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Amy Winehouse Gives Disastrous Performance In Belgrade, Gets Booed Off Stage

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This isn't exactly the kind of Father's Day Amy Winehouse's dad was hoping for.

The troubled singer gave a DI-SASTROUS performance in Belgrade, Serbia on Saturday, which had the audience booing her off stage! Amy was seen stumbling across stage, forgetting lyrics, and even going so far as moaning into the mic, which she later drops, and then having to have her backup singer finish the song for her.

Kicking off her European tour, critics called her performance "the worst [concert] in the history of Belgrade."

Are we even surprised?

Yes and no. Amy had just finished a week in rehab and her people were optimistic she was ready and willing to continue on the right track. Alcohol and drugs were banned from her tour, but it seems Amy still got a hold of a little drinky-drinky because after watching the (above) videos, it's very obvious that Amy is out of it.

Check out her "performance" above. It's pretty hard to watch.

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34 comments to “Amy Winehouse Gives Disastrous Performance In Belgrade, Gets Booed Off Stage”

  1. 1

    A WEEK in Rehab? A week in Detox maybe. A week isn't going to do squat towards her going into a long term recovery from active addiction.

  2. 2

    Love this bitch. She can sing laps around Pigney, Kesha, Rihanna.

  3. 3

    Nobody was booing. All the opposite, people seemed very cheerful despite the fact that she was having troubles with the songs. And in the second song it was clear she said "this is not the song" and she didnt really feel like singing it.
    It was tho noticeable that she wasnt in a fine state, but maybe she didnt want to sing those songs cause she didnt know them that well or something, since she is saying more than once "no, this one not".

  4. 4

    At this point, why would anyone buy tickets to her concerts? It's almost a given she'll show up wasted and suck.

  5. 5

    Glad I didn't spend money on nothing—but I almost did….

  6. luvu2 says – reply to this


    I've never been around drugs so I don't really know the difference, but I know what a drunk person looks like and she looks drunk. watching the video I felt bad for the band members. maybe they're used to it? I sure wouldn't have known what to do in that situation….. I watched both videos and I agree with Re: bleahf – the crowd seemed more than happy to help her out.

  7. 7

    Copy and Paste much FatBoy.
    Oh damn now Im homophobic

  8. 8

    Her little rehab song gets funnier and funnier. And so what if she can sing circles around other performers. That shit doesn't matter if you can't bring it. Another talent wasted on drugs. Bitch is losing money and fans. This is why you shouldn't do drugs kids. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

  9. 9

    It's kind of sad that despite she has access to the best help avaliable, she ignores it. It's like she doesn't even want a career anymore.

  10. 10

    wtf? people actually paid their hard earned money to see this slag? well they derseved what they got a drunk ass cracked out bitch with no talent

  11. 11

    Stealing everything from TEE EM ZEE now fatboy?

  12. 12

    that was a pretty terrible performance on her part, but i'm confused. these "boo's" you're talking about…seem to be missing from both video's. the crowd actually seems quite pleased with her. probably because her on stage antics were more entertaining than her lack of singing, but regardless…i'm not sure why you'd try to make this seem worse than it is. love ya, perez, but sometimes your stories seem a little more fabricated than need be.

  13. 13

    I don't care how little you know about addiction - how could ANYONE think that one week in rehab is enough for anyone, let alone Amy freakin' Winehouse! She needs to be admitted for like 18 months like Jessica Sierra was.

  14. 14

    I feel really sad for her. The world is laughing at her. My question is who in the hell is in her life that actually gives a crap about her? If Amy were surrounded by people that cared about her sobriety and not shoving her onto a stage…maybe in a couple of years she could finally be where she once was vocally. But she's going to die, while we're all watching.

  15. 15

    Another 12-Step religious cult treatment success story…..

  16. 16

    She is everything she wishes to be. Not what we wish her to become.
    She's an addict and a drunk. Suprise everyone!

  17. 17

    Her career is basically over. No more comebacks.

  18. 18

    Like Katelily said no one put her in rehab the dried her out, but your not a reporter. Also I didn't hear her(or see her ger booed off stage. Yes it was hard to watch. she has so much more talent than a Taylor Swift on her worst day but it is so sad.

  19. 19

    Tickets were about 45 euro!! And Serbia has one of the most lowest income per head in the whole of Europe!!

    I'd be pretty p!ssed off if i had paid that much and recieved this!

  20. 20

    Why would anyone waste money on a ticket to see this mess? She doesn't even look like she showers. She's gross and filthy looking all the time. You could go downtown in any city and see filthy drunks stumbling around for free.

  21. 21

    Yep, definitely hard to watch.

  22. 22

    she (Amy) looks like a cockroach that was doused with Raid,
    and is stumbling around the ground waiting for a big boot to
    step on it and finish the job

    all that opportunity and promise - - and she is puking all way

    the tall guy who helped her out has a great voice

    i bet HE would not trash himself and his career like this pointless twat obviously has

    HE should be given the record deal, and HE should be the one drawing these crowds

    NOT Amy Winestain


  23. 23

    It's irrelevant whether or not the crowd was booing. The fact is she's off-the-wagon and obviously can't help herself. She'll be dead soon unless people step in and force her into long term treatment. It's very sad to watch someone destroy themselves like that, even if you don't know them. She needs a conservatorship like Britney's father. The people around her need to be way more forceful in getting her help.

  24. 24

    you can't even blame amy because she is out of her mind - but what about her team? it's absolutely irresponsible to put her on a stage - this should be a crime!

  25. 25

    Its a real shame to see such a talented artist in this state, this is an awful performance, she looks and sounds drunk and/or drugged out of her brains, and how on earth can she forget the words to her own songs? She is heading for an early grave and totally destroying her career (what is left of it) if she carries on like this. The only person who can change things is her, nobody can help an addict who doesn't want to be helped, and I speak from personal experience here, it takes real commitment, a shitload of willpower, appropriate professional help and sometimes years to recover. She is a mess and I find that very sad, she is so young and is on the way to killing herself if she carries on :o (

  26. 26

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk! Perez knows that Amy Winehouse is more talented than Gaga, so he kicks her even when she's down. Shame! If Amy comes back on her feet, she'll take over her throne and Gaga will only be remembered as the singer whose face looked like Amy Winehouse. That's what Perez is so scared about.

  27. 27

    Terribly sad!

  28. 28

    Looks like a poor act in a cheap bar. YUK!!! I would demand my money back. Get help or get out!

  29. 29

    Has anyone seen the movie "The Rose" with Bette Midler?? Amy, in these videos reminds me of the character in that movie. Acts alot like her on stage. I hope that she gets the help she needs and doesn't end up like the character in the movie and OD on drugs and alcohol. She is asking for help in her own way.

  30. 30

    Amy, unlike most of the young train wrecks, is very talented.

  31. 31

    still better than britney

  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    Self destruct in 3-2-1…
    She has to want it, and want to get better. Right now she wants to imbibe more.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: PigneyBitchez – Well, no she can't, evidenced by this sad video.

  34. 34

    She's also scratching them coke bugs!!!

    She isn't touring for the coming months, so she isn't making $$$, she might have to try a cheaper alternative to her favorite drugs: Russian "krokodil" drugs, the only side effect is that it will eat her alive….