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Weston Cage's Mother Blames Nic For Son's Behavior

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Yesterday, Nicolas Cage's son, Weston, was taken to a local L.A. hospital after he got into a nasty brawl with his personal trainer in public and was deemed "ill."

Nic reportedly was with his son in the afternoon, but in the evening, Weston was joined by his mother, Christina Fulton. Christina was spotted leaving the hospital looking fairly distraught and worn from the day's activities, but before she went home for the night, she lashed out at the waiting reporters, insisting that if it wasn't for Nic, her son wouldn't be in the hospital at all. She explained that Nic has been a terrible influence on her child and asserts that Nic is to blame for the whole sad situation.

Like father, like son? Perhaps, but considering that Weston may be suffering from mental illness, we're thinking no. That's not the sort of thing a father can instill in his child. Alcoholism maybe, but not this. But this isn't about blame. This is about Weston getting better - and we really hope he does.

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Weston Cage's Mother Blames Nic For Son's Behavior”

  1. 1

    Are you really this fucking stupid. Even Perez, when he owned the site, wasn't this dumb. Mental illness is hereditary, that's the no. 1 cause of mental illness, having it passed down from generation to generation. Fucking retard.

  2. 2

    I'm not seeing evidence of mental illness. Surely Weston is a strange bird but, so is his father. Eccentricity isn't a mental disorder. Little W got his ass kicked by his trainer allegedly after throwing a tantrum about his food choices. He's probably experiencing some bad medicine from his father's Spin Doctors. What disturbs me is the fact no one ran to stop the altercation, instead they chose to film and narrate it. The trainer went WAY overboard judging from the video. A tantrum should be handled by ignoring the brat throwing it - not pounding him to a pulp. And what kind of wuss doesn't know how to knock someone out on the first punch? I'd demand a refund.

  3. 3

    Has his son been diagnosed with a mental illness. Cause personally, it looks like another spoiled rich kid going off on a hot flash….probably coming down from last night's high!!! And his mother sounds like a total enabler…

  4. 4

    More MK Ultra satanists…she has an occult clothing line with him.

  5. 5

    … Alcoholism is also a mental illness, idiot. And there's a strong correlation of mental illness being hereditary.

  6. 6

    Maybe Weston wasn't mentally ill until his bodyguard beat the shit out of him yesterday.

  7. <= says – reply to this


    Oh what do you know! Perez is a psychologist too! STFU

  8. 8

    I am confused. Why could someone pass down alcoholism but not mental illness? Both are hereditary. Alcoholism is a disease, not a choice. Stick to what you know, which isn't much…

  9. 9


  10. 10

    God you idiot….Alcoholism is a disease and is genetic. So is Mental Illness you dumb ass. They guy is weird and you blame the DAD? This Weston Guy is an adult who fights; and mommy says it's Daddy's fault? Grow up!!!! It's sonny-boy's fault. Get some help and if he does have mental illnes, shame on you Perez for making a joke of it.

  11. 11

    Alcoholism IS a disease, but, you can do things to prevent it. Mental illness is also a genetic disease, but it's harder to try and prevent. He obviously does have something wrong if he beats someone up for telling him he can't eat something.

  12. 12

    OF COURSE…How easy to blame the other parent. Not saying that just because Nic's famous he deserves a pass….but it seems to me that parents will not take responsibility for their own short comings…..

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    He's pretty darn old to be blaming ANYTHING on a parent. She may think it contributed, but the son is ultimately responsible for his own actions. She shouldn't hijack his illness and use it for her own agenda. Nic may have not been there, but she was, so why isn't it more her fault? See? That's not fair either. The son did it all by himself. Plus where did this 'ill' label came from? It was a nasty brawl with his trainer.