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269 comments to “Roger Ebert Responds Insensitively To Ryan Dunn's Death”

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  1. 201

    If this was someone close to anyone of you and Roger Ebert said this about the situation of that friend of yours who died it would be a different story. Roger would be insensitive if this was YOUR mom or brother or friend.

  2. 202

    My question is who the hell is Roger Ebert to even comment? How is he in any way relevant to the situation? Not only is it an insensitive comment, but it's a comment made by someone so detached from all the people involved.

  3. 203

    Some of you people just don't get it. My mother killed herself driving & speeding, under the influence of a drug, when I was a young girl. It's been 12 years since, and each time I reflect on her death, I will ALWAYS be thankful her recklessness didn't kill someone else. As for the point of this article: Thank you, Ebert.

  4. 204

    Re: Lucybe11e – i agree 100% w/ u he shouldnt have tlked tht way about a person who just died a tragic death.

  5. 205

    Re: Terraer – Oh no I get your situation but how funny do you honestly think it would be for Roger to come to her funeral and crack a few jokes against her?

  6. 206

    Re: ruby95 – So what really happened then? Tell us all, please. Are you sure this drunken slob didn't get behind the wheel of his car and murder somebody? Thats exactly what happened. Have some compassion for the people this jerk didn't kill with his stupid behavior. He murdered somebody.

  7. 207

    Actually I find Ebert to be pretty hypocritical. For all those Ebert supporters out there, talking about poor him and his cancer, and Ryan deserved everything he got etc…..think about this….while not known if it was the total cause of all his cancers, Ebert's smoking was a contributing factor. So this is a man who smoked, and knowing the dangers, continued to put his life in jeopardy, as well as anyone around him who he endangered with second hand smoke. Therefore, by your reasoning that Ryan deserved to die, (when there is nothing saying he was yet proven drunk), because he intentionally drank and drove, knowing he could be endangering others, could also be applied to Mr. Ebert as well dontcha think?????? I mean he intentionally put his life and the lives of others at risk. People are so quick to judge and spew hate and judgement forth on others, without even having all the facts. If he was drunk he payed the ultimate price. This nastiness is only hurting those who loved him. Why would you want to cause more pain to people who had nothing to do with it? Nobody gives a damn anymore, and it's why this world is going to hell in a handbasket.

  8. 208

    Is it sad that someone died? Of course. Should we be romantizing something awful and hideous? No. He could've killed an innocent person. My sister was killed by a drunk driver and the guy didn't even go to jail. She was sixteen, no one is making memorial pages for her. She's not getting public sympathy. However the guy who could've killed an innocent people is.

  9. 209

    calm the fuck down perez. you're way to sensitive

  10. 210

    i really liked viva la bam and him in it. RIP both casualties

  11. 211

    It doesn't matter that he did something stupid, he DIED! His life and someone else's life are over forever. No one should be insensitive of that fact right now, not any of you, and certainly not someone as well known as Roger Ebert. None of you have any place to agree so soon after the fact with what Roger Ebert said about Ryan's decision to drive after drinking, and Roger Ebert had no right to say what he did so soon after the fact, either. It might have been OK later on, but not within hours of the story breaking; that is what makes it a big deal…

  12. 212

    Everyone, including Ebert, should stop speculating and SHUT THE FUCK UP! The only 2 people who really now the circumstances are no longer with us. And even if true….Show some respect you Mother Fuckers who prentend you've never had a drink or drove over the speed limit.

  13. 213

    Hey JACKASS is as JACKASS does. Roger Ebert is right. This guy made his living taking stupid and ridiculous risks…thought himself being invincible is a good guess. He is damn lucky he didn't kill anyone else. ANYONE who drive drunk is a JACKASS…this guy qualifies. Doesn't take away from those who mourn his loss…it's the truth…don't soften the truth to paint some glorious picture of this guy. Needless loss…lay off Roger Ebert!!!!

