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Hailee Steinfeld Doesn't Have To Get Nude In Romeo & Juliet After All

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Hailee Steinfeld Doesn't Have To Get Nude

We be this is a load off her mind: Hailee Steinfeld won't have to disrobe in the new Romeo & Juliet movie!

Here's what the director himself had to say, after source like The View were up in arms over the idea of the 14 year old actress having to be nude in a film:

“In the original adaptation written by the Oscar-winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes, there was a lovemaking scene that included nudity for the married Romeo and Juliet. This script was written with a 20-year-old actress in mind. As soon as Hailee Steinfeld was cast, all nudity and lovemaking have been excised from the script. It will be romantic and age-appropriate for a 14-year-old.”


Even with parental consent and all of that, we feel that this is definitely for the better. Fourteen is WAY too young for a scene like that!

Are U relieved to hear about this??

[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Hailee Steinfeld Doesn't Have To Get Nude In Romeo & Juliet After All”

  1. 1

    don't really care, cause I know I won't be seeing the movie. As for nudity for a 14 yo, am sure her parents would not have signed her, or the over seers for children actors would have done some screaming about 'love making' scenes for a 14 yo and nudity. I read R&J YEARS AGO and don't remember Wills going into the wedding night, so IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE DONE!

  2. 2

    Do we really need another Romeo and Juliet movie? It's been done about a hundred times with mixed results…

  3. 3

    why even cast someone so young to begin with if you know the subject matter is so adult? glad they re-wrote it but what bothers me is the idea of who is going to play romeo. i remember in the new world, that actress who played pocahontas was the same age and she was kissing actors in their 30's. totally creeped me out. and even though their were no nude scenes, they alluded to sex between the characters and just knowing that such an older man was pretending to love a child creeped me out. yes, i know in real life she was a child, but its disturbing. get a young look actress who is of age. they may be talented and wise for their age but they are still children and who knows what such mature scenes will do to them psychologically. and if anything, good lord , they gross me out.

  4. RVT says – reply to this


    yeah, i totally get why they are cutting the scene. it's right thing to do, if the actress is 14 yo. But.. If you are makeing a copy of some movie, shouldn't it be pretty much similar? I have absolutely nothing against her and good for her to get leading actress roles but I think the director should have picked someone who would be old enough to do that scene. It's Romeo & Juliet after all..

  5. 5

    lame. there's suppose to be nudity in romeo and juliet. the love scene is after they are married. I don't see a problem with this. the problem is when the screenwriter changed direction of the film when some genius decided to cast a 14 y/o instead of a 20 y/o. I feel the same as magpepper…there really isn't a need for another rom & jul movie. been there, done that.

  6. 6

    Claire Danes was 15 when she was nude in Romeo + Juliet.

  7. 7

    Thank goodness that child pornography no two ways about it. movies always make more when more people can see them, they haven't learn't that yet?

  8. 8

    I agree that the age of fourteen is too young to portray sex but Shakespeare's play is about two very young teenagers around the same age.

  9. 9

    Re: patcee – …u realize that romeo and juliet were both 13?

  10. 10

    I think people have a very skewered view as to what 14 is. People think 14 year-olds look like kids but we really don't…I'm 14 and I've gotten as old as 25! Truth is we aren't wearing tutus at the age…I know several 14 year-olds who aren't even virgins. I think a nude sex scene would be super gross for her age, but I mean if they didn't actually show anything, just like her feet of her shoulders up it might be fine. But she shouldn't actually be nude on camera…And by the way to everyone asking why they cast her in this roll…Romeo and Juliet were both 13 and I think they fell in love and killed themselves in something ridiculous like 2 days after first meeting…

  11. 11

    well why is a 14 doing this role. if there going to re make this movie they do it the right way with every scene in it even if its a love scene. u cant change a classic film just cuz shes to young. well she shouldnt do this movie if shes too young.. a great actress will do anything for a role of their dreams ah can deal with once scene like that or dont do the movie!

