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Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Was Drinking The Night Of His Fatal Car Accident

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So sad and SO avoidable!

Earlier today, we were devastated to report that Jackass star Ryan Dunn passed away early this morning in a car accident in Pennsylvania, alongside an as-of-now unidentified person.

Now, a Twitter picture of Dunn drinking the night of his fatal car accident has been revealed, along with photos of the results of the massive car wreck (above).

Apparently, Ryan was driving his porsche along with a passenger, but then he "lost control" and "slammed into a tree" and his porsche "burst into flames."

The only way they were able to identify Ryan was by his tattoos and facial hair.

Words cannot properly express how upsetting this is! Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Ryan's family, friends, and loved ones.



Witnesses at the West Chester, PA bar that Ryan Dunn was drinking at reported he downed 3 Miller Lights and 3 "girly shots" between 10:30pm and 2:10am.

A friend has insisted that, despite the alcohol, Dunn "not too drunk to drive." However, another witness said the Jackass star "had a lot to drink" and was actually "wasted".

Although this death remains a tragic loss, it should also serve as a reminder of the consequences of driving under the influence.

[Images via Twitter.]

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65 comments to “Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Was Drinking The Night Of His Fatal Car Accident”

  1. 1

    From what I have read they are not sure as to who was driving the car and nothing has been stated as to why the accident happened. So maybe slamming them for being "drunk" is a little premature!

  2. 2

    According to more reliable sites, it's unknown who was driving

  3. 3

    why do celebrities think they are above the law and the laws of nature?! just don't drink drive, take a taxi, it's cheaper than the cost of losing a life!

  4. 4

    Re: AnitaMandalay – According to the local news site, I live about 2 hours away we have the same station, Dunn was driving and the identified person was his passenger

  5. 5

    I love how some people are saying "Oh there is no proof that he was driving the car" Well clearly from the pictures he was drinking and the people he was with were drinking, so whether he was stupid enough to drink and drive, or whether he was stupid enough to get in the car with someone who was drinking, alcohol was involved!! They don't tell us not to drive under the influence just for the hell of it, this is what happens people die, and a lot of the time it is innocent people that die. I don't not feel sorry for him, but for his family, because now they have to go on without him, when all he or his friends had to do was call a cab. I will never understand why celebs do not call a cab! You're rich for christ sakes you can afford one!!!

  6. 6

    I have read articles on many different websites about this and all of them say that it was unclear from the police as to who was driving the car. For all you know they could have had a designated driver and it was a freak accident.
    I hate how everyone is jumping to conclusions about this just because he posted a picture of him drinking. No one knows eactly what happened yet.

  7. 7

    Very sad. I don't even know who he is but, it's really distubing to read about a young person dying. The pictures of the car are gruesome.

  8. 8

    you cannot prove alcohol was the reason of this.

  9. 9

    I used to live in Pennsylvania and it's definitely very dangerous to lose control of your vehicle and crash off the road. The obvious danger is trees, ravines, and deep drops into a forest (cliffs). I've heard of people getting impaled on trees.

  10. 10

    Re: PennyLane1982 – Oh my god! I could not have said it better, 100% agree with you. They could have crashed into a car full of people, a family of innocent people, it happens too many times!

  11. 11

    Re: beccabang – AMEN! and how sick of some people to say they do not feel bad for him or his family. Suck cold hearted snakes amongst us makes me sick!!!!!!

  12. 12

    he was the driver…already confirmed. burned to a crisp

  13. 13

    Was he the fat one or the one that didnt speak? i dont remember.

  14. 14

    I wouldn't be surprised if this was a drunk driving crash. Usually, most people aren't going to McDonald's at 3 a.m. As someone who got a DUI after crashing, don't do it. I consider myself lucky to be alive and not have the guillt of killing an innocent person on my conscience. It was a very depressing nightmare that took two years to completely finish the probation and get my life back on track. After working through it I realized that I interruped someone else's life through my own ignorance and sought to change. It is sad when someone's mistake costs them so dearly, but hopefully his death will remind someone out there to not get behind the wheel after drinking.

  15. 15

    He lived the way he died . . . Why is that sad?

  16. 16

    Even if he wasn't driving (an awful stretch given the fact it was his Porsche) he was still responsible since it was HIS CAR. This man truly lived up to his Jackass fame, by dying a selfish jackass who took the life of not only himself, but a friend. I'm just thankful that he only killed two people, and not some family in a minivan.

    I have no sympathy at all for a grown adult who drinks and then drives 110 mph! He was a selfish and reckless idiot, and anyone defending him is a fool.

  17. 17

    Re: beccabang
    This was no "freak accident"! I've been a paramedic for fifteen years and have worked dozens of fatality accidents… and I can assure you (as can anyone with a brain) by looking at the photos, that alcohol or not, whoever was driving this car was driving like a MORON, in tremendous excess of the speed limit.

