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Whoopi & Joy Disagree Over Tracy Morgan Homophobic Rant

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This morning, the ladies of The View sat down to tackle the biggest Hot Topic of the last few days: Tracy Morgan and his violent, homophobic comments during a comedy show last week.

Check out the video (above) to hear two OPPOSING arguments over Tracy's rant. Joy Behar rips him a new one. Whoopi Goldberg cuts him some slack.

Who do U agree with?

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53 comments to “Whoopi & Joy Disagree Over Tracy Morgan Homophobic Rant”

  1. 1

    I agree with Joy. Saying "well, I'm a comic" isn't an excuse. It's not like he was poking fun at gay people, he was saying really controversial and damaging things. How is "God doesn't make mistakes" even SUPPOSED to be funny? I think Tracy Morgan said something crappy, and got caught. I think it's even worse that he's justifying it in any way. I think people would be quicker to accept his apology if he took responsibly for what he said. "I said something awful, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have". That would make me think that it was a mistake. Now, I think his apology is insincere.

  2. 2

    Of course the HUGE, RACIST, DYKE would cut him some slack!

  3. 3

    In case you haven't noticed…Whoopie ALWAYS sides with the negroes. She doesn't even consider the obvious if a black person says something. She would have been a great juror on the OJ Simpson jury…they all think just like her. Like the old saying goes, "if you mess with one you mess with them all."

  4. 4

    whoopi..shame on you….morgan is an animal.i fear for his son.and i,m sure his son is fearful of his sick bastard father………shame on you all…………

  5. 5

    If you're Hollywood or black,

    You can count on Whoopi to cut you slack.

    Where was the homophobic "Christian" Sherry Shepherd on the issue?

  6. Waboo says – reply to this


    Well, apparantly he's been making the same "mistake" since 2009. This wasn't the first time he did that set at a comedy club. And that apology sounds more like a publicist statement than an actual personal apology. Tracy Morgan is pathetic and should be fired, just like Michael Richards was ousted from working in Hollywood when he used the N-word a few years back. Nothing funny about his "jokes," and I believe he still meant every word of it.

  7. 7

    Hmmm. To say something like that and then say it was a mistake??? I don't think so! If i were a straight comedian i would know better than to say something like that. I would also be very aware of it's aftermath.

  8. 8

    Whoopi is usually the one offended for minorities. I find it interesting that she's cutting him some slack. Team Joy.

  9. 9

    Whoopi is an ignorant fool. Tracey Morgan is a dangerous homophobe and anyone coming to his defence probably feels the same way he does, its sickening.

  10. 10

    Re: moffinwonderland

    Agreed. Excellent post. I'm gay and can take gay jokes….some are really funny. Morgan was out of control. This rant was no joke. Whoopie can go fuck herself.

  11. 11

    I think they're both morons and i disagree most with Whoopi in this one. Just because he's African-American like her Whoopi has no reason to get all racial over this. Tracy Morgan is a homophobe and nothing less. No amount of under-the-table race card pulling can change that.

  12. 12

    Tracy never says anything that makes sense anyway, so why hold him accountable for this?

  13. 13


  14. luvu2 says – reply to this


    on the one hand yes what he said was awful, but on the other, he is answering for his actions and he did apologize. I agree with Whoopi that at some point or another we've all "stepped in it"….everyones said something stupid that they wish could take back or thought that something was clever or funny when it really wasn't. I feel bad for his co stars who all have to put out these carefully written statements. I wish more people would be forced to answer to their crappy behavior, and not just the homophobic…

  15. 15

    Tracy Morgan is an insensitive pig and is only apologizing because there was a media backlash. The morons of 'the view' are basically condoning this behavior because they really do not find it that offensive. They get all 'up in arms' if a politician cheats on their wife which is so predictable it's actually becoming laughable, yet words that could literally offend and damage an entire demographic of people, at a time when we are finally seeing a positive portrayal and outlook and taking a step forward in the LGBT community is just appalling! uneducated minds minds such as Tracy Morgans, should not have any sort of a platform to voice their ignorance. It only spews hate and negativity. This "God" that he speaks of obviously does make mistakes because he filled his mind with hate, homophobia, but unfortunately he left out compassion, common sense and a brain!

  16. 16

    racial (or "anti" some type of group, like gay people i nthis case) humor can be very tricky, and morgan is clearly not funny or bright enough to be up to the task.
    as 'borat', sasha baron cohen was singing at an open mic in tucson about 'throwing jews down the well'. brilliantly funny, but violent and anti-semitic. yet he is clever enough to find the humor in that, and frame it so it makes fun of the hate.

