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Holy Shiz! Alleged Demo Clip Of Britney Spears Covering Madonna's Burning Up Surfaces!

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HOLY SHIZ! We are losing it!!!

Britney Spears is hard at work, preparing for her Femme Fatale tour this summer, and although there have been rumors that the pop star will have two surprise songs on the setlist, we weren't sure what exactly that would mean…until now!

A snippet of an alleged demo of our most beloved Brit Brit covering the Madonna classic Burning Up has appeared on-line, and even though it's EXTREMELY brief, and looped together, it's effing EPIC!

Check out the clip (above)!

Absolute perfection! We couldn't think of a better choice of cover, GURL!

Some hardcore fans are predicting that it may be mashed-up with her new track, Gasoline, but frankly, we'd be just as pleased if she performed the entire song just on its own!

A proper homage to the Madge before her! LOLz!

We are so, SO excited to hear the whole thing!

Someone leak that shiz - ASAP!

What do U think?? What do U want to see Brit Brit perform on the Femme Fatale tour??

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31 comments to “Holy Shiz! Alleged Demo Clip Of Britney Spears Covering Madonna's Burning Up Surfaces!”

  1. 1

    Not epic at all. sounds like she's whining. Why can't she just stick with normal singing. BLAH So glad I didn't waste money for this fake concert

  2. 2

    Good grief. Someone definitely needs to look up the definition of epic.

  3. 3

    When will you develop actual musical taste? This is nothing but auto-tuned garbage

  4. 4

    The over rated helium voiced Pharma head and the Satanist suck.

  5. 5

    No, do not care at all…..Britney and Madonna are no longer revelant…Both have poor voices….Madonna used to be able to put on a show, I have to admit that…But now, the bar has been raised….new girl in town…who has a voice, real talent, vision, avant-garde appeal..RA RA Uh Uh Uh…..just makes these two look v-a-n-i-l-l-a…and talentless. Oh well, I am sure some care, so "c'est la vie".

  6. 6

    Since she doesn't know how to sing well, nothing Britney Spears sings is "epic." Her voice is a joke. Madonna's voice might not be wonderful, but it's leaps and bounds beyond Britney's. She is very likely the worst singer in popular music.

  7. 7

    Re: blaakq – You didn't know that he finds anything epic? He's a bottom feeder that couldn't pass Drama class and sucked at just about everything.

    Anyway, Mario, this is so yawn inspiring. Why? Because the it's a cover song. Lord. Go buy Madonnas album and listen to the real version.

    There, happy you have my nickel now? Mario, you're such an incredible idiot.

  8. 8

    Love 'Burning Up' by Madge

  9. 9

    Why do people like this woman's "music" again? She always sounds absolutely awful

  10. 10

    Re: sohaveiforyou83Re: adg100 – You two sound fucking bittAH!! LOLZ!! Why you beating up on BRITNEY?? Shit, you two are negative!! Maybe you need to get laid….or maybe fingered!! LMAO!!

  11. 11

    Britney has the WORST voice. Period. Thank God for real singers like Adele.

  12. 12

    Re: blaakq – You should probably look up the meaning of 'ICE' and 'Felcher'. LOL!!

  13. 13

    Who cares, she's not going to sing anything live anyways. Why anyone would pay to see her lazily walk the stage lip synching is beyond me.

  14. 14

    sounding like the chipmuncks, doesnt seem to be anyone's definition of epic.

  15. 15

    are you serious? BTW, how's that record label of yours doing?

  16. 16

    Re: sanfran1 – Lmao, you are such a transparent bitch who can't accept the fact your precious Gaga has flopped big time with her album of the decade. She's been exposed for the fraud she is and her fans have abandoned her in droves. Madonna will never be irrelevant, she doesn't have to put out an album every year trying desperately to stay in the spotlight. Her songs will be played forever, they are classic. Gaga's have no staying power, only listened to by her cultish fans. Oh and btw, you are an unhappy, hateful and bitter person. You should really try to be happy, blah blah blah….. I pray every that you come to your senses and realize there is a life outside Gaga, lmao. You're a twit.

  17. 17

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – Well, you certainly told me! I don't need to look up the meaning of anything. I also have no desire to suck cum out of anyone vagina. No one was speaking to you. My comment was directed at the writer of this lame post on how "Epic" this clip wasn't. Get a life…and find actual humor while you're at it.

  18. 18

    Britney did an homage to Madonna before. If I'm not mistaken on her first tour she sung Material Girl and it was AMAZING.

  19. 19

    Epic? Perfection? It actually makes me want to take back all the bad things I've ever said about Madonna.

  20. 20

    wow two talentless singers, one is a has been, and the other a mental case. When will these two just stay in their homes and not come out, im sure they have enough money to do so.

  21. IVIV says – reply to this


    this was not leaked, her camp gave it to you lol paid to promote her tour, duh.

  22. 22

    yeah, Epic Autotune. Sheesssssh, you call this music?????

  23. barny says – reply to this


    Re: blaakq – You know what would be humorous,trying to have an intelligent conversation about Britney with a FOOL like you.

  24. 24

    Re: Hairplugs for Hilton
    "Oh and btw, you are an unhappy, hateful and bitter person. You should really try to be happy"
    This coming from one of the most vitriolic individuals on this site…

  25. 25

    Re: barny – The only FOOL I see here would be you. I never said anything negative against Britney. I haven't ever said anything negative against her in any post. I actually like her. Thanks for the laugh, though. Next time gather some facts before trying to insult someone. It's so pathetic to attempt to attack someone with baseless comments, but it would take intelligence to realize that.

  26. 26

    Re: Baron87 – Thanks for the input fukkwad.

  27. 27

    Re: Hairplugs for Hilton
    Oohh…fuckwad….I guess I was just "told!"

  28. Coqi says – reply to this


    Mario look up the word "epic" in the dictionary. I don't think it means what you think it means.

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    She sounds like one of the chipmunks, and on helium, swear to gawd.

  30. 30

    I'm not one of Madonna's biggest supporters–don't care too much for her as a person, but admire some of the music she's put out. And "Burning Up," I believe, is one of her better and most underrated songs. And that is why I think this "snippet"–which is all that needs to be out in the universe, because anything more would be an injustice–is just plain BOOGER. Madonna sang the song with that raw ambition she had when she started out, and the bitch made you believe that she really had no shame, that she would to lengths for the man she was desiring in this song, even going down on her knees, leaving much to the imagination. Britney's version just sounds like a bad cut and paste version of the original. No credibility whatsoever.

  31. 31

    ahhhhhhh omg this is amazing!!!