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269 comments to “Roger Ebert Responds Insensitively To Ryan Dunn's Death”

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  1. 101

    lastly, I hope ever single one of you lacking any ounce of compassion feels the pain of such blatant disregard for feeling. When you have a family member or friend pass, as tragic as it may be…I hope someone posts something such as this, so the whole world can ridicule their life, while you're in pain. Heart attack? well maybe they should have been on a diet? Cancer, probably shouldn't have smoked, they deserved it. Right? Think of the many ways people die and mistakes we make daily, big or small, we're human. No one should have to feel this pain, and just because they're in the spotlight makes it no different, and no more wrong what you're doing.

  2. 102

    Truth hurts. Ebert is stating just that.

  3. 103

    Just because something is true, it does not mean that it's not insensitive. It's like saying to an obese person, "You are really, really, fat. Go lose some weight, fatty." True, but insensitive. No one knows what exactly happened, and already, everyone is jumping to conclusions, making judgements, pointing the finger. I do not approve of drunk driving. It is bad, by all means, but everyone makes mistakes. We are only human. If Ryan was drunk driving and speeding, then maybe it is his own fault he lost his own life, but I doubt he MADE his friend get in the car. It was a bad call on both behalves. There is no need to play the blame game. Everyone, absolutely everyone, makes mistakes. Just because it was someone’s own fault that they lost their own lives, it does not mean that they do not deserve sympathy. He was a good man. Loved by many. A good friend. A good son. A true entertainer.

  4. 104

    You people are fucking insensitive as well. PEOPLE DIED. Yes it was wrong for Dunn to drive IF he was drinking shortly before leaving, but nothing has been proven that alcohol was the factor! Quit being a goddamn judge and jury! How many of you assholes have driven after a night of drinking? Throw rocks at your own fucking glass houses.

    If he was your family member, would you say these comments at his funeral? I think not. None of you see that he recently helped raise $54k for a charity. What the fuck have any of you done other than troll a dead person?

    As for Ebert, I doubt he cares because half of his fucking face is gone anyway. I'd say run your mouth, Roger, but it must be hard to do without a FUCKING CHIN.

    So yeah. That's my take on it. Feel free to troll me. Ryan Dunn was a genuinely good human being. In the case that he did drink, it was one horribly bad decision.

    Oh, and lastly, all of you that are with Ebert can fuck off.

  5. 105

    I have to agree with Ebert. It's surprising it hasn't happened before this! All
    of that Jackass crew are a bunch of Jackasses. Look at the problems they all have.
    Drunks and/or Druggies. A lot of this can be blamed on the parents. I find Margera's
    parents to be disgusting people.

  6. 106

    Re: NYSEFox

    I didn't plan to respond to any of this shit because I know no one on the internet will ever be convinced of anything unless they want to be, but… I had to comment on that.

    Seriously? You're actually going to bash April and Phil Margera? What have they EVER done, aside from having a saintlike patience with their son? I don't know them personally, but they come off as very sweet people, and they don't deserve that kind of shit. Especially after they've lost their son's best friend.

  7. 107

    Re: shesatheif – and i hope you lose someone to drunk driving so you can find out how that feels . then i bet you wouldnt defend this fucker. he deserved to die . i feel sorry for his famaily and for the familys of the friends he killed. if i was his family i wouldnt be more emarrassed and angry that he did this in the first place. he was a drunk driver and he deserved what he got.

  8. 108

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – you really shouldn't jump to conclusions. you have NO idea who has and hasn't lost people to drunk driving. I'm sure a hell of a lot of us have. some of us are just a bit more forgiving than others, and realize that villainizing those people is not going to help. the only thing that will is education and HELP.

  9. 109

    People need to shut the fuck up. I'm sorry, but he just DIED. He's dead. Perez is right. He's somebody's son, somebody's boyfriend, somebody's brother! How heartless do you have to be to criticize him already? He paid the price, you idiots! He's the one that died! Try having a heart sometime — It really isn't that bad.
    RIP Ryan

  10. 110

    Re: forever-a-wallflower – I agree with you

  11. Woof says – reply to this


    this is not insensitive-just because the guy died and lets not forget KILLED his passenger doesn't mean people aren't entitled to say the truth. DRUNKS kill people everyday with their stupid and senseless actions. Waiting a day or a week to say it doesn't change that fact.

