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Supermarket Smackdown At Trader Joe's Over…Frozen Noodles?

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Violence is never the answer! Especially when you are arguing about frozen vegan pad thai with tofu!

Back in January, an opera singer SLAPPED a doctor during a catfight at a New York City Trader Joe's and has recently been found NOT GUILTY of assault!

The conflict began when Dr. Cathleen London, a family practitioner and Fox News medical contributor, noticed the husband of Marcella Caprario, a 37-year-old opera singer, verbally abusing her sons who were busy searching for food in the frozen food section.

Apparently, the two boys were blocking Mr. Caprario from reaching his precious noodles and he began barraging them with insults.

The protective mother stepped in to say something, while the man's even more protective wife swooped in as well. The rest…is all history.

Check out the video above to hear what both women had to say about the supermarket smackdown and the defense Mrs. Caprario's lawyer used to get her off the hook!

Do U think the judge made the right ruling or should Marcella Caprario be held responsible for her actions?

Check out the video… after the jump!

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9 comments to “Supermarket Smackdown At Trader Joe's Over…Frozen Noodles?”

  1. 1

    This was a hard read but you have NO idea how rude it is for people to monpolize an area of the grocery when you want one item and then after waiting 20 minutes for them to MOVE or say their sorry for being rude you get in there and the looks they give you could kill. people really need to learn the grocer is not your living room and to be more polite!

  2. 2

    I also find it irrelevant the woman was a doctor nor on tv. Doctors are usually pricks anyway and to let her kdis run wild in the store is proof

  3. 3

    God this article totally made my day! "an opera singer slapped a doctor during a catfight at a New York City Trader Joe's [over vegan tofu pad Thai]" = best quote EVER.

  4. 4

    As the great Margaret Cho said
    "Don't fuck with vegans…because they are HUNGRY!!"

  5. 5

    This article made no sense the way it was written. You said the video above on the front page and there was no video on the front page so I had to click to see if the video was on the second page and there it was. It cleared up what you screwed up in the article. Dang, you are really bad at your job, whoever is doing the writing of the blogs. You should be fired.

  6. 6

    Parents do not control their kids anymore!! what the heckfire were those kids not RIGHT by their mother's side? cuz she doesn't respect anyone else that was at the store. i wish we all could slap these adults-with-children-in-their-care (aka parents) when their child is running/screaming around the restaurant, grocer, doctors office - whatever… the doc got what she deserved — two slaps — one for each cheek :)

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Adults behaving badly…

  8. 8

    This article is so confusing to read… it isn't clear to me who is doing what.

  9. 9

    Hey, Perez, want the real story? The doctor, who has actually been BANNED from several stores because of her aggressive, confrontational behavior, rushed toward me while I was trying to walk away from her and thrust her face so close to mine that I could have kissed her. She wouldn't stop menacing me, as I repeatedly told her to get away from me. The last time she came at me, I slapped her in a kind of instant response to the alarming behavior. My husband, who is in actuality a very quiet man, had made a comment to me under his breath about how this pushy woman and her kids weren't even saying excuse me as they bullied their way through the frozen food isle. Dr. London, who has numerous bad patient reviews concerning her attitude, became very agitated and wouldn't let it go. I would ordinarily agree whole-heartedly with your first sentence that violence is not the answer. The press has turned this whole story into a fictional account that barely resembles what happened. And for the record, I'm NOT a vegan and we certainly weren't arguing over the food.