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Brit Brit's Dad Wants To Get PAID!

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But don't worry! He's willing to take one HELL of a discount!

Britney Spears' father, Jamie, has reportedly filed legal documents with the judge in the pop star's conservatorship, requesting that he receive payment for directing and managing the logistics of her upcoming Femme Fatale tour!

Although the amount is specified, it's somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of dollah dollah bills, which is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than what the five people who had his role during the Circus tour, which were all in the seven figure range!

Wow! Looks like they've managed to save some serious moolah!

Definitely sounds like a win/win scenario for everyone!

Can't see why this request would be an issue!

Hope it works out, guys!

And best of luck on the Femme Fatale tour kick-off tonight!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Brit Brit's Dad Wants To Get PAID!”

  1. 1

    Free Brit Brit. WHy the fuck is she still on lockdown!???

  2. 2

    Not sure what to say about this. I think she got another money hungry daddy.

  3. 3

    I was lucky enought to win tickets to the final dress rehearsal last night! It was awesome! SO excited to see her DANCE & SING live! Looks like old brit brit is back! Can't wait to go again tonight!

  4. 4

    Re: Starlit – I think he deserves the money. He's giving up his life to take care of his adult child. Hundreds of of thousands is chump change to what she made last year… $37 million I believe? Or something in that range

  5. 5

    Puppet Master - he saved the life of his daughter only to lock her in a prison without parole. Sure she has all this money, but doesn't have the right to speak for herself, make decisions, choose a course in life. Who here would want their father to control their every move (and pay for it) at her age. Sounds like some crazy made for TV movie.

  6. 6

    yes, if he is doing work, he should get paid, he gets paid for the conser. too. as do others. She would be broke and /or dead if she did not have it. She might still need it too, we, as posters and the paps CANNOT QUESTION IT. Her Drs. know if she can handle it. Hopefully, her Drs. are good and legit. She is like a naive child and easy to take advantage of and being rich, all the sam luftis of the world come slithering in.

  7. 7

    Re: karly_w – You mean lip sync and wobble about the stage live.

  8. 8

    everything he has been doing has been spot on in saving his daughter from what could have been her fate-

    so he's worth his weight in gold to her and her adorable boys as well as the others now having employment working/touring and recording with her

    from the guys who operate the lighting- the bus drivers - the dancers - the ticket takers - the stadiums - the recording studio - the record label - the factory workers packaging the CD's and printing the t-shirts
    and on and on……

    he's saved many a job and he deserves huge credit

    and everyone is paying taxes on their earnings
    it's a win win
    not evening mentioning the fans

    the job is probably a huge logistical nightmare on top of him making sure his daughter is still moving forward in her growth as a mother/person- never mind as an artist

    major respect for him putting his loves/job/interests on hold all this time for the love of his daughter and grandchildren

    he wasn't one of these Michael Lohan hangers-on "living off my daughter" dads
    he deserves to be well paid for what he is doing

  9. 9

    wtf is that shit.. i thought he was already getting money a week? now more? damn they need to set her free already.. there is too much control.. they're ruining her fucking life….bastards

  10. 10

    He sold his daughter to dark Disney and continues to let her be drugged and manipulated for money.

  11. 11

    It is so amazing to finally see parents that step up and do the right thing for their children of any age and for any length of time. This guy is so cool.

  12. barny says – reply to this


    Like the way he waits until after he has done the job instead of before to asked to be payed.Shows how under handed he is.He did his job as a father and got her life back together.So why does'nt he do the right thing now and ask the Judge to end the conservatorship.Because he has had too much of the good life and does'nt want it to end.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    He seems to have done a decent job at each step of the way. She's fortunate in the way that she had family who would step up and help her when she was struggling. If he can't forge his own career, which he was before this all happened, then he ought to get paid. It's a small sum compared to what she pulls in. Win/win except for the fact that parents eventually hope for independent adult children; but that may come in time, too, as she grows older, stronger, and wiser…and she hopefully will in her own time.

  14. 14

    You don't see why this request would be a problem? Really? You mean apart form the fact that the guy is a fucking leach sucking up all the money his prize donkey, sorry Britney, has earned from being paraded around on stage over the past years when she really should have been recouperating after her mental breakdown. Or that he is already getting the money from the conseravatoship that he forced her into? He treats that woman in no different a way than a dancing bear, she is a money making scheme, not a daughter. Why the hell is she still even under that conservatorship? She's taken control of her life, recorded two albums and has completed a world tour, given up booze an cigarettes… why? Because daddy wants them dollaz, that's why.

  15. 15

    Re: Manda756 – giving up his what? did he have any life??

  16. 16

    what i dont get is how someone can get control over her being shes not in control of herslef supposedly then next min is somehow involved with her racing around doing concerts then requires payment for overseeing the one who needed control over them

    what a farce