    Mario if he hadn't died you would have been up in arms about this-almost chopping his head off for it yourself and wouldn't have been so concerned with sensitivity. So don't go with this silly, lets feel sorry for him BS. If it had been someone YOU knew that got killed by a drunk driver you would be singing a different tune right about now.

  12. 112

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – your proof to him being a drunk driver is a picture of him with 1 drink? right? correct me if i'm wrong but have you received a report from the police of his BAC? nope, I didn't think so. I don't need to lose someone to drunk driving to know its tragic, and that its a mistake, and stupid…but I also don't need to act like an arrogant prick on the internet, safely behind my computer bashing someones death. Or defending a person whom if Ryan was drunk, was probably equally as drunk as him and made the decision to get in the car. In which, both made a mistake and paid their lives for it. And thats a heavy if…why? because I HAVE NO FUCKING PROOF. other than that, its tragic, its a loss, and I hope someone verbally spits on your loved ones when you're mourning them not even 24hrs later. you're disgusting.

  13. 113

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – It's not nice to wish death on someone, and it is certainly not nice to say he deserved to die. No one derserves to die. He was a good person. You shouldn't make assumptions.

  14. 114

    How can any of you agree with this? It is way to soon. have some respect for the dead for gods sake.What if it was your family member who that happened to and someone went on to publicly joke about it with in 24 hours. how can you be so insensitive? It honestly blows my mind.

  15. 115

    he's right - he may be someones son but he knowingly risked killing someone by driving drunk - NO sympathy at all here

  16. 116

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E

    you are easily one of the most disgusting people ive had to listen to an opinion from. in no way, shape, or form, does losing someone in a horrible accident give you the right to wish death on others, or to say that they deserved to die. i understand losing someone to a drunk driver is horrible, why? because it happened to me also! i am not sitting here defending drunk driving, but i am also not saying that every person who makes a mistake deserves to DIE FOR THAT! they were people! what makes you better than them?! grow the fuck up!

  17. 117


  18. 118

    RIP Ryan- you will be truly missed

  19. 119

    How can all of you be so completely insensitive to how others are feeling? It doesn't matter how he died, people are mourning. Many people cared for him deeply and you guys are saying he deserved to die. NO ONE deserves to have that happen to them. It was far too soon for someone so out of the situation to comment on it. People make mistakes and who are we to judge them for that? Stop being so thoughtless of other people and either mourn him respectively, or don't say anything.

  20. 120

    I think he got the death he deserved. Lucky he didnt kill someone else on the way.

  21. 121

    I would always stand up for Roger Ebert because people were cruel to him, but that was NOT funny at all, and he should know better. Every adult should.
    NO ONE is even sure who was driving, it was mentioned about there being a third passenger…no one knows shit. WHY judge before you even know????????????

  22. 122

    No it's not insensitive, sadly. If any good is to come from this is a lesson (and i am sure any family who loses someone this way would profess…) DO NOT drink and drive…we all have. We've been lucky. Time is against us though. SO yes, given another chance, Ryan would agree–save youre own life or anothers….let his legacy save a lifet. See from this example he has left us all….ebert said it right. And the time to make that impression. To state it when it is at it's most stingingly relivant. He was a jackass for driving fast, drinking and not making a simple choice. He lost his life….he shouldn't have. He was a good guy who's time is now to ironicly to teach. Knowing ebert's work, what's he's endured, his kind-heart: he's speaking to the YOU. He does not mean it like he's not hurt but making a heartfelt point. Listen. Don't be that kind of jackass. Let Ryan showed you that in this tragic end too….take this as a lesson, a last lesson as an example. I think Ryan would not be a jackass again if this tragedy could be taken back. Not too soon….but yes too soon for Ryan. And you if you don't get the essence of that tweet. Thank Ryan. God's Speed…..x

  23. 123

    Listen, just because it's true doesn't mean it's isn't way to early to be giving people the blame. Sure Ryan could've taken a cab. But his mate could've taken his keys, or at least called a cab. So how about thinking about what the other one could've done too instead of just blaming the person that drove.

    Oh and by the way, you actually disgust me. The men just died, how about waiting a bit, and what else… Oh yes, I'm glad I'm not as pathetic as you guys. At least I have heart to feel the pain his loved ones are going through. But oh well, the world is full with peice of broken humans, so why would any of you change? Hope you're happy.