  12. 12

    Re: ithinkpigsarecool – if you read my comment, you would realize i dont care about the historical accuracy. what gets me is knowing an older actor is kissing a 14 year old. it completely takes me out of the story because im sorry if i find the fact that a mature, adult man is kissing and pretending to be in love with a 14 year old. i dont care how convincing a 13 year old he plays. and if they do get a male actor her age to play romeo, that may be just as creepy….watching 2 barely teenagers make out, pretend to be in love and alluding to sex…..either cast 2 young looking adults or dont make it. and hasnt this movie been made enough. uh, over it.

  13. 13

    Does anyone read?! They never have a large 'sex scene' in the play so it is fine not being in the movie. And I assume they are doing a retelling on the play again, not basing it off the previous movie adaptations. And why would they cast a 14 year old to play Juliet?? She is 14 in the play!

  14. 14

    Who wants to see naked such a fugly girl anyway. They made us a favour.

  15. 15

    Re: ithinkpigsarecool – just read your comment and saw you are only 14. i am not in the habit of arguing with children. so let me say that you are very well-spoken for someone your age and make a valid point. it makes me sad that kids want to grow up so quickly but just because its happening does not make it right. you are right, she was 13, although originally 18. however, his age was never stated has has never been proven, only speculated. however, i will humor you and ask, should they cast a 13 year old male as well? because the front runners are all in their 20's or older. as someone the actresses age, you may see no problem with this, but talk to me in 10 or more years and let me know what you think.

  16. 16

    I don't think a story should be compromised because someone is so set on a young actress. Perhaps they should have looked for someone a little older.

  17. 17

    I'm sure Romeo and Juliet were about the same age in the play? But I agree- she shouldn't be getting naked, she's too much of a sweetheart.

  18. 18

    As long as there is the Olivia Hussey/Franco Zefferelli version for the 60s, why make another? It was perfect.

  19. 19

    In 1968, Franco Zeffirelli directed THE definitive Romeo and Juliet starring the then 15 year Olivia Hussey and 17 yr old Leonard Whiting. Ms Hussey appeared topless for a flash of a second and there was full rear nudity of Mr. Whiting. Shakespeare's play involved a 13 yr old Juliet –and Zeffirelli's film was the first time an age appropriate actress was used. Full nudity and the depiction of the sex act was not needed in Shakespeare's time, Zeffirelli's time or our time.

  20. 20

    Hate to tell yall, but Hailee is about the right age to be playing Juliet. Did you ever read the play?

  21. 21

    Re: Queen mab – umm whoever you are, you're waaaay to smart to be up in this website lol

  22. 22

    "Fourteen is WAY too young for a scene like that!"

    But of course you had no problem posting crotch shots of an under aged Miley Cirus

    Fucking hypocrite.

  23. 23

    Oh and Skins was cool too huh?

  24. 24

    why bother making another remake ugh hollywood is so fucking lame nowadays love hailee but sorry wont be watching this one leo and claire were perfect dont need to remake it after that one…fail!

  25. 25

    does no one here read at all? guess what the old movie was based on a play and that play DID NOT have nudity and a sex scene in it

  26. 26

    Oh goody- another innocent looking young lady the machine will turn into a drug addicted skank. Parents line up at the auditions yelling, "Take mine, take mine!!!"

  27. 27

    Stay away from the Bieb- at least until your 15! Poor Selena…

  28. 28

    Re: ithinkpigsarecool – Juliet was 13, it doesn't say how old Romeo was but he was probably a couple of years older. And why didn't they just cast a 16-19 year old instead of changing the script?

  29. 29

    Run Hailee-with selena G. knocked up, JB is on the prowl!

  30. 30

    I really love the thought of her in this role. She just looks like Juliet to me. For some reason I have less qualms about her being nude than if say… Lindsay Lohan were playing the role. I'd have qualms about Lindsay being nude. I think it's because I see Hailee as being super mature for her years and being able to handle such a scene.

  31. 31

    So Mario, does this mean Romeo will not be nude either?

  32. 32

    If there's grass on the field play ball.

  33. 33

    Re: bleahf – I know. I didn't realize Juliet was a filthy jew.

  34. 34

    Re: Joe Canada – WOOOOOAAAHHHH thats incredibly uncalled for.

  35. 35

    Roman Polanski has taken over the direction of the film and the stars will be naked and 13 years old.