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45 comments to “Chris Brown & Rihanna Are In Contact! Publicly!”

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    Oh dear god. We have another Whitney and Bobby in the works. :/

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    Perez - a) Rihanna's account is @rihanna not @RIHANNA *note the lower case/uppercase difference b) the tweet says 3 HOURS ago - yet you say it was deleted instantly c) accidentally tweeting someone when you meant to message them is like turning on the tv or making toast - you can't mistakenly do one when you're trying to do the other. SMH FEROCIOUSLY.

  4. 4

    omg… she´s so dumb. If she´s actually doing this, I lost the lil respect I had for her. Some women never learn I guess.

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    Another beat down!

  6. 6

    this was actually photoshopped if you did some homework Perez

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    Stupid slut she is.

  8. zania says – reply to this


    There is nothing wrong with them talking and being friends. They both forgave each other and they were young when the incident happen. I know this has mature Chris a whole lot and Rihanna also has matured since 3 years ago. God said you have to forgive. If you don't believe in forgiveness, than you are just as evil as you claim Chris is. Chris is really good guy that made a mistake, people need to move on, and worry about their own lives.

  9. 9

    Good! Maybe he can beat the shit out of her again. What a stupid cun*t.

  10. 10

    Re: zania

    You are a fucking moron/asshole.

  11. zania says – reply to this


    Re: Poindexter-XRe: Poindexter-X – No you are the asshole because you have a whole lot of hatred in your heart. Chris trying to better himself. Rihanna and Chris has moved on and she doesn't hate him. They work in the same industry and will see each other a whole lot at different shows, so there is nothing wrong with them talking or being friendly.

  12. 12

    Ike and Tina.

  13. 13

    Re: zania – they were young when the incident happened? its only been 3 years, you fucking tard. they're still young. you may be able to forgive and forget, but no time in the world would let me forget my beloved love partner beat the shit out of me in a moving car until my face was purple. fuck rehabilitation, he's was and will always be a woman beating piece of shit.

  14. 14

    Also, Perez, how the fuck do you know he meant to Direct Message her? And how can you imply they may be "sexting?" Maybe he removed the tweet because there was going to be an uproar by the media about it. Could it be possible they were sexting? Sure….but it isn't impossible that he was just sending a random pic of himself, or anything really for that matter. Quit trying to make this gossip juicy, when it really isn't.

  15. 15

    i still don't get why everyone leaves out rhi was beating chris up in the car almost making his crash hence him kicking HER out of the car.She is just as much of an abuser

  16. 16

    Re: RyGUy543 – it doesn't matter how you format a twi name it can be uppercase or lowercase, it's the same account. like for example if my twit account name was "hacked," people can still write me at "HACKED" and it would still go to me. there's no difference in the account name either way, so if he really did send it to an uppercase RIHANNA, it still went to her.

  17. 17

    What a dumb bitch for still talking to him. I don't even understand why people still listen to his music. It's one think to "make mistakes" and it's another to beat the shit out of your girlfriend.

  18. 18

    Re: zania – I dont know if the post is real but you're really naive and obviously didn't had an abusive relationship….you can not stay friend with that person and an abusive man don't change in 3 years. They are the biggest manipulatives in the world. If he really had changed, he wouldn't try to keep in touch with her, he'd had move on.

  19. 19

    I always think they still love each other. Why don't give them a second chance. Chris Brown need to learn how to control his emotion and Rihanna should decrease her biychy style

  20. 20

    Re: RyGUy543 – it's the same actually

  21. 21

    Yeah I'm not putting much stock in this. EVEN if it is true, this means nothing to me. It's a Fucking tweet for christs sake. Stop reaching. Secondly, even if there WAS something too it, only an idiot would be surprised. It's pretty much standard cycle that an abuse victim go back to the abuser. I would HOPE that isn't the case here, but it isnt shocking even if it is… just very, very sad for Rihanna.

  22. 22

    She misses his long brown cock something FIERCE.

  23. 23

    Chris brown did not abuse her.

  24. 24

    Re: zania – there is a difference between being friendly and sending pictures. your obviously a big chris brown fan and cant think right. anyway, if this is true, then rhianna is dumber than i thoight she was.

  25. 25

    Rihanna is a big girl and can do whatever she wants. Nobody is telling you guys how to live your life so why do you feel the need to judge her? She doesn't need your approval as far as I'm concerned.

  26. 26

    Lol I love people that say Chris has paid the price and shes forgiven him etc it is possible for him to forgive him without giving him an opportunity to do it again I really liked Chris brown but I haven't heard be actually sorry only when his publicist probably tellshim too vie only heard him whine about people not letting it go. You bitches defend him sound so weak and pathetic and can just imagine what you guys do in your personal lives if you had an abusive boyfriend you actually loved

  27. 27

    Re: nicky12344 – Whqt do you consider abuse then you fuck wit? Ireally pity people like you cause you are the ones that probably have the abusive boyfriends and think its ok. I'm not a Dan of Rihanna but he beat her while yelling I'm going to kill you then leather alone beaten up which clearlymeans he couldn't care less if she died or not. Your attitude makes me sad for the world we live in.

  28. 28

    Argh my comment has errors because of stuPid predictive text

  29. 29

    Re: hacked – EXACTLY!!!!

  30. zania says – reply to this


    Re: booboo1111 – Why would he beat her again, when he's been in a stable relationship with Karrueche for 9 months did he beat her? You people need to move on.

  31. zania says – reply to this


    Re: MaggieDee – Chris and Rih got into one fight, he wasn't abusing her. He is in a current relationship for 9 months did he abuse her. Really, people need to stop associate their lives and abuse with Chris and Rih, you don't even know the who story all you know is the picture and what the media want you to know.