  24. 124

    Regardless of whether the statement itself was insensitive or well-founded, the platform that Ebert used to express his opinion was inappropriate. As a public figure, I'm sure he is well aware that his tweets are seen by a large audience, and would be newsworthy if provocative enough. To make this statement, knowing that it would be seen by the friends and families of Ryan and Zack, is tactless and disturbing. Ryan clearly made terrible choices, and those choices caused two lives to be lost. However, you cannot torture his friends and family for his choices. They should be given the chance to grieve their loved ones in peace. In this world of social media, we need to be aware of not only what we are saying, but the platform that we are using to say it.

  25. 125

    We all can agree you should not drive after drinking, but his friends and family have suffered a great loss and for people to act like this so soon shows no respect to him or his family.Maybe you haven't lost someone due to a car crash, but how would you feel if only days after their death people are being insensitive about what happened ? What happened did happen,so you can blame it on whoever you want, but come on two people lost their lives, show a little sympathy.

  26. 126

    Re: lemelylemons
    I agree, but the other one could've taken the keys or called a cab.

  27. 127

    He's 100% right!

  28. 128

    it might be true! but in a tragic situation such as this it is insensitive!

  29. 129

    Re: KarinaRae – That's true, and who's to say the friend who was in the car and the friends who let them leave weren't also impaired by their drinking that night. I'm sure many people have been in the situation where they needed to convince a friend or fellow party goer not to drive, I know I have. However, we don't know if anyone tried to keep him from driving that night, or if anyone tried to convince Zack not to ride with him.

  30. 130

    I'm so sorry for what happened to him and his family and friends, my heart goes out to them, but as a victim of drunk driving I will not condone what he did. If he wanted to go and drink he should have called a cab…and all young kids who looked up to him should take this as a cautionary tale as to what can happen when you drink and drive@!

  31. 131

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E

    Your words disgust me in every way. Two men lost their lives.
    You should be embarrassed at the very least for your words. I firmly believe there is no human in you. Heartless. Here's hoping you don't take cold medicine, get behind the wheel and kill someone.

    RIP Dunn. Your friends, family, and fans are heartbroken. We all miss you horribly.

  32. 132

    Re: anothertruthmakerRe: flamingpieRe: shesatheif – for starters did you read my other comments?? i said only IF he was actually driving drunk which he might not have been. but if he was then im just glad he ONLY killed the one other person. i dont think you people realise how many other people he could have taken out. dying in a car accident is not a very nice way to go. especially when your trapped in your car when its on fire. i have seen so many times when a drunk driver kills other people because they were stupid enough to get behind the wheel and they get away with a manslaughter charge . ITS MURDER. im sorry my words offend but im not sorry for what i said. the police really do need to be more strict on drunk driving. they confiscate licenses and give fines but they need to be giving more jail time. then maybe people would learn and stop doing it. from what ive read it sounded like this wasnt the first time this guy had done this either.

  33. 133

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – I did read your other comments actually, ALL OF THEM, and I have no problem with you feeling that way. It's the tone you've used that I have a problem with. You claim you know the pain of losing someone to a drunk driver and yet you sit there wishing it on other people so they would know how it feels? I doubt you actually meant that literally, but you have to realize what a horrible thing it is to say nonetheless. You've felt it. You shouldn't want ANYONE else to have to feel it.

    And you may say you only feel this way "if" Ryan was driving drunk, but that hasn't stopped you from lambasting EVERYONE who supports him. You have quite literally attacked anyone who contradicts this view, including people who have posted FIRST HAND experiences with the fact that the man was not a big drinker. At least wait until you find out the truth before condemning the man as a murderer, and try to keep in mind that his family lost someone too. Whatever you might think, the fact that you're saying these things on a very public forum where his family might see them is cruel.

  34. 134

    it's sad that people have lost their compassion. if this was anyone of your dads/brothers/sons/uncles/cousins none of you would say anything like this no matter the circumsatnces. just imagine for five seconds if Dunn was your best friend. my heart goes out to all that are close to him.

  35. 135

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – Also, you clearly didn't even READ my post. I said nothing whatsoever about you jumping to conclusions about Ryan. I said you jumped to conclusions by claiming that none of us could know how it feels. I've lost people to drunk drivers and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'm terribly, terribly sorry that you lost someone too, but I don't think you should assume you're alone in that regard just because not everyone is jumping on your bandwagon. Everyone reacts to things in different ways, and some of us think getting angry isn't worth it. Forgiveness can be cathartic.

