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Coco Says Nicki Minaj's Butt Isn't Real, Claims Rapper Confessed To Her!

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Uh oh!

Shiz is about to go down!

Mayjah drama!

Ice T's wife, Coco, is about to get all the Barbz riled up!

During a recent chat with Perez, the reality TV star told us that Nicki Minaj's ass is fake and that the rapper confessed that to her!

Read excerpts from our butt chat… after the jump.

Watch our juicy Minaj ass talk in full (above)!

Perez Hilton: Do you think Nicki Minaj's as is real?

Coco: Well I read that it wasn't. She –

Perez Hilton: You read that it wasn't?

Coco: Yeah, she, I thought she came out with it?

Perez Hilton: Really?

Coco: Yeah.

Perez Hilton: I don't know. Scandal.

Coco: Okay, well I heard it from her but –

Perez Hilton: You heard it from her?

Coco: Yeah.

Perez Hilton: She told you? Really?

[Watch the rest and interview in full above!]

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24 comments to “Coco Says Nicki Minaj's Butt Isn't Real, Claims Rapper Confessed To Her!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    it's true lmao. nicki minaj's butt ISN'T real. if no one believes that, they're highly stupid.

  3. 3

    Of course her ass isn't real! I've been saying that

  4. 4

    Nicki Minaj cant get mad at Coco for stating the obvious. She should be mad at herself and surgeon for CLEARLY showing her ass is fake! Lol come on Nicki girl we all know it's fake anyway! I hate when celebrities insult our intelligence and lie about plastic surgery. Like Keira Knightley and Megan Fox lying about getting their lips done. Just be real about yours, no need to lie. That screams true insecurity.

  5. 5

    Can you please ask her if her camel toes are real?

  6. 6

    I thought that was old news ….? Lol didn't know it was a secret.

  7. 3l$@ says – reply to this


    Duh Nicki's thighs are too small for that ass but coco's is fake too FRAUD!

  8. 8

    You can clearly see that Nicki's behind is fake in her video "Massive attack".
    Coco's ain't real either. Kim K for that matter too.

  9. 9

    When it comes to Kim K. It looks better on her because she got wide hips. Very beautiful.

  10. 10

    DUR, old news again

  11. 11

    Coco should know..after all she's the expert on Fake butts. I saw Coco about eight years ago when she just started dating Ice and although she was curvy…her ass was nowhere as big as it is now. It's a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  12. 12

    I LOVE Coco..I can't explain why, but I think she's great!!!
    Niki Minaj ass IS fake….anyone with eyes knows this….LOL
    Kim Kardashian needs to fess up to her fake ass too

  13. 13

    Nicki said it wasn't real herself. Morons.

  14. 14

    what, did someone actually think this butt of hers is real??…how naive you are if you do

  15. 15

    are you kidding me.. who didnt know this already? old news.. she got implants forrever ago..

  16. 16

    Perez you are such a disgrace both for the gays and and the Cubans. So loud and stupid I hope you choke on 300 billon dicks per sec. Acting like you didn't know, so you can start a scandal.

  17. lolli says – reply to this


    wow im mad this troll got the nerve to play it off like she didn't know it wasn't public knowledge. i'm sure she's on to the gossip, she knows nicki hasnt made it public. rat bitches you need to look out or in the industry.

  18. Rose says – reply to this


    Uh, Nicki herself has admitted that. Dumb bitches. ;)

  19. 19

    Her ass is fake.. this is not a secret.. Perez is the only one who is dumb enough to believe its real.. it started as booty pads and as she climbed up the success ladder, the injections started! And its not really a scandal.. everyone talks about how fake it is all the time.

  20. 20

    Nikki's ass is fake. Just google old pics of her thats all the proof you need.

  21. 21

    Isn't coco's ass fake too?
    Anyways, a lot of girls asses are fake. Like Kim Kardashian and many others.
    Real girls with real asses please. Rihanna's ass is real, very sexy/fit, and big too :]

  22. 22


  23. 23

    She first said she read about it, then she said she told her, then she said the stylists & makeup artists told her… its all fishy

  24. 24

    Nicki Minaj's is fake. But so is the ass on this slut.