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Jersey Housewives Slapped With Lawsuits Over Bar Brawl!

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Eck! Can't say they don't deserve this, but is a shame none-the-less.

In February, the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was involved in a terrible bar brawl while filming in Punta Cana. The story goes that Teresa Giudice was dancing and drinking with the other ladies when she sprayed champagne on the mother-in-law of a Chicago-area police officer. She allegedly mocked the woman rather than apologize and when she was confronted by the cop, he was attacked by her husband Joe and Caroline Manzo's sons, Albie and Christopher.

Now, the officer, Adolfo Arreola, as filed two lawsuits against the cast, Bravo and the Hard Rock Hotel for the incident. Adolfo suffered a broken arm, blurred vision, cuts and bruises after glass was smashed on his head and the guys "savagely beat, kicked, punched, scratched, jumped" on him. His cousin reportedly suffered injuries as well when he stepped in to try and break things up.

Now, here's what is interesting:

Supposedly, this has all bee caught on film and after the fight was finally broken up, Bravo pulled the men aside to get them to sign release forms. The men were told not only would they be unable to leave the country until they signed the forms but also, they would be each be given $25,000 to keep quiet about the incident. The men were paid as promised, but their lawyer is still pursuing the lawsuit, stating his clients signed the contracts "under duress," making them null and void.

A hefty lawsuit is the last thing these ladies need, especially Joe and Teresa. They've had enough money trouble this year. Still, if Bravo has paperwork and video proof that will get them off the hook, perhaps this won't become too much of an issue.

Still, we wish these people would learn - VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!

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11 comments to “Jersey Housewives Slapped With Lawsuits Over Bar Brawl!”

  1. 1

    Absolutely they were under duress! Fuck Bravo and these women for thinking they can bully other people. Theresa acts like a retard on the show, I dont know why so many people liek her. She doesnt even know how to say "Ingredients" or what an "Entrepreneur" is. These people do not deserve to be living in mansions when they have no brain power

  2. 2

    They were under duress for sure!
    Of course Bravo and these women would use their money to try and hush things up.

  3. 3

    LOL, areola.

  4. 4

    This whole Housewives franchise is about rich women who have absolutely no class and will do anything to keep the cameras on them. I can't figure out why anyone would ever want to watch these skanks.

  5. 5

    how come these housewives are so damn ugly. they couldnt find any hot housewives in new jersey???

  6. 6

    I highly doubt that Caroline's sons would beat the shit out of some random guy like that. Theresa's husband, probably, because he is a neanderthal.

  7. 7

    Albie and Chris? Not to be mean but they are way too soft to be beating the crap out of anyone (that's a good thing, btw - that whole machismo thing is so bone-headed). Clearly this is Theresa and her husband Joe stirring sh** up again.

  8. 8

    If the guy had a broken arm and was savagely beaten, I find it hard to believe that Bravo had access to them to get them to sign a contract. I would expect that the police would have showed as well as paramedics. Those guys signed the contracts after all was said and done b/c they wanted to be on tv and they wanted money.

  9. 9

    yeah, it's not much of an issue to act like monkeys and assault a police officer. barbara and fat face mario. you are fucking MORONS!!!!

  10. 10

    if they were filming at the time of the incident as well- then maybe Bravo should be added to the suit
    then maybe they would do everyone a favor and cancel the show!
    none of the housewives I know have the kind of money that tne women in the Houswives franchise do
    they have way more class, morals and ethics..not to mention intelligence than any of these women have

  11. 11

    I think it was orchestrated by Bravo. I don't believe that Teresa will do that without the director's direction. Well this is reality show, Bravo wants rate, wants the viewer interested in the show. Flipping table, spraying champagne those were just part of getting more viewers. After car racing the winner used to spray champagne too and nobody was mad. Come on, move on. Without Teresa the NHONJ is not interested. Love Teresa!!!!!