  18. 18

    I don't feel bad for anyone that drinks and gets behind the wheel, or lets someone else get behind the wheel. He probably had several people he could have called to pick him up, or to get a cab. How many celebrities have to be caught drunk driving, or die from drunk driving before people realize it is a problem. Honestly, drinking isn't worth my life.
    Re: beccabang – Do you honestly believe they had a designated driver? This is the guy from Jackass. He probably thought he was invincible.

  19. 19

    Re: PennyLane1982 – well said. tots agree with u

  20. 20

    The 911 GT3 is a very dangerous car to drive sober much less possibly drunk and tired.

    He seemed liked the nicest guy out of all of them though and it is sad he is dead.

  21. 21

    phone a taxi people

  22. 22

    This was no accident! Why the hell would you get behind a wheel while you're intoxicated? I don't care if you're driving a Porsche or any other vehicle for that matter because you will crash and burn. He could've hit an killed an innocent person but instead he hit a freaking tree. That' what you get and you made your choice. The truth is we all need to be responsible with our lives and if you don't care? Well then be prepared for the inevitable. I don't feel sorry for him or the other fool who got in he car either. I feel for the families but we all need to be honest here for a minute.

  23. 23

    Thats horrible :c

  24. 24

    it's so disturbing to me that the wreckage barely even resembles a car

  25. 25


  26. 26

    Its really sad how everyone is talking about him drinking and all the bad stuff but you know what that is in the past he is gone now lets remember him for all the good things he did and how many times he made me pee my pants….

  27. 27

    I live in West Chester. Dunn was a great guy… DUBc will miss him!!

    Doesnt it look like you can see a head in the second picture? creepy!!

  28. 28

    While it is very sad that Ryan Dunn has passed away, it I sadder for the people who were killed due to his horrible bad judgment about getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. No one will feel as sorry for him as they feel for the person he killed. About three weeks I lost my best friend to a drunk driver. We were coming home from a party and we had not been drinking when a drunk driver plowed into our car. He killed my best friend Ashton and he severely injured another one of my best friends Kristen. No one had remorse for the driver who caused all this because of this reason HE SHOULD NOT have been driving, just like Ryan apparently was! The reports are all claiming that he has been identified as the driver. They should just make it easy on all of us, since people can’t talk responsibility for anything and install breath analyzers on all the cars and we need to breathe into them to just get our cars started. That would eliminate so many un needed deaths.

  29. 29

    It hasn't been confirmed that he was driving, or that drinking caused the accident. Any professional journalist knows not to post things as fact before it's been confirmed, but then again we are talking about you. All they have said is he was speeding.

  30. 30

    No i don't feel fucking bad for him or his family. they got in the car drunk and they could have killed innocent people! what is wrong with you people who are defending them? These fucking idiots think they are above the law and mortality. they are not, and neither are innocent people driving on the way to work or to the family. Fucking jackass.

  31. 31

    Re: nickycullen87 – I hardly think that it's in the past for his family or the family of the other guy who died. It will eat away at them every single day for the rest of their lives knowing their pain was down to his stupid and entirely avoidable mistake

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Wow - everyone is so quick to judge…I'm sure nobody on here has ever had a drink and then driven…must be hard being perfect like you and judging others. Hope nothing ever happens to someone you love since you're being so sympathetic…

  34. 34

    OMG! May he rest in peace. So young..

  35. 35


  36. caren says – reply to this


    You should really wait to report such nasty things until you know anything. They don't know who was driving the car and you don't know how long before the accident this photo was taken. Have some freaking respect.

  37. 37

    Re: SoLucky – I dont know if it's the same in the USA but in the UK it is NOT the norm to drink and drive, people just don't do it. Most people won't even have half a pint or a small glass of wine if they're driving. When you go out and you want a drink, you just don't take your car. So yeah I am pretty quick to judge, if he wants to risk his own life, fine, do it! But I'm pretty sure his car won't have been the only one on the road, he could have hurt or killed countless innocent people

  38. 38

    OMFG! Drunk driving is BAD. Everyone knows that. Two people are dead. Respect, please? Get off your soapboxes!

  39. 39

    Re: SoLucky – There is a difference between having a beer then being intoxicated. Have enough respect for yourself and other people and not get behind the wheel. There is also a difference when his car was going 110mph and he ended up killing his friend also.

  40. 40

    this makes me think about those 'dont drink and drive' posters. chose your ride home…guess he made the wrong choice. its really said and i dont want to be harsh but its like those posters are everywhere along with other warnings. be smart guys.

  41. 41


    wow. My prayers go out to his family

  42. 42

    Very sad and very tragic

  43. 43

    RIP AND MY THOUGHTS to his fam, but either drink it speed was at the forefront of this accident….and two families as a result will bed grieving forever…….r.I.p.boys xx

  44. 44

    Re: pinkbullet4 – First I didnt mean it like that I was meaning that I want to stop talking about the drinking part because no one knows and also because there is so much focus on it they are not remembering the person he was… I wasnt being a bitch about it….

