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10 comments to “Fiddy Threatens To Delay His Album If Label Doesn't Wise Up”

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    I doubt his label would drop him. Say what you will about the quality of the music, but his shit sells. And with album sales across the board declining, it'd be a risky move because he has the money and the connections to be okay afterwards.

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    contrived marketing scam.

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    Re: Shannon92 – Yeah you're right I never thought he was a good rapper but his album do sell and that is what matters to the record company. He's actually better at handling his money then most rappers imo he has been smart about how he uses it and building connections.

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    does anyone want this scum trash hater back? fucking asshole! he's not getting a penny from me ever.

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    and the world doesnt care. 50 never has the staying power for a rapper. it was just the same crap over and over. his last album was horrible. hes better off just putting his name on crap, and doing his straight to dvd movies.

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    Re: alexie silver – Exactly. And why is Perez giving him publicity when he has publicly bashed Puerto Ricans? Last time I checked, I thought you supported Hispanic rights, In fact, you got downright nasty with Jessica Alba for not embracing her Hispanic heritage to your satisfaction. From the Associated Press: Many feel that 50 has taken it to a new level of beef especially by making racial comments towards Puerto Ricans and Hispanics. 50 Cent was also involved in a small beef with the late Big Punisher, who was also of Puerto Rican descent.

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    Mmm black men[:

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    He is delaying it because no one buys his crap anymore.

    Just let your soul glo buddy :)

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    Re: Angus8 – So not true. He always sells. Pretty frustrating for 50. Record Co. execs are notorious for this camel by committee crap that just ends up hurting their own bottom line. If they can't get on it, they need to get out of the way.