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Tori Spelling's Mom Made Her Cry At Her Daughter's B-Day Bash!

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Tori Cries Over Dollhouse

For those of you who know of Tori Spelling and her mom Candy Spelling's rocky relationship don't need to worry — the tears were the good kind!

Like a grandma totally should, Candy is really into spoiling her grandkids. We're talking dinners and extra dessert, clothes, the works. So it's no surprise that she'd bring something special to her granddaughter's birthday…

… but as it turns out, it was special for Tori too:

“One of the things that made my daughter cry a lot because a 3-year-old … they don’t really know too much about those things. Tori thought I got rid of her doll house from when she was little and I had two people bring it in and she started to cry … she was beside herself.”

That's just so sweet, we can hardly stand it! Especially with the tumultuous history between the two women, we're so happy the was a beautiful, emotional moment for them!

Let's hope their relationship can be further repaired, because a loving mom is something everyone deserves!

Also, Tori, we hope you're feeling okay after your car accident! Let us know!

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4 comments to “Tori Spelling's Mom Made Her Cry At Her Daughter's B-Day Bash!”

  1. 1

    No one cares about this D list loser!

  2. 2

    aww BOOOOOO HOOO WAAAAAHHWAAAH … Tori is such a drama queen

  3. 3

    I lost my mom 9 years ago this month and I still think of her all the time. I am glad that the two of them repaired the relationship and are talking ang doing things together. The love between a mother and her children is the best thing a person could ever ask for.

  4. 4

    Love the cute hats you put on them!