  14. 214

    While I feel sympathy for the families involved, I feel none for Dunn himself. Regardless of whether he was stone cold sober or not, he's still a candidate for the Darwin Awards. He was a habitual speeder and grossly over the speed limit for the road. "The force of impact shattered the vehicle into several twisted and blackened pieces, leaving the Porsche 911 GT3 unrecognizable except for a door that was thrown from the crash and not incinerated. A 100-foot-long tire skid marked where the car left the roadway."

    For someone from the Camp Kill Yourself Crew he died as he lived, stupidly. Sober or not you can't protect against stupidity, but maybe someone else will learn from his stupid example.

  15. 215

    Ok yes, drinking and driving is wrong. However, Ebert's comment was unnecessary and ill-timed. Many people are mourning the loss of Ryan right now. I think Bam's reaction to Ebert was appropriate and that Ebert was very wrong.
    There is no proof (to my knowledge) that drinking was the cause of the accident. It's no secret he posted the picture of him and a few buddies drinking hours before the accident. That's only proof he had one drink hours beforehand. Other things can cause an accident. He could have fallen asleep, swerved to avoid something in the road, been distracted by the passenger, etc.
    Ryan was a great guy and will be missed by many. I feel for his friends (especially his Jackass buddies) and family.
    Ebert, you can keep the snarky comments to yourself. If you're going to post something about an tragic event like this, think before you post it so close to when the event happens.

  16. 216

    that's kinda messed up to say right now. leave that off the blog. talk about safe driving on a subject not related to Ryan Dunn, he just died!! wasn't Roger Ebert in a life death tragedy not too long ago? that's mean man. not cool at all.

  17. 217

    To go along with my last comment, I feel for the family and friends of the passenger that unfortunately died in this accident as well.

  18. 218

    Team Roger. Too bad Ryan wasn't driving at the same time as Nick Hogan was and took him out too.

  19. 219

    First off, and coming from a gay man, I find it ABSOLUTELY hilarious that Perez Hilton would be criticizing ANYONE on insensitivity.

    Second, you should now do an article on all the tweets that are being sent back to Roger Ebert. (Because, you know, wishing that someone's cancer kill them, thanking cancer when someone has it, and calling them a "FAT FUCK" among other things is MUCH better than making the TRUE STATEMENT that you shouldn't DRINK AND DRIVE.)

    I look forward to the day that Perez Hilton becomes irrelevant so he can finally stop making all gay people look bad.

  20. 220

    I'm with Roger.

  21. 221

    i said i feel sorry for the famillies but i absolutly do not feel sorry for him. in case you havnt noticed , most of the comments on here agree that saying that he deserved to die IF he was driving drunk. i just get mad when people defend drunk driving. i see so many accounts where a drunk driver has killed some innocent bystander and im not saying im happy hes dead but rather im happy he killed himself instead of an innocent bystander which we see all to much. there is no excuse for drunk driving and thats it. his family must be going through a difficult time and more so to know he killed someone else. honestly if i was his family yes i would be devastated but i would also be embarrassed and ashamed to know that he was drunk and that he killed someone else. exactly how id feel if someone i know killed themselves. yes its allways sad when someone dies but there are certain ways a person can die that also leaves the family angry. did you see the pictures of the accident?? that car was pretty smashed up and he mustve been really distracted if he wasnt drunk.

  22. 222

    Perez, you are a complete ASSHOLE and should assume room temperature!!!!

  23. 223

    F/U PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 224

    Ebert is right and so was Darwin! One less reckless drunk idiot in the gene pool….

  25. 225

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – it's common knowledge that Ryan was an awful driver. Thus far though, there is no proof whatsoever that he was drunk, and I just think you should save comments like that until his B.A.C. is revealed.

    An unrelated note to those claiming that we should feel so much worse for his passenger… Zachary was his FRIEND who had worked on Jackass before. Anyone who knew Ryan that well would know that he probably wasn't the safest person to get into a car with. He still chose to drive with him. It's still horribly sad that he died, but IF Ryan was drinking and he got in with him anyway, it was his own damn fault. If he was my loved one I would feel the exact same way. Getting into a car with someone who had been drinking is every bit as stupid as drinking and driving.