  17. 17

    What Tracy Morgan said was disgusting!
    It also was NOT funny!
    That is the first rule of comedy - it has to be funny no matter what.
    He f*cked up big time!

  18. 18

    People need to leave him alone! He's sorry and you know what it was a joke. I'm gay and I'm not offended at all, I knew he was joking. Get over it people.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    What makes Joy think "the gays" are weak and powerless? Was anyone offended by her repeatedly stating that?

  21. 21

    When Joy said she had to apologize for something she'd said, then said "But I regretted that I had to apologize, to tell you the truth"—that kind of says it all, doesn't it?
    These types of mean-spirited people don't care if they hurt someone, and will only offer up an insincere apology in order to save their careers.

  22. 22

    Oh, and why is anyone surprised Whoopi would defend him? She always defends the haters. Remember her defense of Mel Gibson when he viciously attacked Jews?

  23. 23

    Whoopi is an idiot.

    He's not sorry, he's just back peddling because his career will suffer because of it.

  24. 24

    i'm all for jokes about all groups of people, but none of what he said even had a punchline. it didn't sound like jokes so much as it did a rant against gays. seriously, if anyone on this site can point out the funny parts please fill me in.

  25. 25

    I've never ever found Tracy Morgan the least bit funny or talented. I don't see how he even had much of an audience to listen to him spew this shit. I have no problem with gay jokes or any other type of ethnic joke as long as they are funny. This wasn't a joke it was just a hateful rant that served no purpose whatsoever. I hope this causes major damage to his career and he just fades away out of the spotlight.

  26. 26

    I know that saying "Im a comedian" should not be an excuse - but he was joking and I'm sure he wasnt trying to harm anyone .. and he has apologized. and I dont get it - why is it such a taboo thing? ..
    when someone makes a joke about a black gay .. nothing happens - but when its about gay people - the world stops ..

  27. 27

    omg .. why are everyone hating on whoopi? .. she is just expressing how she feels - sure, you can disagree with her .. but thats her opinion ..

  28. 28

    btw - I'm not defending any of them .. just telling my 2 cents :)

  29. 29

    sry for spamming haha x) ..

  30. 30

    She only defended him because he's black. Plain and simple.

  31. 31

    Re: SEXYCDN2011

    Eat my shit.

  32. 32

    lol oh no.. everyone is going to have a shit fest on this fucking post now ahhh xD keeps more bored ass entertained though.. i don't really give a shit what these old bitches say anyway.. -_-… squakity squakity squakity squak is all i hear XDDDD

  33. 33

    The man did not tell jokes that didn't go over well or tell jokes that went too far. There were no jokes. There were no punchlines. He got started on a topic and began ranting about it. He was not attempting to make jokes.
    His "apology" was clearly written by a press team trying to spin the situation.
    People do not try excuse away what comics say as a joke gone wrong. People only try this line when the comic is black. We're not supposed to say it or we're considered racist. Black "comics" are given a pass on hating gays because they say that they are being "real". That it's "street". That that's how "WE talk so it's funny". Bull Shit! I know plenty of black people that don't preach hate. I know plenty of black people that don't threaten to kill their gay son. I know plenty of black people that are actual comics. Tracy Morgan is neither a man nor a comic.
    Mel Gibson was not given a free pass. Charlie Sheen was not given a free pass. Anti-semitic comments will get you fired in Hollywood. But anti-gay? NBC will keep paying this waste of flesh. By doing so they condone his actions!

  34. 34

    Whoopi is a woman who actually looks down upon men. She defends them, no matter what they do, not because she hates women, but because she doesn't think men have to live up to the same high standard that she probably applies to women. It's sad.

  35. 35

    Had know idea that gays were "the weak" than you oy for clearing that up.

  36. 36

    Barbara is right - you can't just use "I'm a comedian" to cover your ass when things backfire. The weird thing that no one seems to be noticing though - this wasn't even a comedy routine. This was just opinion. It was clearly Tracy's true feelings about homosexuality - he obviously just intended to use the comedic way he talks to make it seem like 'comedy'.
    The saddest part about this is I wouldn't be surprised if he did it on purpose. With the intention of being caught. Tracy Morgan has NEVER had more press coverage than he is getting right now and in this day and age, the old addage "any publicity is good publicity" is more true than ever.
    These days, being publicly hated doesn't DAMAGE your career, it just makes people more interested. These days, being controversial or vile or offensive just makes you more likely to get interviewed by E! or to go on The View to explain yourself.
    And in this climate - where the LGBTQI is FINALLY gaining ground towards equality - giving homophobic, bigoted, destructive voices like Tracy Morgan's MORE air time is so very dangerous.

