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Comedian Jo Koy Calls Audience Member ‘F***ing F***ot’

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Comedian Jo Koy Calls Audience Member ‘F***ing F***ot’

Ugh, wtf.

It seems as though Tracy Morgan has opened the floodgates for homophobic rants on stage!

Comedian Jo Koy was performing in Chicago’s Vic Theater as part of TBS’ Just for Laughs comedy festival when he let shouted at an audience member.

After dancing in a feminine way he said, "I made this dance extra gay since I am not gay." Later in the show a few screaming girls in the front row pointed out that his zipper was down. One guy joined in the excitement and said, “I saw it.” Koy replied: "What are you looking at, f***ing f***ot?"

This isn’t the first time Koy has made remarks. In a performance for college students he reportedly channelled Tracy Morgan and said that if he “ever caught his son in bed with another boy, he would stab them both to death."

This is HUGELY offensive!!

There is NOTHING FUNNY about threatening violence against ANYBODY!!

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72 comments to “Comedian Jo Koy Calls Audience Member ‘F***ing F***ot’”

  1. 1

    U are such a Fat Moron FatBoy. Figure it out you Hypocrite Bully ..

  2. 2

    Oh, stop already. Really. Just stop being a fucking tool, Mario. You're losing readers as it is. Enough of the bullshit.

  3. 3

    I love jo!!!! He was doing shock humor. There is a girl named sarah silverman…she is always offending Christians….get over it, we do

  4. 4

    Perez, I'm a huge supporter of yours and the GLBT community, but Jo Koy is a comedian, he offends everyone.

  5. 5

    this guy has never said anything even remotely funny, so it sounds like he's keeping up his crappy reputation.

  6. 6

    I have been or a fan of Jo Koy for 7 years now. He offends everybody, even his own mother. He is a comedien. It's what they do. He makes fun of Asians, Mexicans, African Americans, etc. The list goes on. I know wholeheartedly that he said it for shock value, not because he actually meant to offend the gay population. I never post anything to on your site to defend a celebrity, but Jo Koy is not a Tracy Morgan. You offend celebrities all the time. Cut him some slack.

  7. 7

    Seriously calm the fuck down. He's a comedian. I'm am super sensitve to gay rights but
    I know how to pick my fights. How are any kids who are struggling with their sexuality supposed to be proud and comfortable when a important figure in their community (you) makes these kinds of people's ignorant comments seem important? You are so just plain dumb it infuriates me.

  8. 8

    Jeez Perez, throw Tracy Morgan under the bus much?! This had nothing to do with him. He's worked really damn hard (as you've been happy to post) that he's terribly sorry. Quit bringing him up anytime a gay slander happens. How is he supposed to get past that with you pulling this bullshit?? I thought you weren't bullying people anymore?!

  9. 9

    Ya know what else is "HUGELY offesive"? You are your staff's complete disregard for things such as proof-reading or spell-checking.

    Take a little pride in your work.

  10. 10

    And when Lisa Lampanelli says this shit you laugh…. Hypocrite

  11. 11

    Ha. I spelled "offensive" wrong…but at least I know it.

  12. 12

    haha i think it's so funny how whenever someone makes fun of gay freaks you always get so worked up and pissed off. lol pure genius.

  13. 13

    Shut up. He's already apologized for this. It wasn't that big a deal. Get the fuck over it

  14. 14

    Get over your self Perez. Not everything is gay bashing and nobody is out to get you. Lisa Lampanelli (spelling so far off, yes I know) has been bashing African Americans, Homosexuals and frankly Caucasians with her stand up and nobody has an issue with her. Just let the comedians be funny and you keep on living your live vicariously thru each and every celebrity you copy and paste about

  15. 15

    didnt you say the same thing?

  16. IVIV says – reply to this


    I don't want to live in a world where comedians are forced to be politically correct lol

  17. 17

    Ok. So I don't necessarily agree with referencing someone else for another's mistake, even if it is in the same context; however, calling someone a f****t, joking or not is not right. If someone called an audience member a f*****g n****r would that be ok? I guess so, because that's also funny, right? No.

  18. nyssa says – reply to this


    I don't ever find myself wanting to comment on these stories you present, but in this case I chose to make an exception. Whilst I am very supportive of equal rights and the gay community, I am NOT supportive of you continuing to SLAM and HATE on any opinion or view that is different to your own. It is obviously known that Jo Koy is a comedian, and has been known to insult anyone and everyone. Just because your "wifey" and other "celeb bff's" act like they care about these causes, whilst mainly being good publicity for themselves, it angers me that you are so shallaw to accept that there are still hundreds upon thousands of people who do not believe in gay rights. Whilst my opinion varies and I am for it, it DOES NOT mean that those who do NOT believe in it should be named, shamed, targeted and berrated for their personal opinions.

