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Lindsay Lohan Knows How To Party…On House Arrest!

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Lindsay Lohan rooftop partying

Yes, even house arrest can't stop Hollywood's favorite wild child from partying!

On the 18th of her 35 days under house arrest, Lindsay Lohan threw a rooftop BBQ with her friends at her Venice beach home on Sunday afternoon.

Mostly fellas were in attendance, while LiLo paid special attention to one in particular. She greeted the mystery man with a hug upon his arrival, then later laid down on his lap.

Reports say about 10 La Lohan peeps were in attendance with plenty of drinks being served, which we certainly hope were ONLY for her guests!

Lindsay will not undergo blood or alcohol testing, but we hope she stays strong and stays sober for her own good! She's got too much to look forward to after her stint at prison home is over to fall off of the wagon now!

We expect her star to be back on the rise after all of this is behind her!

Do U think Lindsay was drinking at her party or just having some harmless fun with her friends?

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19 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Knows How To Party…On House Arrest!”

  1. 1

    Hollywood Babylon. Is this Gloria Swanson? She looks pretty good for 48.

  2. 2

    house arrest for a rich person is a joke
    it is not a punishment
    nor is it a deterrent
    and it makes our legal system look like even more of a joke!

  3. 3

    I think it is disgusting that she is even allowed to have guests let alone a party. Where is the justice? I don't consider house arrest w/company over, punishment enough. House arrest w/no visitors would be appropriate.

  4. 4

    she was probably snorting a line on the dude's lap

  5. 5

    An addict who's committed to staying sober will not host a wild party with alcohol. Of course she was drinking… and probably more.
    And I agree with the previous comments about house arrest being a joke. Her house is probably pretty luxurious and packed with goodies and entertainment… Hardly a punishment… More like a vacation for 99% of Americans…

  6. 6

    HoHan oughta be ashamed of herself. She steal, lies, does major drugs….and has seen more ceilings than Michaelangelo ! A truly disgusting waste of skin ! How hard this house arrest must be for the tramp of HollyWeird !

  7. 7

    She is looking rough …..

  8. 8

    I thought the one and only minor inconvenience to this woman during her house "arrest" was that she WAS subject to random drug and alcohol test? Seems like an excellent time to implement such a measure.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Bet if they did a quick search, they would find blow, weed, 'e', and smack….and that would just be the kitchen counter !

  11. 11

    Bet none of her HollyWeird friends com'n for a visit…Gerrad Butler, Adam Levine…all those guys who have 'disturbed' her secret garden (which would also include half the guys in the Valley ! ).

  12. 12

    All this partying is taking away her beauty. She used to be so beautiful and now she looks like a washed up old crack whore. Just wait til she's 40! OMG I can just imagine. I'm picturing Elsa from Real Housewives of Miami. It's gonna happen, my friends. It's gonna happen.

  13. 13

    her star burned out long ago. she looks twice her age, poor drunk wretch.

  14. 14

    Is this aging freak so insecure or so stupid that she cant go a few weeks living a quiet life? If for no other reason than to impress the judge? Its house arrest, not study hall. And whats with the face - she looks like she's Cameron Diaz's age - and Diaz is pushing 40.

  15. 15

    Yah know FatBoy. She is supposedly a Lesbian so your constant picking on her by you own logic makes you Homophobic. Oh DAMN your gay so now IM Homophobic to.

  16. 16

    At the end of the day her career will NEVER be what it could have been. She's box office poison. That Gotti film is a JOKE! TRAVOLTA jumped the shark alooooong time ago. AL PACINO hasn't been the god father for a while. JOE PESCI will probably be the only entertaining thing about this film as long as he says the F word alot. The producers should just use the budget to wipe their butts because they are basically flushing it down the toilet. She is the punchline to the joke that is her life. She could pull a Drew Barrymore but I doubt it. True she is a product of her environment. Her parents are disgraces so why shouldn't she be one to. Obviously the people shes surrounds herself with suck as friends and lets not forget that tens of millions of people around the world who have no respect for her or others of her ilk. So believe me when I say she is being punished and will continue to suffer till the end of her days

  17. auds says – reply to this


    Ugh. This bitch disgusts me. They should put her on house arrest in a house that is in the middle of a friggen jungle without anyone to see or talk to and without any tvs or computers. She'll be dead before 30 & it will serve her right.

  18. 18

    We all know exactly what she was doing. How on earth is this punishment?!? The court system is f***ed if they think this little girl learned her lesson.

  19. 19

    i did NOT start drinking again people! xo - linds