  45. 45

    Re: MLE9025 – ok fyi, after you drink 1 beer it takes your body about 2 hours to completely process the alcohol out of your body. from what i'm reading, he had multiple shots and multiple beers meaning that he probably wasn't sober by the time he drove. and i'm glad to see you think you get sober so quickly, you're obviously going to be the next smear on the road when you drunk drive into a guard rail.

  46. 46

    Wow, have some compassion, guys! Poor guy! Yeah, he made a really dumb decision but I don't think he deserved it. Let this be a lesson to all idiots who think it's okay to drink and drive.

  47. 47

    I believe Ryan had a bit of a problem with alcohol, not that it is an excuse, but alcoholism is a hard thing to overcome (i know). but the speeding /reckless driving just made it even more dangerous. It is pretty easy for all you to bash a guy that had an alcohol issue, when you don't know what the fuck he's gone through. Nobody here is perfect and every single one of you has done something reckless/dangerous/stupid. You just caught a luck break. i personally know one person here that commented, that has been charged with child molestation! (you know who you are) In my eyes you are the one who deserves to die. None of you are better than any other, but you think you are!

  48. 48

    Re: nickycullen87 – I know you weren't being a bitch about it, it is a shame that he will remembered as the drink driver

  49. 49

    Why dont you wait till it's fucking confirmed you piece of shit! >:"(

  50. 50

    The roads around this part of PA are very dangerous during the day and night. Speed and possibly alcohol are probably the big factor in this one.

  51. 51

    Drinking and driving a Porche are bad for you. If he owned a Geo, this would not have happened.

  52. 52

    What a stupid moron. I have drunk drivers. You got what you had coming to you. Good thing you didn't kill another innocent person idiot!!

  53. 53

    Perez, don't act like you know what happened. No one else was able to state who was driving, but somehow you are??? How do you know it was avoidable? Maybe an animal ran across the road and he (or whoever was driving) tried to avoid it. Maybe all those drinks were earlier in the night and he was more sober by the time he left the bar. YOU DON'T KNOW SO DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS.

  54. 54

    This is so tragic!! Rip Dunn!

  55. 55

    In PA, the legal alcohol limit is .08, which equates to about one drink per hour for the average person, so it's not impossible for him to have been drinking, but not drunk. I think people are being too quick to judge. We were not there, nor do we know what his BAC was. I'm not saying he was innocent, but I do think we should wait to hear what the official word is on this before accusing him of drunk driving.

  56. 56

    Some of you are really heartless..i can't believe it.. shame on you…..

  57. 57

    live like a jackass = die like a jackass

  58. 58

    Drunk driving is completely fucking stupid and inexcusable..But that doesn't mean you assholes can sit here and fucking insult a man who has just died..what if his family see what your saying? have some fucking respect or maybe a little something we like to call a heart? honestly. Fuck yourselves. HARD

  59. 59

    This is so sad. Those of you who are bashing him….chances are yes..he was intoxicated and obviously speeding, but to call him names and degrade him is sick. He was still a human being. His passenger, yes very sad that he killed someone else, if in fact he was the driver, but that other person was an adult who decided to get into the car. Its no different than if the passenger themself had gotten behind he wheel after drinking..if that is the cause. And to those of you who keep saying "he could have killed a family or other innocent people"….blah blah blah……HE DIDN't so shut the hell up with that shit. He (if he was driving) killed himself and his passenger and that was it. You gotta stop bashing him for what he could have done….what's done is done and he was still a person. His family are also stil people who deserve respect so "IF YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING NICE MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL". RIP Dunn and passenger. Haunt some of these assholes!

  60. 60

    To those calling Dunn a 'murderer' - you're all fucking retarded. Even IF he was drinking it doesn't mean he was the one driving. IF he was drinking and driving he didn't force the passenger to ride with him and IF the crash was alcohol related it's not like he purposely crashed. It was a tragic horrific accident, even IF it was caused by his own bad judgement people make mistakes, sadly this ended fatally. My condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P

  61. 61

    To be honest I'm glad he killed himself and not an innocent bystander. Drink drivers are disgustingly selfish, especially celebrities who can afford taxis whenever they want…

  62. 62

    Correction: Drinking 3 beers and 3 shots, and then driving at 100mph in a 40 zone is NOT an accident. An acident is something that could not have been reasonably prevented. RIP Ryan Dunn's passanger. I don't appreciate having people like that on these same highways I take my family out on. Each time I hear about one who bites the dust, it makes me happy.

  63. 63

    Re: pinkbullet4 – While I do agree with you, we don't have taxis that run at night in West Chester. But he should have had a DD.

  64. 64

    Re: PennyLane1982 – We don't have cabs that run at night in West Chester, but he should have had a DD.

  65. 65

    Why didn't these people take the man's keys. Sad.