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Duchess Fergie Continues Her Tour Of Contrition!

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As Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, preps for the release of her six-part documentary, Finding Sarah - which chronicles her attempting to re-build her life after she shamed the Royal Family by "trying to sell access to her former husband for £500,000" - on the OWN network, she's opened up about her relationship with Prince William and Prince Harry, and maintains a positive outlook on them even after hearing some of the brutal opinions the former has of her!

Check out a clip of the interview (above)!

Ouch. That couldn't have been easy.

But unfortunately, she's made enough grievous mistakes to warrant that kind of opinion - at least in our mind - and we think she handles the brutal honesty with quite a bit of maturity, for which we must seriously commend her!

You've got the right attitude, gurl, and we think if you continue down this path, perhaps at some point the boys - and the rest of the Royal Family, for that matter - may be able to look past your previous actions and accept that you're trying to sincerely make amends!

Stay strong!

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8 comments to “Duchess Fergie Continues Her Tour Of Contrition!”

  1. 1

    She looks high. Damn yo.

  2. 2

    I don't think she really gets it
    I remember in a conversation with Oprah when she was trying to rehabilitate her image she said "remember, it was a set-up"
    was disappointed that Oprah didn't hold her feet to the fire by saying "yes- but you didn't know that when you (arrogantly and confidently) sold access to your former husband"
    let's say she was American and part of Obama's inner circle and she did the same thing- selling access - she'd be in prison probably
    she has been and will continue to be a source of embarrassment - living rent free off the generosity of Prince Andrew - and spending more time in the US since people in her own country are fed up with
    rather than keep a lower profile with her head down and improving her life, she continues to try to stay in the public eye- addicted to attention that word duchess gives her in the US
    don't know why they can't strip the title of Duchess from her-she is divorced and not deserving of it evidenced by her own self-serving actions

  3. 3

    Watching her on CNN last night, I thought she lied about the bribery allegations (they edited it that way). Lost a lot of respect for her after that. I think she should own it.

    She is to spinny on her opinion of William's reaction. Own it.

  4. 4

    Go Sarah!
    I wish you all the best!

  5. 5

    In this interview, Duchess Fergie admits that she has faults and she also is so candid about the mistakes she'd made. We all know that she was/is an embarrassment for the Royal Family..but to villianize her even further is just ridiculous. She has so many amazing people in her court helping her understand her inner issues and frankly, I think people who have made egregious mistakes in their past should look to her as a role model. No one in the world can understand what she's been through as a former member of the Royal Family, so to judge her on her actions in the past is unfair. I for one am proud that she's taking the necessary and mature steps to become a better version of who she was before…and think she should get more credit for that.

  6. 6

    In her interview with Oprah she claimed her mother "beat the devil" out of her, but now her sister has come out and said she has ‘different memories’ of their childhood. Its pathetic really that she would drag her own mother through the mud in a desperate attempt to stay in the public eye, especially after she's no longer here to defend herself. What a desperate greedy woman. I mean for another £400,000 I'm sure she could "remember" some more traumatic memories that would endear her to the more gullible members of the public.

  7. 7

    Re: chloeffs
    she will never convince me that she has changed unless and until she takes accountablility- and she is trying to shift the blame and focus from whats he did (selling access to the royal family) to her mother and whatever else is convenient
    she has been priviliged in so many ways from childhood on compared to most
    will not be watching her show on OWN

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's likely getting paid for all this. Ms. O is helping her out, and she's helping Ms. O out.