  19. nyssa says – reply to this


    Just because the community has jumped on this particular bandwagon and it now SHOVING it down EVERYONE'S throats does NOT mean everyone agrees or belives in the cause. It is their right not to. You should not use your forum to target those who don't see the world the same as you do. You go on TV and act like you have changed your bullying ways (only after GAY people were committing suicide… what about the people in general you bullied or feel/feltl bullied that contemplated suicide or did commit suicide), yet in almost every post you have some scathing remark or bitchy dig. My brother, who is homosexual and my biggest reason for seeing that he deserves equal treatment, said to me he is embarassed to be gay. I asked him why after so many positive things were heading in the direction of equality for all. Do you know what he said?! He said he is embarassed to be gay because of people like you. You have bullied enough people, and even now you are still the same bully.

  20. nyssa says – reply to this


    Apologies to Perez readers for my rant, I'm just tired of Perez Hilton preaching one thing while doing the complete opposite. I used to come to this site thinking it was the go to site for gossip (without the bitchy remarks from you), but even I now realise you just steal your "gossip" from all of the other sites… days after they were posted around the world. Get your head out of your ass, you don't deserve the attention you have, and you certainly don't deserve any respect. Another shining example of your horrible nature, You SLAMMED and got down right VICIOUS about Amber Portwood as a person and mother (and while it is obvious she is not mother of the year you personally have no right to slam her publically), you then act like you genuinely care for her wellbeing AFTER she tries to commit suicide, a suicide attempt brought on by PEOPLE LIKE YOU BULLYING HER!!!!!

  21. nyssa says – reply to this


    Just like Denise Richards, Brittany Murphy (RIP), Rumer Willis, Khloe Kardashian, Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes, Sienna Miller, Chloe Sevigny, Michelle Rodriquez, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Ali Lohan, Dina Lohan, Dane Cook, Fergie and the list goes on and on and on. But for the people you like you praise like no tomorrow and advertise them until no one likes them anymore. You really are a disgusting piece of work. According to you violence is never the answer, instead you just use your words and website to push them to the edge. Apologies again readers, my first and last comments. Goodbye Perez Hilton, may you now disappear into the background and have to get a real job.

  22. 22

    um. many of u are delusional.

    there are clear lines in comedy. u cant ostracize a group, especially those that are fighting for their rights (no sorry christians u are not part of this. we mean women, lgbt, african-americans). U have the right to make fun of people. but this is NOT coming in a jokingly matter.

    All I can say is: I better not see his buttery ass on Chelsey Lately. Otherwise, I am running out of shows to fucking watch. too much shit in this world.

    oh and to the dumb bitches who think that Perez has a gay pith for every story. get the fuck off the site. if u are so worried and insecure about words influencing your obviously shaky stand on sexuality, than get outta her and lve the primordial life as fish in the deep. far away from everyone else.

  23. 23

    Perez, damn stop being overly senstive about gay jokes and insults, he didn't say it to you just shut the fuck up. He was probably embarressed!

  24. 24

    I thought Jo was gay?? I'm confused…

  25. 25

    See guys, Gays want special treatment and attention. They want more rights than the rest of us. Comedians especially ones like this will diss every race/religion/nationality. Being gay does not make you special or immune. If a comedian that bases jokes on racism,etc wants to joke about gays then so be it.

  26. 26

    Re: Zitorage – I think the only insecure one is you homeslice.

  27. 27

    I support GLBT community but I could have sworn Jo Koy was homosexual. It was definitely a shock reading what he did.

  28. 28

    But if he had called a woman a 'whore' then noone would bother lol
    Get over it Perez !!

  29. 29

    SMHthese homophobes need to calm the fuck down watch him get jumped

  30. 30

    Buh-bye, Chelsea Handler. . . .

  31. 31

    As I read the comments I see most are aware of the nature of comedy, i.e. shock comedy. It almost always makes the drunks at the comedy clubs laugh and occasionally offends people. I agree one comedian might work the whites, jews, hispanics, blacks, asian, eskimos, gays etc.,. angle successfully and another- with similar skills might bomb…Is it the full moon? If you watch these performers they are not "on" every night…

  32. 32

    And no one should ever forget how you called someone a f***ot, fatboy hypocrite. Your agenda got old long ago and you've lost your readers because you've become a self-righteous ass.

  33. 33

    Re: HOOKED ON PHONICS – You also wrote are instead of and, maybe you should take your own advice. ;-)

  34. 34

    First off I will say…I a big supporter of the GLBT community. But he's a comedian, that's what they do!! I can name quite a few comedians who have said, and will probaby say again, waaayyy worse than this and no one has said a thing.

  35. 35

    Oh and I actually met Jo about 3 years ago after one of his shows. Very sweet guy!

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Re: HOOKED ON PHONICS – LOL ! guess you didn't proof read your comments. don't you look stupid now ?? idiot.

