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Joan Rivers Does NOT Think Tracy Morgan Should Have Apologized For Anti-Gay Rant

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tracy morgan and joan rivers

Oh, Joan!

Last week, Tracy Morgan went on a homophobic rant during a live show in Nashville, TN, and he has been apologizing A LOT ever since.

Now, Joan Rivers has decided to speak up against Tracy for his publicist's decision to apologize:

"He shouldn’t apologize. Gay fans? What are they doing seeing him anyhow? Why aren’t they watching me and Kathy Griffin? What are they doing at this show? He’s lost his gay fan.'"

“If they can actually get Tracy Morgan to be coherent and talk against homophobia even if he doesn’t mean it, I think that’d be all right, because there are people even dumber than Tracy Morgan, who look up to Tracy Morgan as an ignorant role model."

"I’ll tell you, the biggest crime of all is that Tracy Morgan isn’t funny. You know what he should be apologizing for? For charging $86 to see him."

We're gonna have to disagree, Joan. We're pleased that he's making the effort, and as we said before, we think it's great that he's going to such lengths to make things right.

Do U agree with Joan? Should Tracy NOT have apologized?

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48 comments to “Joan Rivers Does NOT Think Tracy Morgan Should Have Apologized For Anti-Gay Rant”

  1. 1

    she's half right…he isn't funny…he's a boring asshole.
    but he should apologize.
    maybe he's just too dumb and can be excused bcuz of his mental disabilities.

  2. 2

    Someone kill Joan Rivers please.

  3. 3

    ok this is out of control!!!! whats important is how you feel about yourself and not what some stupid comedian says about you race/gender/sexuality. we expect comedians to be offensive how many misogynist jokes have been made? a billion. i doesn't make me feel worst about being a women, i know who i am, whats true and not.

  4. 4

    Grow up Perez. Joan is a comedienne. You are a proven hypocrite and wannabe trying to pass yourself off as a gay holier-than-thou social critic. Tracy Morgan apologized. He probably didn't mean it, but we'll never know. Stop feeding the flames of hate and ignore these people by not supporting their venues. You could do more by never mentioning Tracy Morgan on this blog.

  5. 5

    Do you really think Morgan apologized because he was sorry? He apologized because his keepers made him! The same reason all these egomaniac celebrities apologize for anything. Joan Rivers is right, he should have kept his mouth shut! He said what he said, have some balls and stand by it.
    I am also sick of every "group" getting so bent out of shape every time someone makes a joke. If you are secure in yourself, a half wit comedian shooting his mouth off should be nothing more than an annoyance. Like Joan Rivers said, don't be upset by what Morgan said, be mad that he isn't funny and you spent money to see him.

  6. 6

    Perez, dummy ass, haven't you noticed she's being cynical? and btw, Tracy Morgan is a coward, just like any hater. A real man would stand his ground, a weak coward like Tracy Morgan apologized right away cause he's just an immature coward bottom boy craving some nice big thick cock up his ass… so, in order to disguise that he pretends he hates the gays… real straight people have absolutely nothing against the gays…

  7. 7

    She's not funny either and I don't see why anyone gives her the time of day. SILICONE QUEEN with a big mouth is all she is. She's had so much plastic surgery it's ridiculous. So she should shut up altogether. I find nothing about her entertaining. Never did.

  8. 8

    Hell yeah - her points are really valid. Now what are we supposed to believe that Tracy Morgan is a misunderstood advocate of gay rights? Or now an underground Homophobe.. This whole mess, that nobody can say anything anymore, is a weird side affect to a tolerance agenda. (I wish there was another Perez around to chastise this Perez when he said F**got - Glaad should have pulled his membership card)

  9. 9

    She's obviously being sarcastic. She's not saying he should not apologize, she's wondering how he had any gay fans in the first place.

    I'd rather he not apologize that do it insincerely. Does anyone really think he thinks any differently or changed his mind about anything?

  10. 10

    I definitely don't think that he should have apologized. The whole thing was over blown. He's a fucking comedian. He makes offensive jokes. If gay people want to be treated equally then they need to be able to take a joke like everyone else. Besides, does any gay really believe that any of these apologies are sincere? If you do then I have a bridge for sale. Its called PR and damage control.

