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We're Into You, J.Lo!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaMusic MinuteJennifer Lopez

Girl, you've soooo still got it!

Last week, Jennifer Lopez stopped by the Alan Carr Show to promote her latest single, I'm Into You, with a damn good performance!

And that's why she's on the top of the UK charts! So good! So good!

Check out the video (above) to watch J.Lo slay her own song! Woo!

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18 comments to “We're Into You, J.Lo!”

  1. 1

    I'm not.

  2. 2

    i love her!!!

  3. 3

    That was mediocre at best. If it weren't for her backup track with backgroud vocals as well as her own vocals, her singing would have been awful. Did you notice how she took her ear peice out near the end? She couldn't even listen to her own performance all the way through hahahaha. Please, JLo, get back to acting - this singing gig isn't doing it for me. You could have been a GREAT A-list actress, but instead, you've chosen to lower yourself to AI, commercials, and a lousy music career. What a shame.

  4. 4

    A. She's not really singing there, B. The song sucks what is there to like about it? C. The tone of her voice is bad, always has been. She doesn't have a pretty voice or any real singing skills. She needs to retire it's sad.

  5. 5

    Love her!!! JLO is aswesome..

  6. 6

    Ha! This is sooo Shakira

  7. 7

    Exactly what UK chart is JLO on top of - she was no 1 about 5 weeks ago! you really are a sloppy ill informed numpty!

  8. 8

    jlo looks so Hot. The Song is a snooze tho!

  9. 9

    so u are still getting paid for NOW "liking" her…shes not on top of the UK charts, the song isnt live, and her voice is shite………………

  10. 10

    JENNIFER LOPEZ DOES NOT SING…AND NEVER WILL….ESPECIALLY LIVE. what a joke but of course what would you know …you have the cheesiest taste in nontalents. they fix her voice in the computer in the studio and she will never ever ever ever sing live.

  11. 11

    dam good girl…singing live too!!! not bad… go JLO and you're 42 dam!!!

  12. 12

    She is almost as good as Countess Luann. Not as good as Housewife Kim though.

  13. 13



  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    This tune is a pretty good effort from her, and on the floor is better. If she had an hour and a half of new tunes she could tour again. Maybe she's working on that.

  15. 15

    she sucks. never could sing, still can't. she needs to just shut and stand there looking pretty.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: ms trudy – It's subjective. She's getting hired for these big gigs, so it's a living.

  17. 17

    Pipe down Mario….its clear Jlo's ppl like Benny Medina paid you.

    As for the performance…she's using pre recorded vocals to make it sound as if she's singing live but she's not. And that song just plainly sucks thats why its a major flop in the US. She's doing mediocre in the UK. Adele is slaying…not Jlo.

    And her performance overall is mediocre. She is so overrated. Once, her one and only popular song on the floor dies down, so will her career because even with her AI promo, her album was still a F L O P

  18. 18

    Re: GoyaBean – Jlo does Not compare to Shakira! Shakira is WAY better than trashy fake Jlo who uses prerecorded vocals to trick ppl into thinking she's singing live.