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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Is Going To Rehab!

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It's a sad situation, but we're proud that she is taking steps to better herself, as a person and a mother.

Earlier this month, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Now, before she makes her big move to California with her family, she is seeking treatment for her issues. She revealed to Star Magazine that she's entering rehab as of this week for "anger control issues and depression." She added:

“I’m on medication at the moment to just help me relax. I’m in a vulnerable state right now and I know people want a lot of answers.”

You've answered the only question we had, honey - that you care enough about yourself and your child to get help.

We wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. You've had a lot to deal with in your young life. Please take this time to better yourself.

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15 comments to “Teen Mom Amber Portwood Is Going To Rehab!”

  1. 1

    Hmmm Rehab for anger issues? If it is only a 30day facility statistics are against her. I hope she gets the helpshe needs.

  2. 2

    I was hoping this was going to be Ryan Dunne's passenger.

  3. 3

    Why do you keep posting about this cow? Shes pretty worthless

  4. 4

    Who cares about this piece of trash. Please, someone take that poor little girl away from BOTH of these losers. She hasn't got a chance. Social Services needs to step in, put her with a good family and start the adoption process! This pig is the poster child for people who should be sterilized.

  5. 5

    If you ask me, I think all she needs is a good spanking and a wake up call that her life is just fine. These ungrateful kids HAVING kids… they all end up being on drugs or drinking because they cannot handle the changes from teen to tot mom. They throw tantrums and blame everyone and everything else for their "woes". If you can't understand the reality of life, half pint, then you shouldn't be trying to raise a baby. Give it to someone who gives a damn and is willing to stick around for the sake of that child.

  6. 6

    Who?!?!?! She's on here, because she had a baby at 16 whoopdeedooo….find someone noteworthy to post about.

  7. 7

    Thank god you are proud, cause your opinion matters here. Fuck off, and quit posting about this fat whore on a celbrity gossip site, she is no celeb, just trash who can't even kill herself.

  8. 8

    Who cares about this idiot teen mom? I don't know why America is sensationalizing a huge problem such as teen pregnancy. Who the hell cares if this sad excuse for a mother/human is going to rehab. Let's also sensationalize drug abuse and rehab facilities because that's what the new trend is. This girl is a moron and so is the rest of us Americans who even bother to look at her "story".

  9. 9

    Meanwhile, people who aren't famous have trouble finding shrinks who take their insurance and are living with depression every day.

  10. 10

    if you dont like the people he post about dont read it.. or better yet.. dont come to the site at all. get a life and stop talking shit losers.

  11. 11

    Who cares. This piece of shit is not a celeb. She's a trashy fat whore who was too stupid to put a condom on fatboy Gary or get on the pill herself. I don't understand why people idolize stupidity and sluttyness these days. She was too stupid to even succed at killing herself,she's just a stupid loser and that's all she is ever going to be. They should tie her tubes before she brings another 4 or 5 kids into the world,that will grow up just like her and be nothing but a drain on the taxpaying citizens of this country.

  12. 12

    And she is relevant because of what???????

    Shes just a junkie slut who got knocked up at 16 by a loser with no future.
    That's all you need to be on TV these days (oh, and a sex tape/leaked nude pics).

    You should be posting real news about real celebrities, not talking about a piece of trash, a waste of oxygen who's going to end her pathetic life overdosed on a sidewalk.

  13. PhilD says – reply to this


    She has that glazed look on her face that I see on so many teens these days: that "I'm-just-waiting-for-someone-to-give me-everything-because-I'm-entitled-to-it-so-hurry-up-already" look. Teen mom, suicide failure, anger issues: think about someone beside yourself for a split second…like your KID!

  14. 14

    Moving to California? Great, another idiot amongst us.

  15. 15

    This is just what she needs. However a clarification needs to be made. When her rep says "rehab" he means a mental hospital. Rehab is for addictions , Mental Hospitals are for mental problems not having to do with drugs like um gee, anger problems and depression. My bet is this chick has a major personality disorder and that a drug addictions is not the problem. She may be using drugs to deal with her emotions but she probably isn't a true addict. She is just in need of mental healthcare and proper medication. But I can not stress the difference enough. REHAB IS FOR ADDICTIONS AND MENTAL HOSPITALS ARE FOR MENTAL PROBLEMS. Publicists say rehab because it sounds better than we put her in the paddy wagon and sent her to the funny farm.