  11. 11

    You're taking her statement out of context. You can't stop at "he shouldn't apologize." Her entire statement has to be read to realize she's making a joke. She's saying his "apology" written by a spin doctor apologizes for offending "my gay fans". She's saying she can't believe this idiot actually has ANY gay fans. BUT the best part of her statement is that the biggest crime is charging $86 to see him because HE"S NOT FUNNY!!!! Just because a black man is unattractive and he makes baby talk and talks loud, does not mean he's funny.

  12. 12

    I wish everyone would just get a life. Everyone is so super sensitive about anything and everything. This is america where we have freedom of speech. You dont have to buy his cd, attend his shows and/or even swith the channel. That is how you get back at a celebrity. As for Joan Rivers and her talentless daughter……………why dont they just crawl back from the rock they came from. All they know how to do is insult people. When Joan accuses Tracy of not being funny, I mean has she seen her material for the last 20 yrs?

  13. 13

    I read the posts on this topic. You guys keep mentioning "joke" "offensive joke" and "being able to take a joke". If you've actually read the things he said that night you would realize he was not telling jokes or doing a bit. He started out doing jokes. Then at some point he started to ranting and venting anti-gay comments. No jokes. Just homophobic tirade that included the threat of killing his own son if he grows up to be gay. There aren't many ways to take the threat of child killing as a joke.His act switched from jokes into a full out tirade. His handlers keep trying to make sure everyone keeps calling this "anti-gay jokes". That's not the reality. It's spin.

  14. 14

    He should apoligize. The cock munching, hysterical, whining Gay popluation are baying for blood and they must be appeased! Funnily enough, just none of the gay people I know. Perez, you put yourself in REAL strife, claiming to represent an entire section of society. It should also be worth noting that as far as minoritys go.. the Gay minority is by far the smallest, but some how the loudest!

  15. 15

    Joan is just doing a comedy routine, she's trying to be funny.

  16. 16

    I'm with Joan.

  17. 17

    Why don't people understand that making him apologize for his own opinion, does not mean that he actually is sorry he said it. He is only saying sorry because of assholes like Perez that take his joke too far.

  18. 18

    why are we taking so seriously what a COMEDIAN said at one of his SHOWS? are we really so anal as a society that we can't even loosen up at a COMEDY SHOW? I partly agree with Joan. I don't think Tracy should've apologized because he's a comedian and we don't look to him to tell us how to morally, politically, or socially behave. by this standard, comedians shouldn't tell fat jokes because it offends obese or bulimic fans, they can't tell jokes based on stereotypes because they'll offend every race. I understand he offended people. but the simple solution is to not go to his shows, not to create a whole movement out of it. Tracy shouldn't have fed these super-sensitive people (many of which weren't even AT THE SHOW) by apologizing

  19. 19

    I think he should apologize, because it was so hateful to say. However, I also agree with Joan. He isn't someone who is very funny, and I actually thought "He's on tour?" when I heard about this. She wasn't pro tracy in this interview…so it all works out.

  20. 20

    You're condoning censorship when it comes to anything that doesn't conform to your gay agenda. You are a walking contradiction. Rivers is entitled to her opinion without having to clear it with the gays first. Your campaign against Morgan has only brought him more support, you should know by now that whatever you back people will do the opposite because you have zero influence in the entertainment industry. You should know this by now just by seeing how you've lost 10s of thousands of hit to this site. You screwed yourself fatboy.

  21. 21

    She's being sarcastic people… it's what she does. Her intent is clearly not to condone his behavior. She's making fun of the situation and saying gay people should be watching her and ignoring him. It's a JOKE! Relax!!

  22. Went says – reply to this


    But you SUPPORT homophobia by doing promotion for Target on your site. Are YOU going to apologize for that?