  38. 38

    I get the joke about the zipper, but to threaten to stab your child to death for anything just isn't funny. what if his mother stabbed him to death because she knew he was going to grow up to be a comedian ? and not a very good one at that !

  39. 39

    A gay man calling another gay man a F*cking F*ggot is illegal now? wtf?

  40. 40

    he is a comic. so comics are supposed to use all nice words and stick to subjects that won't offend anyone? that is crap. if he said it walking down the street then yeah that's a problem but he was performing. what will comics have to joke about if you have your way perez??

  41. 41

    This makes me rethink the whole Tracy thing? Your ridiculous perez you undermine any real issues u make speak about. Ridiculous!

  42. 42

    i love jo koy! hes so funny!! perez stfu about the gay shit already jesus christ, this is a celebrity website not the voice of the gays.

  43. 43

    Oh-you are really trying to beat him down while covering your butt on this one Perez. You making it look as if you only calling him out for the threat but the main topic of your complaint is him saying the fa$$ot word which you yourself said. You aint fooling me at all!

  44. 44

    WHY DOES EVERYONE NEED TO APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT THEY SAY? I know that word is offensive to gay people but I really have a difficult time understanding why in certain situations it is SOOOO BAD. I think if you address a gay person in that way is disgusting, but as a comedian? I really don't know. Here we go lets wait around for 17 apologies and 15 tool celebrities RESPONDING to his offensive banter

  45. 45

    lol this is SOOOOOO dumb. Comedians make fun of EVERYONE. If the gays wanna be treated like everyone else deal with the fact that youre gonna be made fun of too. Youre no special then anyone else.

  46. 46

    #1 -this guy isnt even funny and is the MOST annoying Chelsea has ever had on her show
    #2 -its comedy, sometimes jokes cross the line
    # -3 since it is comedy, shouldnt comedians be a little more original than shock value? This guy talks abt blacks, mexicans )which he says he gets confused for, i dont see it at all)whites…why is it all comedians now think its funny to insult race, religious groups and sexual preference? Original comedy wasnt like this..
    #4- he just really sucks so i can see where he needs shock value
    #5 -Perez is gay and a voice for its community, if you ppl dont like his views get off his site! I dont agree with his ass kissing but i will had it to him for standing up for gays and fellow latinos when discriminated against..the big ? is when is it ok to slam ppl of the minority? I think its tacky myself…GO PEREZ!!

  47. 47

    Sigh… Perez, I've tried and i tried to deal with you constant judgment and hypocrisy… I can't anymore. In the words of Jay Z, "you lost one". I will no longer be returning to this site. I have a strong suspicion as the days, weeks and months go by, you will be losing more.

  48. 48

    he's a comedian, that's what they do. they hate on everybody equally- watch lisa lampanelli, she has said much worse things about gay people but they all still love her. if you can't laugh at yourself than you're more than screwed in life. people need to stop taking comedians seriously and personally- chelsea handler gives jo koy crap and teases him about being gay all the time on her show and while he laughs at it (knowing she's joking) he has never gotten crude about it or been offended. come on people there are much bigger things to worry about than a stupid joke.

  49. 49

    JO COY IS FUCKING SCUM! i saw one of his shows. he was telling people to hate the french. obsofuckinlutely deplorable. what he did this time is not new. he's just a hater in disguise of a comedian. the worst part: he's invited to Chelsea Lately all the time. such a shame. and by the way FOR THE ONES AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS AND GAY RIGHTS, IF YOU DON'T LIKE PEREZ DEFENDING THE GAYS, GO HIDE UNDER YOUR MOM'S SKIRT YOU FUCKING COWARDS!

  50. 50

    get over it fatboy. Why is it when comedians make fun of whites, blacks, hispanics, asians jews…etc WE DONT SAY A THING..ITS A JOKE!! YOUR HURTING YOUR GAY CAUSE. This is why a lot of people do not like you and your few followers

  51. 51

    dont worry about it, its not a big deal! Jo Koy isnt even funny in the first place so relax hopefully his career will be over soon. And people are right in saying he makes fun of everyone! He is a comedian! I'm all for gay marriage and rights and everything like that but his comment i dont think is offensive, he is probaley just trying to gain attetion after the whole tracey morgan thing, all those people at chelsea latley are fame whores (even though love some of them)

  52. 52

    UGH… enough already. YOU ARE NOT THE VOICE OF REASON. So stop defending your people.

  53. 53

    this is really funny because Jo Koy's voice sounds like that of a really, really gay man's. hisssss s'sssssssssss sssssssssssound like thissssssssssssssssssss.

    f'in loser

  54. 54

    He sounds like a tool but doesn't deserve this attention. Just ignore him and he'll disappear.

