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New Girls Aloud Coming In JANUARY!

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All right! The countdown is ON!

Although we're sure Cheryl Cole's firing from the US X Factor couldn't have been easy, it very well may have been the best thing for her former group, Girls Aloud, because sources close to them have revealed that all of its members have agreed to reunite in six months to begin recording new material!

The insider explains:

"All is forgiven between Nadine and the rest of the band. It's all water under the bridge. They're excited they're going to be making a fresh start together on this next adventure of their lives. In six months' time, it'll be back to work as normal - they are itching to get back in the studio. Cheryl has been through a lot worse than the US X Factor. She's survived a marriage breakdown and almost died of malaria. She's made of tougher stuff. In fact, they have all got so much more experience between them now. They have all been through so much and come out fighting, and they will reflect this in their tracks."

Hell yeah!

That's the spirit, girls! Take all of that frustration and anger and channel that into some AMAZING music!

We have a feeling that they're going to back with a vengeance! And better than ever!

We can't wait!

What do U think?? Are U excited for the return of Girls Aloud??

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “New Girls Aloud Coming In JANUARY!”

  1. 1

    Who the hell are these bitches and when were they ever here to have a comeback? Do you just make shit up?

  2. 2

    L O V E CHERYL. as an American fan of Cheryl i wanted to she her on X Factor U.S. and i was at the Sear's Centre auditions Cheryl was great as a judge and she was happy. you simon force Cheryl off the show. Nicole was unhappy that you gave the judging job to Cheryl. Nicole lobby the Fox Idiots to give her the juging job and to get rid of Cheryl. YOU SIMON STAB CHERYL IN THE BACK. I WILL NEVER WATCH X FACTOR U.S.

  3. 3

    No. And quite frankly I'm sick of hearing about "chezzzza" and X-FACTOR. God. Enough already! No one cares about her or X-Factor.

  4. 4

    Yes! Girls Aloud are the best pop group of the 00's. If you like Keisha or Katy Perry you WILL NOT like Girls Aloud. But, if you like good, A-grade pop music, you'll like them. 'Biology' is one of the best pop songs ever. @GayRay: these 'bitches' are the winners of "Pop Rivals" from 2002. It was a contest where it was narrowed down to 5 girls and 5 boys. The girls released a single ("Sound of the Underground") and so did the boysl. The contest was to see who would score higher. The girls reached #1 and the boys reached (I forget). The pop songs written for them over the years have been fab and outshine any of the drivel that has been thrusted upon us over the past couple of years.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Girls Aloud are British and proud….you know what, they don't care about yanks like you GayRay, you realise it's people like you that perpetuate people's view of americas as loud brash idiots?! There is a world out there beyond USA, get over yourself, if you don't know them why bother reading the story….obv you have nothing else to fill your life with! They make proper pop music, they don't have to dance around in their underwear like all the US girl bands/stars, they're classier than that. And they don't have to sing about going and "wasted in the club" or whatever it is that all the yanks are always singing about! You'll be able to watch GA at the London Olympics opening ceremony next year along with 3 billion other people…then you'll know they are.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    When there's official confirmation we'll talk.

  9. 9

    Re: charlie1982 – Way to stereotype Americans, you hypocrite.
    And I don't care if 4 billion people view them, they are NOT popular in North America. We don't need a chav girl group.

  10. 10

    Re: caroaber – Think you've just proven my point exactly there! Brash idiots!

  11. 11

    I'm a Proud American and I can't wait.
    Re: GayRay – American music sucks ass I'll take these girls over katy perry any day.
    Re: charlie1982 – America gets it wrong all the time look at the fact Dumbass Bush was in office for 8 yrs. I hate kesha, gaga, and katy perry and there all popular in the states thats why the music here sucks ass now at least these girls have talent.

  12. 12

    Re: charlie1982 – Don't have to dance around in their underwear? Umm, are you forgettting I Can't Speak French, with them all in corsets and stockings? @Gayray, Girls Aloud are second only to the Spice Girls as the biggest UK girl group ever (and I think they have had more top 10 hits than SG so I have idea what the criteria for "biggest" actually is), many Americans probably never have heard of them, so far as I know they never even bothered trying to break the States, why would they when they had a huge number of European fans, the world doesn't revolve around America believe it or not ;o)

  13. 13

    Can't stand people who makes jealous ridiculous comments about popstars. If you think the likes of Cheryl and the other Girls aloud girls, the spice girls, gaga, rhianna, Katy perry and others are not that good enough, why don't you go get yourself a record deal, and make millions for yourselves.

  14. 14