    If you were really offended by what Tracy Morgan said - please, don't reward him with your audience. If you really think he did something wrong, make him pay the price - DON'T watch his gigs or shows or interviews. DON'T watch the news about him. DON'T make his horrible rant the highest rated soundbite on TV. Because that's EXACTLY what he's counting on.

  37. 37

    What a shocker!! Of course, Whoopi would be siding with the asshole…

  38. 38


  39. 39

    Of course Whoopie is taking his side. Comic or not there is NO excuse for this kind of behavior. If a white person did this all holy hell would be breaking loose.

  40. 40

    So I don't agree with either one. I don't agree with Joy because I don't consider the gay community "weak" or "powerless". Am I the only one that thought it was weird that she kept saying that his only problem was that he picked on the weak and powerless? I think the gay community is quite the contrary, the fact that they can bring such controversy to one comedians terrible attempt at being funny. But let's all move on. This isn't the first time we've heard a comedian say obnoxious or inappropriate things.

  41. auds says – reply to this


    There's a difference between making a mistake unknowingly and being genuinely sorry for it, and making a mistake knowingly & being sorry you got caught. Tracy did the latter and Whoopi should be ashamed of herself trying to make what he did/said into nothing. I feel sorry for his family & coworkers. ANYONE can be bigoted and racist no matter what color, gender, or sexuality you are, and Tracy sure showed his true colors with this.

  42. 42

    The thing that I don't understand is how people can justify this by just saying it was a mistake or as Whoopi put it - he "stepped in it". Part of being a comedian and performing an act is preparing ahead of time (I doubt he improvised his whole bit). So Tracy had to think about what he was going to say before he said it, meaning he thought it would be funny to say what he said. How in the world is any of that funny? Like…even if it was just meant to be a joke…it would NEVER make me laugh. It's just dumb. I don't think it was mistake, and I don't think Tracy is sorry. I think he's just sorry he got such a response.

  43. 43

    She also stuck up for Mel Gibson, just saying…

  44. 44

    Are u guys serious right now!?!?!? U guys are no better then Whoopi a bunch of racists " of course she defending him their both black" I read the comments before I watched. She barely defended him. He apologized give the man a break.I bet none of you had anything to say when she was defending Mel Gibson! Ya that's what I thought!

  45. 45

    Honestly, what happened to freedom of speech? If you're offended … DON'T LISTEN! We've become a bunch of sensitive and whiny bitches in this country. If I don't agree with something then too bad for me. Moving on …. wah, wah.

  46. 46

    i must admit- i believe that Whoopi herself has beenmade a mista in a situation where she has said the wrong thing in a standup routine! I wouldn't be surprised if this was the reason that she is standing up for him!

  47. 47

    Re: harrycontests
    more of less agree with you
    Joy has said some pretty nasty things and used the "I'm a comedian–it was a joke" cover
    there is always a bit of their own truth in what they
    that is why they think of it to begin with

  48. 48

    Re: Black Swan
    you're right about that
    did she stick up for Michael Richards too?
    can not remember back to that
    was his a "mistake too" in her mind
    him not really being a comedian but an actor who excelled in his comedia role and decided to try his hand as a comedian - which he never should have done
    anyone remember what she said about Richards at the time?

  49. 49

    Didn't he say in his book, from a few years ago, that being gay was a choice? That's when I stopped liking him. I now see it has come full circle.

  50. 50

    Some of you people are acting like he actually stabbed his son. Who cares what he really thinks? Not everyone has to think the same. I don't hate gay people but if someone else does, as long as they're not hurting anyone, it's their business. Not everyone is going to have the same mentality. Some people need to get out more.

  51. 51

    First off all of you who are saying whoopi is a racist are completely WRONG! she was married to ted danson and did black face as a joke!! so she KNOWS how it feels to do something and regret it.!! and she wasnt excusing traci's behavior… she simply reminded you that in the comedy field you sometime put ur foot in your mouth. they joke about cancer patients and diabetes too but no ones screaming about that.. so joy's whole argument about choosing the strong makes no sense. if you are wrong you are wrong no matter the target!

  52. 52

    Its funny how some of those that are gay and offended by tracys comments are making racist comments! I find it so funny that no one can say gay jokes but gays can make racists comments..give me a break!

  53. 53

    Also not that I agree or disagree but Tracy Morgan isnt the only celeb to feel this way im sure the others just dont say it to be politcally correct. If Whoopi wants to state her opinion then she can.