  26. 226

    Alright what ebert said was very insensitive also yes its true but still what he said was said way to soon it wasent even 24 hrs after his death he was saying that.yes drinking and driving is horrible and I don't condone it but the tox report is not even out yet and people are pointing fingers on that yah there were pics from hours before but no one is blaming the speed he was going just the drinking and they dont even know if he was over the limit. Also as for his passenger he was drinking also and he made the decision on getting in the car with ryan knowing he had been drinking. Lastly let this be a lesson for all if your drinking and you have had to much either have a dd beforehand or call some I'm pretty sure alot of the parents out there that have kids that are the legal drinking age have told there kids over and over if you can't drive call me and I will get you. People should start listening to there parents and make that call or if ur at a friends stay don't leave sleep it off.

  27. 227

    Was it insensitive of Ryan to kill his passenger? I think so…words don't kill, drunk drivers do.

  28. 228

    its not insensitive. despite the fact that it is true,ryan dunn would have respected the play on words. he has sick, raw humor as well.

  29. 229

    Why do some of you keep talking about how his family feels about this? Would his family even know about this if Bam hadn't made a big deal about it? I doubt it. No one would be talking about it because like the majority of people commenting here, people think he was right & it would have gone unnoticed by the media.

  30. 230

    "Ryan Dunn was doing 130 miles-per-hour in his Porsche at the time of the horrible crash that killed the "Jackass" star and his passenger — this according to West Goshen police. Police Chief Michael Carroll told reporters an accident reconstruction team determined the speed of the crash after inspecting the accident scene. Officials say Dunn's car collided with a guardrail at high speed, crashed in the woods and burst into flames."

    "130 mph" No sympathy for this criminally stupid moron.

  31. 231

    Re: Nihilist – well there you go. even if he wasnt drinking he was still speeding and not just a little bit. he got what he deserved. like i said.

  32. 232

    all you people who think that dunn was a douche bag and deserved to die, what if someone you loved had been driving drunk with a passenger in the car and crashed and died? what if it was your own son or daughter who made that stupid decision? imaginge how much those comments would hurt. and the passenger was drinking with him and made the choice to get in the car with him. he could have just as easily said "give me the keys, i'll drive". it's not about putting blame on someone for your own satisfaction. they both dead, so why does it matter who's fault it was, it's still tragic.

  33. 233

    Re: Nollifer – It matters so that the idiotic fanboys (and girls) that think Dunn was some kind of hero realize what an incredible idiot he really was. Stupidity kills.

  34. 234

    Re: uhhhhno – So all gay men aren't bitchy hypocritical assholes? Too bad this site wasn't written by a good representative of the gay community. As much as Perez paints all gays in a bad color, I always remind myself that an asshole is an asshole, no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Even if he was straight as can be he'd be an asshat.

  35. 235

    First off let me start by saying I Roger Ebert is a jack ass him self.I new Zack and he was one of the good guys.We all have made mistakes in our life… Some we get a chance to fix and others we don't..sadly this is one we can't fix. The family is devastated..and right now what we do not need is ur hate…ur ugly words or ur judgement..no one is perfect..As for Roger Ebert.. Maybe instead of being CRITICAL of some one else u should look in the mirror..or could it be that u are so use to criticIzing others that u have confused the
    movies with real life..well my friend this is real life and a real family and we have
    suffered a profound loss..This is not a movie..if u can't at least show some compassion
    than we would appreciate it if u would at least give us a chance to recover before having to deal with fall out..

  36. 236

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – Read post by. Our loss

  37. 237

    Re: iloverickymartin – Read deploy by our sad loss

  38. 238

    Re: katkat01Re: iloverickymartin – Read deploy by our sad loss

  39. laj says – reply to this


    People make mistakes. He was a great person and a friend to many. Granted, he liked to live on the edge. But I feel everyone should keep their negative comments to their selves. Because just remember that could be your friend or family. And lastly, the way you treat others will always bite you in the end so use your words wisely during these hard times. And when the reports come back he was indeed over the legal limit than let you "driving drunk comments" float in until then, let the the police handle that and go back to you business.