  32. 32

    she is a complete moron….she must have really low self esteem to be attracted to a guy who beat the shit out of her and tried to kill her…

    she deserves anything that happens to her if she gets back together with him. stupidity, sheer stupidity.

    i cannot believe how many stupid women there are in the world who are attracted to men who clearly have no respect for women, and in many cases hate women. women are stupid.

  33. zania says – reply to this


    Re: samdavid – You say he hates women, how do that explain his almost year relationship with his current girlfriend, you do know he has a girlfriend. He got into one fight that night, never touch her prior to that night in two year of her relationship and Rihanna stated in several interviews that he never touch me, so how are you so confident that he will hit her again and didn't do it with his current girlfriend.

  34. 34

    who gives a flying effyouceekay?? they probably have sex too…..now if he does beat her again shame on her lmao

  35. 35

    SMH anyone who sites media take out as a credible source needs to be hanged. (yes thats the proper term for it- for all you grammar police) Who cares who tweets who and who knows what the picture was of or if he even sent the tweet- i follow him and didn't see it (even if its deleted, once its on something like uber social etc- you can still see it for a bit) but really who the eff cares what they do with one another.

  36. 36

    omg he beat her once. no one has any evidence that he will do it again. everyone makes mistakes like give him a chance at least. he seems to be doing better! if he does it again, then there would be no mercy from me. but as of now i still believe everyone has the capability to grow and change from their mistakes. i sure as hell hope you guys are perfect by the way you shit talk this guy. by the looks of some comments, i say there are many saints visiting this website.

  37. 37

    Re: zania – How do you know that he HASN'T been violent in his other relationship? unless you are his GF (& your NOT) you really don't know what is going on behind closed doors do you? He could be hitting her left & right. & I watched Rihanna's interview on 20/20 in which it was stated that he WAS violent towards her previously, on at least two other occasions, just not to the same extent as what happened that night. Sorry but he has a history of abuse & it DOES extend past that one incident we all know about. You need to get real, & so does Nicky12344 who also lost this argument with me previously, because she is in serious denial & made herself look dumb as hell.

  38. 38

    chrisBrown yah babe !

  39. 39

    who cares? Let them talk, they will always be friends.

  40. zania says – reply to this


    Re: tailsi – Rihanna said in her interview that Chris never hit her before, stop lying. Actually it was Rihanna who was doing all the hitting, but that is the past, Chris has dated Draya for 7 months and she said I can't believe this is the same man that the media made out to be a monster, and Draya said this after her and Chris broke up. She did an interview 3 months ago and said that. Chris never hit none of his women, he had one incident and fight with his ex, stop trying to make him out of an abuser.

  41. 41

    Re: zania – Show me proof. Where is some video footage. YOU stop lying.

  42. zania says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Amalthea – If he is an abuser why haven't we heard reports from Draya, Jasmine, and Karrueche all the girls who dated him over the past 3 years. Draya was a little bitter after her and Chris broke up and she recently said that he isn't the same man that the media paints him out to be. She said when they dated he was great to her. He had one fight with Rihanna, and when Rihanna was with Chris they were happy 95% of the time until the incident. You need to admit that you just doesn't like Chris because it has nothing to do with Rihanna, she has move on, and if she wants to be friendly with him she can. She knows their relationship. Maybe there is 95% good memories and just one bad memory of that night, maybe she remember all the good things they did and how he was to her during their relationship. You don't know what their relationship was like to keep living in the past and bringing up one incident.

  43. 43

    Re: zania – sweety I NEVER said anything bad about him. It has nothing do to with be hating or liking him. He IS an abuser because he abused Rihanna. Period. If you still like him that is your prerogative, but don't sit there & down play the situation. The only reliable PROOF I have EVER see one way or the other in regards to his abusiveness was Rihanna's 20/20 interview, & in that interview SHE herself admits that he was Physically aggressive to her prior to that incident, though she tried to down play those two other times. So as far as I am concerned he has shown physical violence to Rihanna more than once, & it adds up if you add in his childhood. I never said Chris Brown was a terrible person, but he IS abusive, & NEEDS a lot of help with his anger. Those are simply facts darling. Also just because none of his other girlfreinds came forward and said he was abusive doesn't mean he hasn't been. I honestly don't believe we would even know about the incident with Rihanna if someone else hadn't have called the cops. I don't think she would have said anything. & that is SAD, it doesn't make him a better person because she would defend him, it just means she grew up in a similar environment & has issues of her own from it. I personally don't give a shit if you love chris brown, all I'm saying is… he now has a history of abuse, & that doesn't go away, & the rest of us don't have to like him with you.

  44. Gmann says – reply to this


    Stop hating already Perez. Get over it! How much can we all bet tomorrow your going to retract this because it wasnt really them or some other bull.

  45. 45

    OMG!!!!. Yu all are doin tooo much!. He only BEAT her ONCEEEE!!!!!!!!. CTFU, sike naw but really tho I will be the first fan to nvr f**k wit chris brown or rihanna evr agn if they get back together!. Im hip to it all, and thats fine but if they actually get to bein some type of official couple agn….Im DROPPING all support for either. They dnt need each other, its not cute wat went dwn. &&no one wants to witness they chaotic bs. So jus be casual but let all that othr sh**t go. Not for it as #TeamBreezy or as #RihannaNavy WE DO NOT LIKE IT!!. Dead mov definitely. Btr go hide out &&be unknown somwherr togthr for all that. That will be the end for thm.