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4 comments to “Weiner Investigated For Exchanging Twitter Messages With 17-Year-Old Girl!”

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    When it comes to politicians sex lives, I am always on the fence. I feel like unless they have misappropriated campaign funds to do their dirty deeds or did something illegal, we should stay out of it. I mean at the end of the day they are human and humans fuck…I don't think he should have to resign for sexting (his wife may be cool w/ it, given the fact that most men in his position are having full blown affairs). It seems to me that he was so caught up in public speculation about the open-ness of his personal relationship, that he made a bad judgment call. If that's how he and his wife get down, it's none of our business (it rly seems like he is trying to protect her and their unborn child, by going the route he did), but he isn't seeing it that way b/c our society is hung up on these antiquated norms for marriage and relationships, and he wants to get re-elected. I think he should resign b/c if he can't make a sound judgment call in terms of his personal relationship, how can he be trusted to do the same for people he doesn't even know?

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    Weiner should quietly resign. Given the broad spectrum of the females he's flirted with/solicited/flashed - this wont be the end. More will emerge - they always do. At least if he resigned, he could save his wife and whats left of his reputation from further (laughable) disgrace. I just saw some XXX film company is already planning a parody. This guy must be a glutton.

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    I bet that he would have had a very special 18th birthday surprise for her.

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    We don't have to worry no more…off to WEINER REHAB he goes…wee, wee, weeeee