  40. laj says – reply to this


    lastly, everyone please get off your high horse. It's not flattering on any of you.

  41. 241

    he is insensitive. that was two lives lost ,and how do you know he was drunk, you guys assume shit. so shut your mouth and think before you say things, his family and friends are in pain. what if that was your friend lost, you would be grieving too, whoever agrees with ebert, is just cold-harded.

  42. PhilD says – reply to this


    "..this is somebody's son"!? So is the guy whose life he threatened, and fortunately didn't end, by driving drunk. He might have been funny, but more to the point, such utter disregard for the welfare of others demonstrates the kind of person he really was. Threatening your own welfare is fine, until you involve others. More significant than how popular he might have been is the object lesson in drunk driving this story is. Roger Ebert's just saying what everyone's thinking.

  43. 243

    Big suprise! They found alcohol in his system!! Total d-bag killed himself and his passenger, a former marine who has been deployed to Iraq three times. So yes, He is (was) a pretty big jackass. What is next Perez, defending child abusers?

  44. 244

    there was nothing wrong with the comment and I bet if Ryan Dunn had been the passenger killed by a non-celebrity driving drunk like a jackass Pereez would have been more than happy to say all kinds of nasty things about the the drunk driver.
    Come on Perez Ebert was righ ton target and its not insensitive to warn of the dangers of drunk driving.

  45. 245

    I feel sorry for all you people making this about how sorry you are feeling for yourselves because someone you admired acted like a complete jackass got drunk and killed himself and another person and someone said something that makes you upset. I know youall wouldn't be worried about the timing or insensitivity if Dunn were a passenger kielled by an unknown drunk driver.

  46. 246

    i agree it is very insensitive — TO DRIVE DRUNK AT OVER 100mph ON A ROAD I DRIVE ON WITH MY 3 KIDS! lucky no innocent people were killed - this was not a sparsely populated area he was jackassing in.

  47. 247

    Re: Our sad loss – yes everyone makes mistakes but drunk driving is unforgivable especially when you kill someone else in the process. if someone else not famous had been the drunk driver everyone would be slamming him/her. so stop being fucking hypocrites and admit that what he did was disgusting and deplorable. he was twice over the legal limit and he was going 130. so i have no sympathy for this fucker. if he was acting as recklessly as that then i have no sympathy. i am sorry for his family who must be devastated and embarrassed . i know i would be.

  48. 248

    however insensitive it is, it is true. sad, but true.

  49. 249

    but he didn't hit a busload of kids or any of that shit… what if this happened to your son, boyfriend, or best friend? huh? then how would you feel? SAD. have some god damn respect people. unfortunately Ryan and Zach were drinking, that's a choice they made, and sadly it led to this, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. so instead of being assholes, why don't you get off your high horse and give some sympathy to those people who lost their Random Hero… you people who agree with Roger Ebert sicken me…

  50. 250

    Re: jessiehx – And you people who think a dangerous idiot is a "Random Hero" sicken me. He could have killed far more than one other person. Get it through your stupid head that 130mph (sober or drunk) is both criminal and terminally stupid!

  51. 251

    Re: jessiehx – I apologize for calling you stupid, at least your writing is understandable and mostly correct which many of the posts aren't. My point was that people need to pick better heroes than the stupid example Dunn set. As I said before I do feel very sorry for both his and Hartwell's families but absolutely none for Ryan himself.

  52. 252

    Beyond insensitivity: The Westboro Death Cheerleaders will be picketing Dunn's funeral. Westboro motto: GOD HATES. I think their tax exemption as a "church" should be reviewed.

  53. 253

    Re: AVAAAT
    What now? Well "what now" is that every penny Ryan Dunn ever made in show business gets transferred via civil law suit to the family of the passenger. That is all. And his family likely declares bankruptcy I would guess.