  23. buck says – reply to this


    the gay agenda has grown tiresome

  24. 24

    @Truth_Is_A-Virus I agree, I think the gay community is the most sensitive (or attention grabbing) in the entire minority population. The gays do not get it the worse in the spectrum of comedy, think about the blacks, jews, women, mentally disabled, we can take the joke without having to resort to crucify anyone, while the gays in wanting to vie for attention will put anyone is shackles and have hollywood out for blood for the smallest infraction, I say that the gay community is the ones creating homophobia to keep their names in the paper and not the rest of the world

  25. 25

    if he was spewing anti-semetic hatred against Jews–would Joan feel the same way
    then it just may be personal to her and a different story
    depends who is on the receiving end of it
    but inappropriate is inappropriate

  26. 26

    no apology needed, folks need to stop being so sensitive. It is just words. Brush it off and move on.

  27. 27

    He isn't funny, he shouldn't have apologized and this article is fucking GAY. Freedom of speech is as much a right as being gay is a right. I don't make people apologize for going to church..even though it is fucking retarded to go to church and worship a fictional character…Lets all be honest, if it was Louis CK making the jokes (which he did), then no one would care…

  28. 28

    Joan Rivers is the funniest woman in the world.

  29. 29

    i agree with Joan! he isnt funny,but hes an American "comedian". if lady gaga has the right to dress like a street walker and call it art then he can make jokes about all kinds of people and call that art. i also agree with the thought that you should stop dragging this out and get over it!

  30. 30

    That's not what she's saying, Perez.

  31. 31

    Rock on Joan!!!!

  32. zmacs says – reply to this


    She's clearly joking, Perez. Lighten the fuck up.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Perez. You TOTALLY missed the point of her tirade. It was tongue in cheek. She didn't mean it, and was talking about this in terms of: a) she was surprised he had a gay fan in the audience, and b) she's surprised he had an audience AT ALL, which is the only reason he should be apologizing….that anyone actually listens to him and he charges money to see his no-talent ass!

  35. 35

    Re: estebanito – That assuming he actually read it. This is a copy and paste blog after all.

  36. 36

    You obviously don't understand Joan's comedy… idiot.

  37. 37

    I totally agree with Joan.

  38. 38

    She's right. Sexist, homophobic pigs should not apologize for being how they are. Revel in it.

    And she's right again, he's not funny, even when he tries to be

  39. 39

    Don't read the words, hear what she is saying!

  40. 40

    what diff does the aplogy make? He's revealed his true colors.

  41. 41

    As a 40 yr old gay man, I agree with Joan 110%!! I'm sick of all this politcal correctness BS, Perez, you are becoming to the gay community what Jesse Jackson is the black community…and not that is NOT a compliment!!!

    Trying to force people to apologize is stupid and insincere…

  42. water says – reply to this


    do you seriously not recognize that she is being sarcastic? it doesn't require that much intellegence to understand this is humor on her part. honestly, someone else must be writing your blog, or you are just getting stupid.

  43. 43

    This is shades of Isiah Washington all over again. He can apologize until he turns blue but he's only doing it to save his job. NBC and Tina Fey were pissed and he knows he has to appease them and it still may not save him if history's any example. You're willing to forgive him because he talked to some homeless gay kids? That's great, but how is that not PR? If it WASN'T PR you wouldn't have read about it Perez! Next they'll have a gay man stand next to him in a picture giving the thumbs up. I swear, if he'd spoken about women or Jewish people it'd have been a bigger stink and he'd be fired on the spot, yet because it's sexuality instead of gender it can be smoothed over? Where is your outrage at that?

  44. 44

    i think ur reading her out of context what shes saying is

    that only a moron would listen to him anyways and that he shouldnt have gay fans as she would prefer they come to her and not this moron

    i dont think shes bashing gays as such just saying hes a dum asshole and shouldnt be apologizing because noone should be seeing huim at all because hes not funny anyways

    and only a moron would listen to him

    thats how i took it …

  45. 45

    his tirade seemed directed at perez maybe he should be saying sorry to perez..

  46. 46

    Comedians do overstep the mark sometimes with their jokes but this wasn't a joke it was a tirade so yes he should have apologised.

  47. kever says – reply to this


    WOW..I USED to like Joan….NOW….NOT! You USED to be funny Joan, now you are just a pathetic PLASTIC WANNA-BE!The gays USED to be your fav…guess you have MOVED N…and guess what? SO WILL WE NOW!!!

  48. 48

    She's hillarious xD