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12-Person Brawl Erupts On Plane Mid-Flight!

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What the eff?! This is the last thing people should be worrying about when they fly!

A Barbados-bound Virgin Atlantic flight descended into mass chaos after a fight broke out between some of its passengers, leaving one woman in a sling and another with a black eye!

During the eight hour trip from Gatwick airport, one group began celebrating "something special" about halfway through, and got into a fight with another passenger when she claimed that they were swearing in front of her child!

According to passenger Elsa Brandford:

"It was unbelievable, it was like something out of a movie. I was looking at it and wondering if I was still watching my in-flight movie. There was about five minutes of shouting while people gathered around and before I knew it they were throwing punches and jumping on each other. Most of the people involved were sitting in that area and just standing on their seats while throwing punches. It was vicious. It was frightening. There were punches going off in all directions…People came round to try to split them up and about half an hour later they had it under control."

Holy shiz! Insanity!

After the resolution, all passengers were ordered to stay in their seats for the remainder of the flight, and police met the plane upon its arrival in Barbados.

Good lord! What is wrong with people?!

And we think that woman concerned about her child hearing swears would also have an opinion about physical altercations! Just saying!

Here's hoping that there were no more serious injuries, and that this can serve as a reminder for people to KEEP THEIR HANDS TO THEMSELVES!

[Image via AP Images.]

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13 comments to “12-Person Brawl Erupts On Plane Mid-Flight!”

  1. 1

    Um, why is your logo on a picture you obviously didn't take? Douche..

  2. 2

    The flight left Gatwick bound for a hot destination… what else would you expect!??! They're chavs going on a package holiday!

  3. minka says – reply to this


    Sounds kind of like a nightmare. Why do people feel the need to "share" their celebration with others and expect everyone else to smile and "lighten up", especially in a confined space? You can be happy and celebratory without making everyone around you a part of the scene. Especially on an 8 hour airplane flight.

  4. 4

    Note to parents: Mind your own business. If I curse in front of your children and you say something to me, I'm going to respond in such a way that you will be explaining the words I use to your children for the next week. The appropriate thing for a parent to do if they object to language heard in public is to explain to THEIR child (not mine, not my problem) that the language they're hearing is objectionable to YOU, and that your family doesn't use it. End of story. To have the expectation that those of us who don't have children and don't enjoy children should moderate our behavior because you pushed a infant out of your cooch is nothing more than it's-all-about-me arrogance.

  5. 5

    Hi Perez

    Love your site, love your gossip and I dont think I have ever disagreed with you on anything up until maybe today and only if what you meant was that the lady concernced about the swearing should have an opinion about the violence, I know you are just saying but as a parent, and I hate to sound condescending cause thats exactly how I am going to sound but those who are parents will tell you that as parents with the well being of our children in mind we contradict ourselves everyday, unfortunately, and it might not make sense, but the parent who doesn't want excessive swearing around their child is the parent who will but someones ass for fighting with them about it because the conviction is so strong and defending it in front of your child be it by stupid punch throwing although seems like a contradicted lesson is also a parents way of defending a child which is not a bad lesson if you dont look at it so black and white. Just Sayin!

  6. 6

    Re: highAboveManHttn – you should moderate your behaviour in society not just around children. People, not just children should be able to sit on a flight that they have paid money for and not have to hear a bunch of ignorants swearing left right and center Period. Its called being civilized. Time and place for everything, dont think it has anything to do with pushing anything out of anyones cooch you ignorant moron.

  7. 7

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – You got it…

  8. 8

    What happened to just being considerate of other people's space? Regardless of thoughts about what should and shouldn't be spoken around children, everyone should be able to handle themselves in a respectful manner on a plane. Geesh.

  9. 9

    Re: Marcus75YOW – I'm sure this happens every day on EasyJet and Thomas Cook to Magaluf, Majorca, Cyprus…

  10. 10

    People who travel on VIRGIN ars such trash ……

  11. 11

    Re: Findcharlotte – I agree with you. I can swear all I want in the privacy of my home but I don't swear in public and I don't want to hear it from others. It's called being civilized.

  12. 12

    Re: highAboveManHttn – Sid Vicious…News Flash…The Sex Pistols are no longer a band. And you died in 1979.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    One of the passengers commented on some site I was on (but now can't remember where); but this passenger stated that what occurred has gained wings and reports are now way overblown compared to what actually happened. It's become a grim fairy tale, basically.