  55. 55

    Re: LaurenAshley – That is exactly what I am saying!!!! Haha. Perez is the biggest hypocrite!

  56. 56

    I have the solution…all queers, STOP GOING TO COMEDY SHOWS! If we bar comedians from all offensive material THERE'D BE NO FREAKIN COMEDY SHOWS DUMBASSES!

    Queer Nazis go away!

  57. 57

    I love him! It's just his brand of humor. Damn. Get a sense of humor about the gay thing SOMETIMES. Not everything has to be "offensive." Get a grip.

  58. 58

    He's a comedian, a comedian know for vulgarity

    calm the fuck down.

  59. 59

    Oh my God, shut up. I love Jo Koy, he's hilarious. Just because a comedian says something offensive doesn't mean they mean it. Practically ALL comedians are offensive. It doesn't mean they hate all people.

  60. 60

    Okay. So, what Tracy Morgan said is obviously wrong. He uses violence in his "jokes" which is never the answer. But honestly it is so annoying to me that if you call someone a fa***t or a "homo" or something of that nature.. that gay people are soooo offended. Get over it! I have numerous gay friends who could care less if those words are used. They are just words! It is like someone calling me a cracker because i am white…. i don't give a sh*t! I think that it is being made into a big deal because people want you to feel sorry for them. We don't. Gay people and straight people are the same people with different preferences and words are just words. I don't know any words that bother straight people..and i'm pretty sure in a comedy show if you make fun of a white person and called them a cracker then it wouldn't be all over the news or on PerezHilton. Soooo…get over it. My exception here is Tracy Morgan who obviously went way too far and is an idiot.

  61. 61

    LMAOO toooo funny. I love this guy, He made me LOLz.. Man, thats great… My new idol next to Anjelah Johnson nail salon act. That was toooo FUNNNAYYY ;]

  62. 62

    Re: ms trudy – Jo Koy "reportedly" made this comment. The comment is not backed up by any news source or detail. It's a rumor. As someone correctly pointed out to me regarding posts by Perez: Perez will never win the Edward R. Murrow award. Perez picks up stories from others sources, scrambles them up, adds several teaspoons of BS and a half a cup of muck racking…and voila! Get people stirred up and Perez can hawk more product. TVLand, Bravo, TLC…and shows like 19 and Counting. We ALL have the choice not to visit this site. We are enablers in allowing Perez to perpetuate crap. Guilty!

  63. 63

    So calling Will I am the same thing is ok for you Perez?

  64. 64

    Lisa Lampanelli…enough said!

  65. 65

    Remember when Perez called will.i.am the same word

  66. 66

    Perez, you have to be kidding me. You are the king of hate speech. You hide behind your sexuality, or rather you use it as a tool to shield yourself from criticism for your hate speech. This whole site, your career, is built on you AS A HATER!! Besides, stand up comedy is live theatre of the mind. They are jokes. ANd you what? If this guy wasn't joking, he is still protected under his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. The liberal media(i am a "liberal") will not be content until they decimate what this country was built on, which is to speak on our feelings, and not be afraid of persecution because of them. Your disgusting.

  67. 67

    Perez is like a queer Al Sharpton, always attaching himself to any story with the word gay in it. Go take one in the dumper fat boy.

  68. 68

    thats right, lets just give away our freedom of speech you fucking queers. sticks and stones… remember that one you queens. how about you turn the other check. we are free to say what we want. thats what makes this country special and all you do is try to limit our greatest freedom. what is wrong with you? wake up. stop taking away our freedom of speech. it goes deeper than your sexual preference.

  69. 69

    nothing is ever funny when you break it down like that, \
    i guess the three stooges arent funny beacuse they joke about blinding people and caving peoples heads in with mallets, you really are being a dolt

  70. 70

    hey jizz fountain, shut the fuck up and let funny people be funny, while you gag on a couple dicks

  71. 71

    Uh, he wasn't "telling jokes about gays" he was using the equivalent of ni**er. Do you morons not get that? Oh, right, it's COMEDY. So it's okay if he'd called the audience member a "fucking Ni**er"? And you would all be on here saying "it's just comedy, get over it," right? What a bunch of fucking hypocrites. Tell a lame gay joke, fine. Tell an edgy race joke, okay — but you don't get to call someone a ni**er and not get called out. I don't give a shit about Perez, but dumb bitches like NookiesWA and NotSoGay should think before they post… or better yet, just fuck off :)

  72. 72

    I love Jo Koy, and do not think he is homophobic. The reason why gay people are being hypersensitive at the moment, however, is just. They are still fighting for equal rights in this country, and until those rights are granted, hypersensitivity toward derogatory remarks on homosexuals (whether joking or not) will ensue. Not having the same rights as others elicits feelings of resentment, lower self-worth, and until those rights are granted, they will have to go overboard to fight for those rights.