  36. 136

    Re: b steezyyy – Exactly. And we've seen first hand with Bam's reaction to Ebert's comment that this kind of shit can cause a lot of pain to the people that have to see it. Before people start saying crap, they should go watch the video of April and Phil Margera talking about Bam getting the news. If that doesn't make them feel a little more sympathetic to the living people involved, they have no heart.

  37. 137

    He shouldn't have drunk but no one has the right to critisise and should have some respect for his family and friends at this time. ALSO it certainly looks like he was drinking, but no comments should be made until this fact is CONFIRMED.

  38. 138

    It would be insensitive IF he was not on a show called Jackass! Of course if it turns out Ryan was not drunk, it still holds true that friends dont let friends (or jackasses) drink and drive!

  39. 139

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – that was the most heartless thing i've ever read regarding someones death. and everything in that post contradicted the other, he deserved to die and then i feel bad for his family. think about what you said. your probably making them feel worse saying that he deserved to die.

  40. 140

    Eberta was right. Bam Magera responding that millions of us are crying is delusional should drive his car off a cliff with the rest of the jackasses so we don't have to endure them any longer.

  41. 141

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – " and i hope you lose someone to drunk driving so you can find out how that feels . then i bet you wouldnt defend this fucker. he deserved to die . i feel sorry for his famaily and for the familys of the friends he killed. if i was his family i wouldnt be more emarrassed and angry that he did this in the first place. he was a drunk driver and he deserved what he got."

    this is the most heartless and disrespectful thing i have ever read regarding someones death, to not only wish death upon other people but to completely contradict yourself because you have run out of arguement. "he deserved what he got" and "i feel bad for his family" do not belong in the same sentence. by saying he deserved it simply makes his family feel worse.

  42. 142

    Re: lemelylemons
    I agree, but why only slam Dunn? And where is our common sense to at least wait before we attack people. In a few months somebody they were out with is going to end up telling the true story. But until then at lease have some respect for the deead…

  43. 143


    Roger Ebert is right
    will probably show in the end that alchohol was huge factor-impairing skills to control the car and impairing judgement when it came to the speed he was driving
    alcohol with his reckless nature proved fatal
    if Dunn were at the bar drinking with friends and not strangers (i.e. fans-because they really are strangers who don't know you -but like you and want a photo or to share a drink with you) then his friends must be questioing their own judgement in seeing exactly what he was drinking and how many he had and not convincing him to call a cab
    they may have drank as much as him and therefore were not sober enough to be a designated driver - but if one was sober still, he should never have let his friend get into the drivers seat-even if he had to wrestle the keys from him and threaten to call the cops!
    you do what it takes to keep your friends safe …not to mention the public - as he could have easily crashed head on into another vehicle

  44. 144

    since the younger teens probably know who Dunn is
    parents should use this as a time of conversation and discussion for their kids…
    it's a TEACHABLE MOMENT to take advantage of
    1) don't drive if drinking- call someone-even your parents-being grounded/punished is better than being DEAD!
    2) don't ever speed (sober or drunk -it's ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS)
    3) don't ever get in a car if you even SUSPECT the person behind the wheel has had a drink—let alone if you KNOW they've been drinking

  45. 145

    Correction: Drinking 3 beers and 3 shots, and then driving at 100mph in a 40 zone is NOT an accident. An accident is something that could not have been reasonably prevented. I don't appreciate having people like that on these same highways I take my family out on. Each time I hear about one who bites the dust, it makes me happy.

  46. 146

    What was said is true but Ebert delivered it distastefully. Dunn is at fault there's no doubt about it but death is not something to be joked about. Dunn wont see his comment but his greiving family will. It's Dunns fault not theirs. & btw he didn't kill an innocent person, his passenger chose to get in the car he is also at fault. This was a 100% preventable tragedy.

  47. 147

    i cant wait for every one of you who bad mouth this to lose a loved one in a crash like this and have the love one be the drunk driver. and he did not murder the other person who was in the car that person was a dumbass to get in the car if ryan was that drunk then the passenger should of said ill take a taxi. no one knows what truly happened who knows maybe a deer was in the road and he swerved to miss it the world will never know!