  54. 254

    Re: uhhhhno – I fund it incredible that Westboro Death Team will be picketing; of course they have the right, WITHIN LIMITS, but calling the GOD HATES organization a church is ludicrous. I may start a church with a ministry of "God hates Tall people". Will I be known as a church or a hate group?

  55. 255

    I am disgusted with the way this world is. Everyone becomes "Judge & Jurry" and become perfect people with a big mouth and a heavy finger! I'd hate to see someone if the pole was in regardes to there mother,father,brother,sister ,friend or loved one.! It's not so you feel the need to mock and judge the dead? because your still here breathing you want to use that time to "Instead" of being thankful for your life use it instead to make a disgusting comment "HOURS" after the death of someone? Friends dont let "Jackasses" drive drunk? then come back and make the statement you meant "Jackasses" as someone who is drunk and decides to drive? Really??? do you think your tweeting to a bunch of kids that cant see the obvious play on words that you thought was a JOKE?

  56. 256

    I am disgusted with the way this world is. Everyone becomes "Judge & Jurry" and become perfect people with a big mouth and a heavy finger! I'd hate to see someone if the pole was in regardes to there mother,father,brother,sister ,friend or loved one.! It's not so you feel the need to mock and judge the dead? because your still here breathing you want to use that time to "Instead" of being thankful for your life use it instead to make a disgusting comment "HOURS" after the death of someone? Friends dont let "Jackasses" drive drunk? then come back and make the statement you meant "Jackasses" as someone who is drunk and decides to drive? Really??? do you think your tweeting to a bunch of kids that cant see the obvious play on words that you thought was a JOKE?

  57. 257

    EBERT and all the idiots listening to him let me ask you this, Where is your 2 cent remarks about every other car accident death that has to do with drinking? how many AA mtgs do you go to and try and help and or sponser someone with a drinking problem? How many of those families are you contacting or tweeting about? or are you just jumping on someone that made a horibble decision because he was famous and you KNOW you'll get attention from it? you get 1 chance at LIFE and everyone is always trying to CASH in on someones pain and loss or catch there 5min of fame! Ryan didnt get rehab,a ticket, or even a jail sentence for the mistake he made he recived a far more worse punishment, HE LOST HIS LIFE? Is that not enough?

  58. 258

    Part #3
    im happy for those of you that can make a mistake and wake up perfect and never make a mistake again but for those of us that are "human" sometimes make mistakes more than once. I didnt know Ryan like his friends and family but id imagine if given the outcome was going to be this he may have made a diiferent choice that night, but seeing as if we cant see the futre and horrible things happen we are left to mourn a man that was loved and respected and will be missed im sure! The death of Ryan has obviously touched me because i have taken time from my life to write this, i was not touched as deep as his frinds and family but then again neither was EBERT.

  59. 259

    Part #4
    the difference is im using my time to say what i have that will most likely NEVER cross the eyes of his friends and family and EBERT made such a hurtfull obvious dig that has been SEEN by hundreds of thousands.I lost my best friend years back when he swirved on I97, he was a marine and sober and in a car with a few others, they swerved to save a life because they couldnt see thru the fog and ended ud being hit by an 18 wheeler, all died in the crash and it was all to save the life of another, so next time you make a quick remark remember that ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! i hope ONE thing is taken out of RYANS death and that's "LIFE" is too short! Enjoy it while you have it and remember that nobody is perfect!! he payed the most expensive price of all, (his life) REST IN PEACE Ryan!

  60. 260

    Re: billyb23 – 130mph+ is NOT an accident, it's criminal stupidity.

  61. 261

    Re: billyb23 – i actually belong to a group call SADD or students against drunk driving and i have been a member since i was in school. we go around and educate schools about the consequences of drunk driving. im actually going to pitch the idea of using this case as an example. at least he will do some good by stopping people who drive drunk and desuading people from driving drunk . this man was twice over the legal limit and he was going 130mph. this is extreme even for drunk driving. most cases i see are a couple of drinks over. this guy was going insanely fast. what if he had hit someone?? i cannot stress enough how stupid this guy was. you guys can keep defending him but the facts are there. he was an idiot and he killed himself and his friend. bad decisions have repercussions. he got what he deserved.

