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Bravo Says Real Housewives Of New Jersey Lawsuit Is Without Merit!

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The plot thickens!

We reported yesterday that the Chicago family that got into a bar brawl with the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey while filming in Punta Cana, will be pressing charges against Bravo, despite the $25,000 pay-off they already received!

Well according to the network, that's all these guys are going to get, because that money Adolfo Arreola and Jason Gomez received was the settlement, and "will be enforced and these claims are completely without merit."

We have to admit, it seems more than a little shady that these guys would still want to take them to court, despite already being paid pretty big bucks to keep quiet about this whole thing!

Probably just trying to milk this for all they can! Not cool!

What do U think? Should they make more money off of our wonderful Jersey Housewives??

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10 comments to “Bravo Says Real Housewives Of New Jersey Lawsuit Is Without Merit!”

  1. 1

    "Adolfo Arreola" now thats an unfortunate name..

  2. 2

    Let's see Perez…you're a cop on vacation and get a beatdown by these brutes. You end up with broken bones….Would you let it go away that easy? Probably not.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    if the claims were completely without merit, why'd Bravo pay $25,000 to keep them quiet? Sue them for all you can get.

  5. 5

    I think that he was obviously assaulted and has every right to take this to court. How insulting that they thought they could simply throw hush money at this poor man just to avoid a judgment. I'd haul their sorry asses into court, too.

  6. 6

    I read a story from CBS news that said the two men were forced to sign the settlement contract under duress and that they never cashed the checks they received. If they were forced to sign by the Hard Rock so that the HR would lose its free publicity from Bravo they have all rights to pursue the matter State side.

  7. 7

    the fight started because champagne was spilt accidently on one of the guys mom… I'm sorry you're at a bar and you freak because a drink was spilled on you? that happens all the time, these men started the verbal altercation so why should they get more money for starting the fight to begin with? I've seen waiters, customers, busboys, etc.. spill drinks on old ladies before and everyone understands it's an accident- but when someone on tv does it it's completely atrocious and they should be verbally attacked and then you get mad that your screaming is not being taken kindly?? stfu.

  8. 8

    Maybe you should read the article in the Chicago Tribune about this. A whole different side than what is on your site.

  9. 9

    Bravo did nothing but bully the victums into signing papers to get back to the states and receive proper medical attention. Have you done any research on this? The medical attention required was quite extensive. Where are Teresa's scratches, broken bones etc? Haven't seen a photo of that and I have seen one of the Chicago cop's. How many times will Bravo look away while this brute runs around Jersey in a threatening fashion? She isn't a Soprano and Danielle is lucky to get away without a scratch! Before posting Perez PLEASE read all documentation!!!

  10. 10

    Re: WMariah

    exactly! let's just say that I know this police officer through a friend and he has already been out of work for a previous injury which he's been healing from and this is going to make him miss even more work so they can get sooooo much more fucking money from this why do you think Bravo wanted them to settle for 25 grand ! come on they're gonna get every fuking penny from these rich ass "real housewives." don't get me wrong i love the show but when ur wrong ur wrong…