  48. 148

    Re: 27cards – i agree on exactly what you said. and for those who say well maybe you need to loose a loved one to a drunk driver been there done that theres two sides to every story act as tho if the passenger had no option he got in the car with his friend who knew he was drunk so stfu

  49. 149

    Re: SadieGRe: SadieG – OHMYGOODNESS! ITS ROGER… RRRROOOGGGEERRR! With a G and no T! Roger Ebert. Learn peoples names before you try to talk shit about them please!!!!

  50. 150

    Re: justice j

    I have lost a loved one due to them being drunk.

    And you know what I felt? Fucking angry. Angry that someone I loved was fucked up enough to drive under the influence. I dare say it'd be the same for lots of others. I am not willing to say that my dad's death was an accident, because it wasn't. He killed himself. I am glad that he didn't take anyone else with him.

    All of the people here. I would never wish death by drunk driving into any of your lives. But understand this: if someone is stupid enough to drive when they have been drinking, then they deserve everything that they get.

    And are we really going to take a lesson on morality from Perez Hilton? The man who made his fortune from being a peeping tom and a salacious gossipmonger?

    It is NEVER too soon to talk about how drunk driving can affect lives. If anything, it is better to get the message out there whilst the shock is still present. Good on you, Roger Ebert, if anything you didn't say it strongly enough.

  51. 151

    Ebert was 100 percent right. This shouldn't be sugar-coated at all, especially since a nation of kids sees the Jackass stuff this crew pulls and looks up to them. He drank. He drove. He killed.

    I've seen people criticizing the passenger for getting in with him. Shame on them. Most of us have rightfully gotten a ride after a night of drinking with someone who assured us they were safe to drive.

    I feel for Ryan Dunn's family, but even more, I feel for the passenger's family, and I feel for everyone who faces loss due to drunk and wreckless drivers.

  52. 152

    Roger Ebert is way out of line! It hadn't even been 24 hours and he makes a stupid comment like that! Ryan Dunn's family and friends (and fans) are devastated by this loss! Rest in peace Ryan Dunn! ♥ 

  53. 153

    Just because something is true doesn't make it not insensitive. So if somebody walked up to Roger Ebert and called him a big, fat slob it would be fine because it's true? The guy just died, you don't need to post that crap at this point.

  54. 154

    While we all know drinking and driving is wrong it stilll is not going to stop people from doing it. Everyone I know has lost a friend or loved one because they made a "poor" decision. Knowing that they not only killed themselves, but endangered others, we still out of respect kept it to ourselves. Who does this guy think he is plastering his negative comments for the internet to see. The family is still in shock as he slams the poor guy.

  55. 155

    Perez- Yes, he is someone's son…however, (if this is an accident caused by being intoxicated) he CHOSE to drink and CHOSE to drive. No one forced him, and everyone knows the consequences of drinking and driving…FOR THAT, as Roger Ebert stated, he is a jackass!

  56. 156

    It absolutely is insensitive and disgusting. Whether Dunn was driving drunk or not, his death is tragic and heartbreaking for his friends, family, and fans. And those are the people who are left behind to hear the less than compassionate comments being made by jerk offs like Ebert. It's disrespectful to the people who loved him. It's disrespectful to Ryan Dunn as well, but he's not the one who's around to read that stuff. Whether that statement is true or not, whether you were a fan of Dunn or not, the man just died a day ago, jeeze.. it would be nice for the people who are devestated right now if others could manage to keep their negativity and accusations to themselves. Rest peacefully Ryan Dunn.

  57. 157

    Re: gwyneth – seriously if there was achild riding a bike or a pedestrian walking down the road at that point in time, you have either a bad parent or a possibly drunk pedestrian. I don't know about you but I would go out for a stroll with my child riding a bike at 330 in the morning.

  58. 158

    Roger wasn't the insensitive one - Ryan was!! I think killing somoene due to your own stupidity is pretty insensitive to me.

  59. 159

    So according to many of these comments, it's impossible or inappropriate to mourn the loss of a loved one and be angry at them at the same time?!?! Ludicrous! I've lost friends due to their own selfishness and/or stupidity before and although it hurt like hell and I miss them very much, it didn't change the fact that they were jackasses for allowing it to happen in the first place; something completely avoidable. Contrary to many opinions, NOBODY deserves to die, and this is what makes Ebert's comment entirely appropriate as far as I'm concerned. I feel terrible for the family, but it shouldn't have happened, and they have every right to be both angry and sad, as we all are.

