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Barbara Walters Is Impressed By Weiner's Weiner Pics

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While the majority of the girls on The View have agreed that Anthony Weiner should resign after sending a picture of his weiner to another woman, Barbara Walters took a moment to share her thoughts on the scandal yesterday.

Not only does she NOT think Congressman Weiner should resign, but she revealed toward the end of the discussion that she thinks the x-rated pic of his…member…is rather flattering! LOLz!

Uh-oh! We hope the congressman didn't hear that or Barbara may have a NEW weiner pic waiting for her in her Facebook message inbox!

We hope we're the first people she calls if he strikes again! Ha!

We're only kidding, but we don't think Barbara Walter's was when a freudian slip revealed what she REALLY thinks about Anthony Weiner!

Check out the video above to hear what Barbara's opinion on the situation and don't skip out before the best part at the end!

Do U agree with Barbara?

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25 comments to “Barbara Walters Is Impressed By Weiner's Weiner Pics”

  1. 1

    I agree with Barbara on it appearing to be flattering, however since I have not seen the real thing I am kind of skeptical that it is real. If it is real I am sure he will have a great future in the porn business if this politic thing don't work out. Nothing like having 2 talents.

  2. 2

    Disagree and I think he should resign - also there really is no comparision to Bill Clinton as Weiner sent these lewd photos and held discussions with several women, not one. My niece rec'd a rather disturbing photo such as this from an unknown person and our family wanted to hunt him down - this is a sickness and he has lost respect from many who have young female family members and want protection from predators/sickos!

  3. 3

    sad that Barbara used to be a credible journalist-now she's a old gossipy democratic gal with no impartiality
    wouldn't expect her to say anything else
    but boy is she wrong
    if the man is not moral and ethical in his personal life- why in the world would we trust him to be moral and ethical in his political doings?
    America-we shouldn't "settle" for the likes of him to represent us
    if we do, we are setting the bar far too low

  4. 4

    Bill and Hilary have a good marriage now? Huh.

  5. 5

    mmmmm Perez, this is old news like 3 days ago!!!!!!! You have been posting old news lately………..

  6. 6

    Barbara's admitted affairs with married men qualify her for an opinion, however…. 1) What an inappropriate "joke" about one of many serious lapses of a man who is supposed to represent the American people; 2) Its pretty naive to think he just sent that one pic to that one woman, when he was busy with sexts and underwear shots to others; 3) if she finds that shot impressive, either her mind is slipping or she isnt too picky.

  7. 7

    Barbara is so out of date and has been for a while!! These women of her age: Hillary; ect.. have turned their heads for years on their man's behavior. Bill cheated on Hillary time and time again.. not just once!! When Bill ran I was young and the first time I voted, and I believed him time and time again being I was young and naive, but what it did was now 20 years later girls/women don't think if your man does this or that it's not so bad, and that giving a BJ isn't really sex.. That's what Bill did!! And Hillary condoning it and not showing all the young girls of America not to take crap from their men and not divorcing him after he got out of office… that's when I lost all respect for Hillary!! I am so tired of these women that don't leave!! If you have self-esteem you don't take this kind of shit…Thank goodness for Jenny Sanford!!

  8. 8

    I agree with Barbara. Thats all Im going to say.

  9. 9

    I'm going with Barbara. she knows dick.

  10. 10

    omg these pigeons need to quit skwaking. No electrician wants to change your fuckin light bulbs anyways ya blonde bimbo. I'm sure there is SOMETHING scandalous you've done in your life as well. No bodies perfect. He didn't get to do this kind of internet sex pic exchange thing when he was a teenager so let him get it out of his system and move on!

  11. 11

    He should resign. When all this goes public; it is no longer his private business.
    He says HIS wife does NOT want him to resign.
    I bet HIS wife DIDN'T want him sexting other women, so why didn't HER opinion matter then?
    He's an idiot on every level.

  12. 12

    one word: weinersnitzel

  13. uyeah says – reply to this


    She is a complete failure of a "journalist". She'll slam anyone that isn't liberal like she is and give a pass to a liberal doing the same thing only ten times worst. She's a typical mob-minded nasty liberal hypocrite. Why doesn't she retire before she becomes even more of a joke. I guess she's too much of a narcissist to go away.

  14. 14

    BW is friends with the Weiners - of course she is taking his side. She has really shown her true colors the last few years - not a journalist anymore - just an old gossip.

  15. 15

    Re: cap chick
    couldn't agree more with you
    the message Hillary sent to young women-and her own daughter was that of an enabler (albeit an enabler with her own political agenda)…not of a strong woman!

  16. 16

    Re: *Sloane – Heck yeah!!! Strong women ROCK!!!!

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    No comment…

  18. 18

    People making a big deal about a consenting adult sexting ANOTHER consenting adult..LOMAOROFL society is fail

  19. 19

    barbara is an old whore, who si not morally or mentally qualified to give her opinion on anything, just because she interviewed many over glorified people. This ol' bitch needs to put a sock in it, and for th eLove of God….tell that red headed dragon to shut up as well. These are the most annoying women on Tele ! They only gets viewed because of celeb guests and extreme liberals who need an old lady support group. They are so disgusting!

  20. 20

    Jenny said it well!!!! Women are doormats for men and have the same sexual needs, it just depends on who is responsible enough not to fall through or real enough NOT to have them while commited!….Stand by ur man shit os over!!!

  21. 21

    I can sleep better tonight knowing Ms. Walters thinks Weiner’s schlong is nice & big. I bet she is sleeping better too with his pic under her pillow. It's been a long time for her.

  22. 22

    i totally agree with Ms. Walters and sincerely hope that the congressman will continue in his post and continue to do his district good. What happened should be between he and his wife, not the entire world. I support him completely and unconditionally.

  23. 23

    I agree lol

  24. 24

    I agree with Barbara,now lets all move on.

  25. 25

    I just heard Weiner is stepping down. It is a shame. Those congressmen and women do more damage in their back door sessions and with giving out monies to foreign countries than this. If reporters were to really go after congress people, this would pale. as to why he did it, i have an answer. Listen up! It is his wife's fault. He is just married and where is she? flying around the world with Hillary. Her ass needed to be at home. If it was, he never would have been twitting with other women. Though in her defence, he knew what her job was..so it makes us think, was this a marriage of convenience. sexting is not an illness, its enjoyment. have you seen those pics. He is HOT. i saved one of his chest pics, trust me. Men and Women are masterbating to that hot pic. What i want to see is dick. is there a real dick pic out there. that underwear shot is hot and really its not obscene. PULEESE…model shots found in catalogs show just as much. He did nothing wrong. This scandal is a just a ruse, a cover up, for the lack of intelligence that congress has to fixing the economy. They are loving this. This gives congress more time to waste and ponder..how are we gonna fix our problems..meanwhile the US media fixates on weiners…where is my armour hot dog…i am hungry..give me some…