  62. 262

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – Oh shut the fuck up you fuckin dumb ass.. he didn't mean to kill anyone and his friend got into a car with a drunk driver.. he took his own risk.. there is nothing right about him drink but the man hasn't even been dead for 24 hrs and people were already talking shit.. keep your shitty ass opinions about the dead to yourself and let his family and friend grieve without your nasty comments.. you are disgusting bitch

  63. 263

    Re: J-Doll – ur the disgusting one for defending a drunk driver. there is no excuse for what he did and we are lucky he is of our streets.what if he had hit someone in your family ?? you would agree if you had lost someone to drunk driving. yes his friend was dumb for getting in the car with him but maybe he didnt think he was that drunk.some people can act sober very well. he could have easily hit someone at the speeds he was going. i never heard of anyone going that fast. and the photo of his car was pretty smashed up. you have to be a pretty big idiot to do something like that. people seem to be condeming the friend more to and probably because he wasnt famous. the bottom line is that dunn was the one behind the wheel , twice over the legal limit and speeding at 130 mph. he deserved what he got and im just glad he didnt kill anyone else. he is a murderer as are all drunk drivers who kill .

  64. 264

    R.I.P. Mr. Dunn …never knew you, but I am sad for your family & friends. May god keep them & bless them with peace & grace at this sad time.

  65. 265

    Weather he was drunk or not doesn't mean you people should be so insensitive to the situation, he was still someones friend, and a part of a family, if that was one of your close friends or family members would you say oh well he shouldnt of drank what a jackass!!!I doubt it. I don't care if he was drunk or not it is a very sad situation. And for all of you who want to be callous about the situation one day it will come and bite you in the ass!

  66. 266

    Re: T.E.A.M.J.O.L.I.E – I had to comment on your use of the word "murderer." That implies Ryan actually planned to kill his friend. Murder has to be premeditated. You're using an ugly word to get your point across, but you're not even using it right.

    Drunk driving is wrong. There is no question about that. But saying a man deserved such a violent death is sad. Plenty of teenagers drive drunk all the time, and would you wish for them to be burned alive like that? It doesn't even matter about the facts of thee situation. People died. Loss of human life is sad. Loss of any life is sad. A person has parents, maybe children as well.

  67. 267

    Re: snxk42 – there are different types of murder but this would more likely be considered manslaughter because he was a celebrity and america hates to bash on there celebritys. just look at lilo. teenagers who drive drunk are just as dumb as this idiot. should they be excused because there young? no. they have less of an excuse because they have all the groups coming round to there schools educating them on the dangers of drunk driving. what im trying to say is that its sad hes dead yes. but the fact that he is dead should not mean he be excused for what he did. he still did a very bad thing which resulted in the death of a friend. no one deserves to be burned alive in there car but i have no sympathy for someone who brings it on himself. he caused this and im happy that he only killed himself and his friend because at the ridiculous speeds he was going he could have killed a lot more. we are very lucky he didnt and quite frankly i am glad hes of our roads. 130mph is just insane and im not even surprised he crashed if he was going that fast. even a sober person would find it hard to control a car at that speed unless they were a pro .

  68. 268

    Roger whatever the fuck his name is, is being completely insensitive. PEOPLE DIED…& all he cares about is blaming them for drinking and driving? yeah, i get it. its wrong but just shut the fuck up,

  69. 269

    I agree with Ebert this imbecil was truly a Jackass. So he thought he was above the law to drink and drive over a 100 miles an hour. Stupid Moron. Death came too soon for him because he put himself in danger, nobody else. Everyone defending him doesn't think that he could have killed innocent people because of his stupidity. I have no sympathy for him. The Jackass.

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