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Your Creature Is Showing! Leaked Super 8 Footage Reveals Glimpse Of Movie Monster!

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Beasty! What long fingers you have! Mwahaha!!!

Tomorrow, Super 8, Steven Speilberg and J.J. Abrams' long awaited collaborative venture, will finally hit theaters and fans will finally get to see the creature devised by two of the best minds in sci-fi. Paramount Pictures swore they wouldn't give any details about the big bad until after the movie released … but that was before the pushed up the release a day!

So, here for you now is some "leaked" footage from the film, which will give you a very brief glimpse at the movie's monster. (above)

So, what do U think? Are U scared???

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9 comments to “Your Creature Is Showing! Leaked Super 8 Footage Reveals Glimpse Of Movie Monster!”

  1. 1

    Didn't that black guy who got f-ed up by that beast also get f-ed up in Gremlins? Always the black guy to get f-ed up first!

  2. 2

    I am going to reply to myself. Yes, he did. I believe he foolishly fed Spike in the school lab and learned his lesson…and now he is feeding this beast and the same thing happens! Spielberg connection! Yes, I know, I'm pathetic.

  3. 3

    i dont get it

  4. 4

    I work at a movie theatre and saw this movie yesterday. That is not in the movie. The audio is not the same and only two small clips are in the final cut. But that whole clip is not in the film.

  5. 5

    Yea I saw it a couple of days ago, because for some weird reason Australia has been getting all the movies before the states have been…which is awesome…It was really drawn out and kinda boring. I give it 6/10

  6. 6

    Here’s one of those good news, bad news situations: The good news: In Spielberg’s/Abram’s world, in 1963, race relations had evolved to the point that African-American scientists were involved in super secret projects. The bad news: they are still the first to die in horror/sci-if movies. You can see it coming the moment they put the sole brotha in the group in charge of feeding the creature. The monster is an octopus-like creature. Looks, like I’m not missing much by choosing to see this film.

  7. 7

    So… why the black guy gotta be the one feeding the monster. :(

  8. 8

    when do you see it?!?! minute mark PLZZZZ??/

  9. 9

    Re: whatTHEchuck – its at the last couple seconds at 2:54