  60. 160

    that is excatly what i said when i found out, i have no sympathy for him but i do have sympathy for his family, and all i can hope is that his fans choose to use his death as a lesson that drink driving can kill anyone

  61. 161

    Re: zeusmom – You are a twat. You are saying you are happy he died? you are truly something else you ass. It is amazing how everyone one is saying he deserved it. Yes he was drinking and driving. Fucking Sean Kingston was driving his stupid ski do dangerously and all you say is get better. Ryan Dunn was human yes he made a mistake that led to a bad outcome. That does not mean he deserved to fucking die. You people are ridiculous.

  62. 162

    Obesity is a bigger problem in America than Drinking and Driving, Roger needs to take a look in the mirror. Friends don't let friends get obese.

  63. 163

    And you cant blame Ryan for the others deaths. Did they not choose to get in the car with him? They also made a stupid fucking choice. So before you go off and say this is all Ryan Dunn's fault…think about the choice the passenger made getting into the car. Twats.

  64. 164

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – ok so revoke their license and give them a long jail sentance. That doesn't meaan they desreve to die. Its just insensitive for the family going through a hard time of losing their loved one to hear and read people being douchebags about it.

  65. 165

    Correction: Drinking 3 beers and 3 shots, and then at night driving at 100mph in a 55 zone is NOT an accident. An accident is something that could not have reasonably been prevented. RIP Ryan Dunn's passenger. I don't appreciate having people like that on these same highways that I take my family out on. Each time I hear about one who bites the dust, it makes me happy, it is natural justice.

  66. 166

    Wasn't it Stephen King who said something about how if a drunk driver kills himself, he's a jackass; if he takes someone else with him, he's dogshit? Jackass is kind of a compliment in this situation.

  67. 167

    Touchy subject for sure. 100% get both sides. Things happen for a reason, I know that seems cold…but the ONLY thing important right now is supporting those left behind…those who are hurting and in dispair. This is HORRIBLE for both of their friends and family…..keep that in mind.

  68. 168

    Nothing insensitive there. Perfectly accurate statement, and why you'd choose to defend someone who gets drunk, gets behind the wheel, and puts others at risk is what I would consider insensitive. Also pretty stupid.

  69. 169

    Hey, toohoRe: toohot2 – Obviously, you haven't seen Roger Ebert lately, or you'd know what an idiot you are. He's probably skinnier than you are. C'mon, toofat2, post a picture of your huge ass for us.

  70. 170

    True or not true, his comments were insensitive. Imagine if you lost your loved one and a stranger was publicly judging the very next day. Let us please keep in mind that no one knows his blood alcohol content yet. Also ask yourselves if you have ever put yourselves or others in danger at any time in your lives. If so, perhaps you should stop making quick judgments.

  71. 171

    Why is it that people always pick the most vulnerable times to make jokes and to put their insensitive two cents in about a tragedy just to make themselves look like the big, bad moral authority on something. The bottom line is that this wasn't the time to rub salt in peoples wounds. Roger Ebert could have kept that shit to himself. This was none of his damn business. Remarks like his are fighting words and the kind of stuff that will get your ass kicked where I come from. I hope Roger doesn't run into any of the Jackass crew on the street anytime soon. These guys just lost a friend.They just lost a part of their family. A little compassion goes along way. Besides, no one even knows yet if drinking was the cause of that accident. Anything could have happened. The toxicology reports aren't even in yet.For all we know, the guy could have swerved to avoid hitting an animal, a tire could have blown, he could have rode over a slick road or anything. You don't know! Roger doesn't know! He saw a picture a judged.Stop judging this man until you know all of the facts.

  72. 172

    While I agree there is NO excuse for drinking and driving, especially when lives are lost. However, this was a human being, someones son, someone's boyfriend, a best friend….the timing of the comment (because we all know due to the activities of the Jackass crew, there will be comments made) was completely inappropriate, insensitive, and shows a considerable amount of low class on the part of Roger Ebert!!!

  73. 173

    I agree also that it is wrong to D & D but I think what Perez was getting at is that family & friends are grieving the loss of Ryan so perhaps Ebert could've waited at least a few days before passing comment on the situation.

