking her maraccas and caboose before the cameras at the drop of a hat. What husband wants to see that visual in the public arena.

  33. 33

    Great Job Marc!!! Highly Commendable!!!

  34. 34

    I don't think interviewers need to be so driven as to repeat a question over and over. It makes them look rude. Marc said no comment in saying next question. She acted like some ignorant poperazzzi on the street.

  35. 35

    Please do you think they are interested in him and want to know about him? No way!!! They interviewed him because of J.Lo. Nobody remember this guy anymore. It's hard to be a husband of a woman who is J.Lo and who has a sex video leaking through internet like that. It must be hurting his ego. Well Karma is a bitch. What goes around comes around you left your beautiful wife with 2 children for J.Lo, now that's what you face. Just deal with it!!!! Karma!!!!!

  36. 36

    He's a real @sshole in person. His ego is just as big as Flopez's ego. Theyre both shameless and sure turning into publicity whores. Bad press is better than no press…keeps JHO relevant.

  37. 37

    I can't believe he left his Beautiful Classy Ex-Wife Dayanara Torres (whom he also has a couple of kids with, but seems have abandoned them for his kids with Jho because she's VERY jealous). JHO is Ghetto Trash and is way overrated.

    I understand his reason for walking out (doesn't want to face the fact his wife is a classless tramp who slept her way to the top), but throughout the ENTIRE interview he was so arrogant and self-centered. Sure the interview is about him, but he has that "@sshole" kinf od attitude.

  38. 38

    Ojani and Jennifer were still newlyweds (married less than a year) at the time they divorced. He willingly took videos of her that year without complaints, and she had lots of eye contact with him while he filmed. It's not uncommon for modern newlyweds couples to enjoy these kind of activities. That doesn't mean they want to make porn films together. Such hypocrisy to regard women as Porn stars if they get a divorce! Even the venerable Dayanara may have some keepsakes (at least Her ex- has respected her privacy).

  39. 39

    JLO is an A celeb this isnt Paris Hilton or Kim K you cant go around asking these disrespectful things about the DIVA! HELLO! Get it together telemundo or univision whatever this is.

  40. 40

    I think he held it together very well. He didn't want to answer the question. He obviously stated BEFORE the interview that he didn't want to talk about it. The reporter wouldn't drop it, so he left. No anger, swearing, violence, etc etc etc. I think it was perfectly reasonable for him to do.