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New York Target Employees Vote Against Unionizing

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Despite efforts by The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), employees at a Valley Streem, NY Target location voted 137-85 against unionizing.

Had the vote passed, the branch would have been the first Target in the U.S. to be unionized.

However, this is not the first time forces in favor of unionizing have organized against the retail giant and doesn't look to be the last. In fact, those in favor of a union to protect employees from low wages, low benefits, and low hours plan to contest the results because of inappropriate anti-union efforts by the Minneapolis-based retailer.

While Target had no comment, UFCW Local 1500 spokesman Patrick Purcell said, "This just round one." He continued to say the union plans to file their objections to the election on Monday and call for a re-election.

Target believes that their employees are better off working with the company, as opposed to paying union dues and so far the majority of employees seem to agree. Although, there is some suspicion that those who voted against the union only did so in fear of losing their jobs.

The company informed their employees in a flier before the vote that there were no guarantees the Valley Stream store would stay open if workers chose union representation.

How can anyone vote "yes" to a union they may no longer need to be a part of if the store they work at closes down as a result of joining?

Way to play fair, Target!

Do U think employees working for big retail companies like Target or Wal-Mart should organize into a union?

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13 comments to “New York Target Employees Vote Against Unionizing”

  1. 1

    yes, that's what they've done in Brazil decades ago and now all employees have, mandatory: 30 days paid vacation every year, 13th salary ( one whole extra month of pay every year), fine for end of contract by the employer, compulsory deposit ( 8% of what you make goes into a savings account, you can only touch it if you get fired, retire or buy a house)!!! brazilian labor laws are amazing! too bad the country is still poor… TARGET PEOPLE, VOTE FOR UNION!!!!!!!!!!! SO THE BIG CORPORATION AHOLES WON'T BE ABLE TO THROW YOU AT THE TRASH LIKE THEY DO TODAY!

  2. 2

    What the fuck is this to do with Celebrity Gossip you fat cun*t? Keep your communist bullshit it the gutter where it belongs. Thank fuck Target turned down union parasites. nothing worse than ahypocrite union leader who claims to be for the people yet ends up making more cash than a typical CEO. No wonder you like them as u stand for hypocrisy Piggy. It ain't the 30's any more, so fuck the unions.

  3. 3

    Bug off, Mario. I used to work in a Target warehouse. We were paid good wages and we weren't worked to death. I don't want ANY ONE to tell me that I have to strike and then wonder how I'm going to feed my children. I don't need a middle man that takes my dues and then tells me how to vote in an election, or uses tactics like an open ballot form so that they know how you voted. I don't meed a middle man to talk to HR or my supervisor, and my vacation time and sick leave was right in line with the rest of corporate America. I was able to take two consecutive weeks off. I got paid over time and was compensated for shift work, and I was able to work four ten hour days so that I was getting three days off during the work week. And at the end of the year I was able to be paid out for sick days I did not take.

    Unions have WAY too much power over you and your money - but most of all - YOUR VOTE. I'm not for sale. Target employees, never bow down to a union. It's not worth it in the end. All they see are dollar signs, for themselves of course.

  4. 4

    Unions are one of the largest barriers to economic growth in this country and have continually proved to be corrupt institutions where the leaders profit exponentially off their member's dues and then they contribute to (Decomcrat) political candidates who support their outrageous demands. While it is good to have protection for worker's rights, these Unions are just so out of control in how they operate, it's good that they are finally being seen for what they are.

  5. 5

    i agree with the 2 who got problems with unions.
    i worked at a Kroger and was forced into joining the goddamned ufcw.
    those lousy crooks did nothing but hit me up for a union initiation fee and collect their weekly union dues from MY wages.
    these goons won't be happy until every job everywhere is under union control.
    bunch of fuckin parasites.
    yeah for target!!!!

  6. 6

    Unions are the worst. They force people into accepting what the top want whether it really is best because they are taking kickbacks just like congressman take kickbacks. Unions are nothing more than bullies. Run as fast as you can from an union! Unions stopped fighting the good fight a long time ago. Now it is all about fancy golf & trips for the highers which the low people paying the dues WILL NEVER SEE.

  7. 7

    Target is just as fucking awful as Wal-Mart. The vote didn't pass because Target put pressure on the employees, and even hinted that if the vote went for the union, they might close the store. Wal-Mart did that in Quebec, Canada a few years ago. The employees voted to unionize and, just like that, the store closed. Of course Wal-Mart blatantly lied to the gov't and said the store was a poor performed. It was obvious what was going on. And our business-friendly governments will happily let them do as they please.

  8. 8

    Wow - I never thought of Target as a celebrity before. This IS news. What isnt news is that Target is always ranked as one of the top employers - no wonder their employees dont want things screwed up with a union getting involved.

  9. 9

    Unions are basically trying to fill their pockets with union dues from huge corporations- how much money does the UFCW stand to get if they take control? LOTS! Unions don't make sense and they are a gross waste of money. The government is a lot more involved with workers rights than they were back in the 30's- Unions are obsolete!!

  10. 10

    Unions suck, they are glorified gangs that threaten you. Most union workers are lazy fucks and take more breaks than they work. Unions are obsolete these days and need to be disbanded. We have these labor laws that a child can look up on the internet to "fight" the corporations. I can't stand the Unions when they go on strike they can bring a city to their knees and bring families to the brink of bankruptcy because they want .25 more and hour, is the Union going to pay their mortgages, don't think so!

  11. 11

    Re: Shaniqua Jones – this is for Shaniqua and all of the idiots on here. The union president does not make 23.9 million dollars. the ceo of target made 23.9$. Target makes their money off of slave wages in China and other third world countries. Unions are not perfect but they are ran by workers and for workers. A union means having a contract, an arbitration procedure, health care, and wage increases. Unions suck when the workers don't get involved in them. Not all unions are the same but Unions don't have too much power. It's not a surprise people here are misinformed considering they YOU concern yourselves with superficial endeavors. All of the clothes you buy are made with blood money. It's sad Target workers didn't win but it is worse they were intimidated into voting against their best interests. Unionization is not going to drive business out of business. The US is an exception pertaining to unionization. Germany has strong Unions and one of the strongest economies in the world and is the size of Texas. Watch Tv it's apparently making you so much smarter than the rest of us.

  12. 12

    The people voted not to join the union, but like any child they won't take no for an answer. Unions for the most part have outlived their usefulness and are only holding the economy back. They don't see employees while look at these large corporations, they see dollar signs.

  13. 13

    FUCK Unions. They are nothing but self-serving, money grubbing pricks who line their own pockets at the expense of the working man. They no longer stand up for employees, they are in for themselves, period! There are little things called "Labor laws" now that already do what unions used to, they are NOT needed anymore. My wife worked for a Union office for years, and was on the union as well. They did nothing for her but take her money and refuse to do anything for the employees. But they did regularly vote themselves more dues year after year. My Father worked 47 years for his company, paid his dues year after year, got nothing for it, but handed off from one union to another when they deemed that his company "wasn't big enough and making enough money for them to handle". The, just before his retirement, they made him cut his pay in HALF! No cut in Union dues though, no, keep paying those! What the hell is a union for??? Cutting his pay ended up dropping him into a lower pay bracket which dramatically cut his Social Security benefits he later went to collect. Then, just to kick him again, upon retirement after 50 YEARS of service, he is told that he will not get ANY pension at all because the union embezzled all the money. Sorry, nothing for you, bye bye. FUCK UNIONS!