  74. 174

    Also, just want to add that while I agree it is sad that there were 2 deaths in this tragedy but whomever the passenger was they must've known Ryan had been drinking yet still chose to get in the car with him. So while it was Ryan's foolishness that ended their lives, lets not put all of the blame on him.

  75. 175

    First off, NONE of you know how many drinks he had. Stop saying "oh well he had like 6", you don't know crap so shut up. Second, Roger Ebert was being insensitive, many people lost a great friend. What happens if you lost a friend and that crap critic said that about your friend? Huh? Yeah you'd be pissed like Bam Margera. Although yes he might have had a drink, it was still just an accident. Things happen, that's what we like to call life. So let's just leave people alone and let them mourn.


  76. 176

    Has there been any legal proof that he was drunk? What was his blood alcohol level? It is a terribly tragic accident that happened - and IF he was drunk then yes it most definitely is preventable. With that said, I find it completely inhumaine that Roger Ebert said what he said… the families of the people involved not only have to deal with the sudden and tragic loss but also insensitive comments from people who have no business commenting. The comment was FAR too soon. Let the famillies grieve.

  77. 177

    Oh puhhhhleeeezzzz Hilton! He was an idiot to do what he did. Not only did he kill himself and cause grief to his parents and loved ones, he selfishly murdered a friend too! I feel remorse for his friend and his family and also for Dunn's family. However, as far as I am concerned, one less JACKASS in the world to hurt other people. It was his choice. Once a jackass, always a jackass. Thankfully he will serve as the icon as to what NOT to aspire too!

  78. 178

    Thanks for all the memories ryan

  79. 179

    The statement is true, yes, but if it was a family member of Roger Ebert I highly doubt that is something he'd be saying, and following his ignorance makes you exactly that, ignorant. Put yourself in the position, if it was one of your friends or family member, you'd obviously be thinking the same thing but would you say it? I don't think so, if you would you're heartless, and I can say that from experience. There's a time and place and taking to a social media site the day Dunn and his friend were killed (remember, the friend CHOSE to get in the car), is disrespectful to family and friends. On the other hand, thank God it was only a one car crash and nobody else was hurt or killed.

  80. 180

    I hope he doesn't "apologize" for what he said. Ryan Dunn endagered everyone elses life and took someone with him. You want to stand for some kind of tolerance, but the truth is that this behavior endagers lives every day. Ask if this comment is insensitive to someone who has lost a loved one to a drunk driver. I have, and I applaud Mr. Ebert for the timing of his comment. I whole heartedly support it and think you need to get your priorities in line. His comment serves to raise awareness to kids and society in danger that this behavior is wrong, and that we have a responsibility to call people out when it happens. His comment should be applauded. Ebert 1 Perez 0.

  81. 181

    I agree with Roger Ebert. The drunk driving Dunn could have killed so many more people by his stupid actions. Such as others in cars or even innocent bystanders. Just think if one of the victims was you or your friends or family.

  82. 182

    Ebert spoke the truth. People who drink and drive are criminals, too often they kill other people while they live. And what better time to point fingers than when it happens?

  83. 183

    are you kidding me? all of you, you're heartless. a good man died … yes he may have been drinking, but it happened. instead of judging and being so insensitive about it, have a god damn heart and send your condolences to the loved ones who lost their brother, their son, best friend, boyfriend…you people are ignorant. this isn't the time to judge, yes drinking and driving is a problem, and people fall victim to it all the time, but whether he was drinking or not, he is still gone, it's still a tragedy, good men still lost their brother, think of all his jackass co-stars, his jackass family, how do you think they feel? devestated. so instead of being to damn cruel, show some god damn respect!

  84. 184

    Insensitive? Ridiculous - none of you would be so self-righteous if Dunn had taken out a vanload of kids and their mama on his way to oblivion. Ebert's right…

  85. 185

    Re: mudboner

    I had a friend killed in an drunk driving accident. He was a passanger. And as sad as it still is to this day - he made the decision to get into the vehicle with someone who was driving drunk. Regardless of how selfish, irresponsible and insenstive drunk driving is… making a comment like the one made by Mr. Ebert is flat out ridiculous. The famillies of peoplle involved should be allowed to mourn the loss of their son, brother, friend, etc WITHOUT someone pouring salt in the wound.

