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Chatting With… Sandra Bernhard!

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A gay icon and a comedy legend!

Perez recently sat down with the oh-so-fabulous Sandra Bernhard to dish the dirt!

We chatted about the exciting new project she just did with former costar Roseanne, her new album, her long career in show business, her early beginnings as a manicurist (really!), some fun tidbits on Phyllis Diller, being a mom to a teenager, the new musical she wrote and so much more.

Read some highlights from our chat… after the jump.

And watch our interview in full above!!!

Perez Hilton: Here's a question, I don’t know if you get asked a lot. And maybe you have but I was curious about this. You know I've seen your show before and I love it. And maybe I'm wrong, but more often than not when I've seen you it seems like your audience is predominately gay men. Why is it that the lesbians don’t come out and see you as much as the gay men?

Sandra Bernard: They do more than they used to. Well no because I love fashion, I love glamour and I think that kind of like in the early days of the kind of feminist dyke movement freak a lot of women out. You know something, then I don’t have to give up the coins as much as the gay boys. But since like, ″The L word″ and these new you know — like now there's you know cute lesbians and cute young girls, they’re a little freer with their money. Everybody's gotten on board the Sandy Love Train and they even show up the station. (Whoo)

Perez Hilton: Now I don’t, you know I embrace getting older. You have been doing this for like 25 years.

Sandra Bernard: Longer than that.

Perez Hilton: Longer than that?

Sandra Bernard: I moved to LA in 1974.

Perez Hilton: 1974?

Sandra Bernard: When I was 18. And I started, I kind of kicked right into performing a year later. I became a manicurist, I worked in Beverly Hills.

Perez Hilton: You were a manicurist?

Sandra Bernard: Yeah, for five years, to support myself.

Perez Hilton: For five years?

Sandra Bernard: So I was manicuring by day.

Perez Hilton: Let me look at your nails.

Sandra Bernard: They’re horrible. I didn’t have a chance to get my — I go to Day Il Choy at Bloomingdales where they can make up, they force somebody to call Michael because that's you know the racist American. He's Korean but his real name's Day Il Choy. What's the matter, nobody can say Day Il?

Perez Hilton: Day Il.

Sandra Bernard: Yeah. Anyway, that's just my little sidebar. So yeah, so I did that, and then I started performing in all the clubs in LA back in the day.

Perez Hilton: And then you know doing everything from TV, to event, and –

Sandra Bernard: — everything has been (inaudible), TV, film, albums, live performing, my own one woman you know specials on HBO and you know I just manage to continue to keep doing it.

Perez Hilton: Do you keep in touch with Rosanne?

Sandra Bernard: I do. I was just [watch the interview above for more.]

Perez Hilton: Have you ever been in a musical on Broadway?

Sandra Bernard: No, but I've written one, I wrote with Justin Vivianne Bond.

Perez Hilton: Justin had the name change, right.

Sandra Bernard: Yeah, that's right. And we wrote a musical last summer. We're trying to get that set up to arts and crafts.

Perez Hilton: And would you be in it?

Sandra Bernard: Yeah, it's from the two of us. Which is –

Perez Hilton: It's just the two of you?

Sandra Bernard: No, no, it's a whole ensemble. But we're the stars. We play cousins who haven’t seen each other in years and we hook up at a family wedding. And I've gone off to the Midwest and married some you know Christian fundamentalist. And then I'm tired of my life and I reject it and I just surprise him and move in with him in New York and his whole gang of fairies and –

Perez Hilton: And this is done, done?

Sandra Bernard: Its been finished, it's done. It's not –

Perez Hilton: Have you work shopped it?

Sandra Bernard: Yeah, we work shopped it a little bit.

Perez Hilton: Show it to producers?

Sandra Bernard: Yeah, but we need to do it again. We need to bring somebody on board who can help fine tune it.

Perez Hilton: I love it. I'm so excited. I love you, I love Justin.

Sandra Bernard: Justin's done great things on his own.

Perez Hilton: And he has, he has.

Sandra Bernard: And hopefully this is going to be one of them that we're going to get done.

Perez Hilton: Call her, give her money so that we can go see the musical on Broadway.

Sandra Bernard: Call me. Yeah, fly me in you know.

Perez Hilton: And go see her on the road this summer.

Sandra Bernard: Thank you honey.

Perez Hilton: Thanks for coming.

Sandra Bernard: You’re so good at this.

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16 comments to “Chatting With… Sandra Bernhard!”

  1. 1

    whats the deal with her face? it looks like she played every show of the last 25 years on her face!

  2. 2

    I saw Sandra Bernhard out and about in the West Village once. She shot me a look that said, "Bitch if you so much as open your mouth to say something to me I will snap your neck." Funny, you don't forget stuff like that. I'm not a big fan.

  3. 3

    I wonder how many celebrities fire there agent after they get booked to talk to you. You are better off sticking to writing (and misspelling) your blog. Listening to you talk and try to interview is like nails on a chalk board

  4. 4

    Re: Bagman – their

  5. 5

    I like Sandra. She's Ok. Because she doesn't buy into Madonna's shit.

  6. 6

    Holy shit, plastic face. She looks like Charlize Therons character in the movie 'Monster'

  7. 7

    And yet another gay hat for the bald freak.

  8. 8

    Re: prickly – Wow…intimidated by strong women are you? I have seen her multiple times in different cities in small and larger venues, never got that vibe at all…she is in command and has strength…I love it….she is an original….love her and her mind. And no, she is not a traditional beauty, but so what? Let's not attack her looks, ok? She is still sexy as hell.Re: Truth_Is_A-Virus – don't be so negative…geez. You can have an opinion, but don't be cruel.

  9. 9

    Love her! She looks like a fun person to hang out with and talk to for hours.

  10. 10

    Actually, Perez, you're NOT good at interviewing. I know you do those crappy interview videos so you can talk to the D-listers you can manage to snag because it makes you feel important and it makes you feel relevant (you're not). But you do an awful job and you take yourself way too seriously. Your talent doesn't match your ambition or your self-love.

  11. 11

    Get a good look at that Sandra Bernhard, mister! Cause you're gonna end up just like her. She was Madonna's chew toy and soon you're gonna be Gaga's.

  12. 12

    just another skank…

  13. 13

    I thought Sandra had more class but then again, she was used by Madonna for publicity too.

  14. han:) says – reply to this


    you have the same dolly parton shirt as me!

  15. 15

    When was she ever glamorous OR funny?

  16. 16

    Is she as DYKIE in person as she seems?