  86. 186

    Although Its sad when anyone dies we all know the consequences of drinking and driving. I feel bad for his friends and family and his passengers friends and family they are the ones who have to suffer because of his and his passengers choices. My prayers are with them, and as for ebert he isnt wrong for what was said.

  87. 187

    Roger Ebert used to be one of the meanest nastiest drunks in Chicago. I worked at a restaurant in the 70's and we had to scrape him up and boot him out at the end of the many a night. He may not be the drunk he used to be but he sure is as mean as he used be. Fuk him.

  88. 188

    Common guys, there is no reason to get upset at Roger Ebert… poor guy cant even speak with all of the cancer he's had all over his face.. He should've known when to stop talking shit. Keep up the constructive surgeries Roger… Tweet that!

  89. 189

    Re: shesatheif – Cancer? Doesn't kill innocent kids heading in the other direction. Heart Attack? Same - it's a very different tragedy. He took one life with him by his irresponsible behavior. Is it sad? It is, every human death is sad, but he's the victim of his own hubris, and we're very very very fortunate that there aren't more grieving families this morning because of his stupidity. Oh, and nice on the whole wishing harm on others thing. That's classy… I guess that whole sensitivity thing changes from moment to moment for you?

  90. 190

    Re: shesatheif – hey pal, i would hope so if i were to drive drunk and killed someone there is NO EXCUSE NOR COMPASSION FOR AN IDIOTIC DECISION. Stupidity kills, point proven.

  91. 191

    Re: shesatheif – wow, really? how old are you? Who in the hell with that kind of money, (Not to mention the plastered face) is going to go out ALL NIGHT and only have 2-3 beers and go home at 3 am….he was sht faced drunk. All you fkn yuppies need to stop covering for him. Put your own brother,sister or better yet your own mother in that car with him and im sure your ideals will change.

  92. 192

    Re: shesatheif – Oh i feel compassion, for the passengers family. Dunn was trashed, he knew it. If he is such a fkn god to you people why did he not make a better decision? Oh wait…..thats why he was a jackass

  93. 193

    Why the comment may have a ring of truth does no one respect the dead anymore. Mom always said think before you speak! I have to agree with Perez on this one. Can you wait a few days before criticizing a dead man… have some class.

  94. 194

    Re: mistique – the FACTS ARE,
    #1) he was at a bar, and photoed drinking

    #2) NO MATTER how much or little you drink, you DO NOT DRIVE! (i would figure all these guys years of drug/alch. rehab they should know this…fkn idiots)

    #3) You are correct, no one forced that passenger that was so burnt beyond recognition in the car….but Ryan Dunn as someone with that kind of fame and influence should not have let him/her in the car to begin with if he insisted on driving.

    Quick summary, Ryan Dunn is responsible for his own actions and should be held to it. He murdered someone that night, and there is a charge reserved just for people like him. Intoxicated Manslaughter. His name should be tried for it in a court of law by the other family.

  95. 195

    Truth hurts. Drinking and driving kills. And made him a murderer in the process. He was the (LOADED) weapon which caused the death of his passenger. Have fun in Hell Jackass!!!!!

  96. 196

    There's nothing too insensitive about reminding jackasses not to drink and drive, not even this jackass (after his death). How many people have to die to get the point?

  97. 197

    Re: Robzmom – Amen

  98. 198

    Perez, in your pink world no one would ever say or do anything that would offend another human being. We'd all be alike, we'd all agree on everything, and we'd all exist for mushy emotional hugs. Insensitive? No. Ebert wasn't insensitive. He expressed himself, just as YOU do on your gay-agenda rants that many disagree with and find offensive. The problem with society today is that people like YOU want everything sugar-coated, sanitized, and softened; the problem with that is that it's not natural because life is often bitter, it's sometimes dirty, and it always has sharp corners. So hang it up, girlie, and STFU for once.

  99. 199

    rogar u dont know wht really happened so shut ur fuckin mouth

  100. 200

    Roger Ebert is a half dead washed up has been!! These comments aren't hurting Ryan, they are hurting the family and friends he left behind. Can we just wait a week before we start pointing fingers at a mistake he made that cost him and his friends life! Families need some time to grieve in peace before people start pointing fingers. Roger can yell at Ryan all he wants when he sees him in the afterlife, it shouldn't be long!! Maybe we should all taunt Roger's family two days after he passes about some stupid things he did in his past. I do not condone drinking and driving but please let them rest in peace.

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