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The View Takes On David Tyree's Gay Marriage Comments

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We understand that he said what he said as respectfully as possible, Elizabeth, but we have to agree with the other ladies about the children aspect.

While he most definitely has the right to disagree with gay marriage, we align with Whoopi in the thought that if you don't agree with gay marriage, don't marry a gay person! What they want to do, how they want to affirm their love with recognition from the government, it has pretty literally nothing to do with you and how you live your life!

Love is such an amazing and powerfully positive thing — it blows our mind that something so positive can be so disagreed with.

Check out the video above and let us know how U feel about what David Tyree said!

Equality for all!

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34 comments to “The View Takes On David Tyree's Gay Marriage Comments”

  1. 1

    Finally you realize that people have their own damn opinion.

  2. 2

    The opinion is WRONG!

  3. 3

    It is amazing to me that in the past months we have had two black men speak negatively about gays to the point of being offensive and ignorant. And people say they have that right. What would happen if a white person spoke negatively or used racist language about black people on stage or in an interview? What it be taken so lightly? We have to accept that gays are human and they pay taxes and they deserve the same rights as any other citizen of this country. We gotta move forward America! Really?! Are we still having the debate in 2011?!

  4. 4

    At least what Elizabteh and David said were in respectful manners… I am all for Gay Marriage…However, I do not think it is healthy for 2 lesbians, or 2 gay men to raise children. Sociologically and psychologically, you need a MAN and WOMAN for this. And wether you believe in Equality or Not… its the truth

  5. 5

    Marriage is a religious rite. Religion can set the requirements it wants. You perverts are just going to have to live with civil unions. Too bad.

  6. 6

    Hey Perez, did YOU listen to your own post?? Elisabeth NEVER commented on gays having children aspect!! She just was saying he's a good guy…

  7. 7

    I hope you also pulled from this that Elisabeth stated she is in favor of gay marriage.

  8. 8

    The guy has an opinion. Everybody has an opinion. This is America, right? Big deal.

  9. 9

    Re: blaakq – Correction…she didn't state in this clip she is in favor. It was later tweeted that she was in favor of marriage equality for all.

  10. 10

    Didn't he have two children out of wedlock?

    Wasn't he a crack addict and got busted with something like half a pound of pot.

    Mr. Tyree wants you to believe that his Christian values are the law of the land. I will remind him that his religion is not the basis of US law and never has been.

    I think he said something like God made sure he caught that famous pass with the ball on the side of his head so he could help keep marriage between a man and a woman. Guess God wasn't very busy that day.

    Didn't he also say something about he would gladly give up his super bowl win if it would mean he could prevent same sex marriage. Wonder how his fellow teammates feel about that.

    And people are taking this man seriously why?

  11. 11

    Re: PinkeeSwear – just because you say something doesn't make it the truth.

    The scientific research that has directly compared outcomes for children with gay and lesbian parents with outcomes for children with heterosexual parents has been remarkably consistent in showing that lesbian and gay parents are as fit and capable as heterosexual parents, and their children are as psychologically healthy and well-adjusted as children reared by heterosexual parents, despite the reality that considerable legal discrimination and inequity remain significant challenges for these families.[4] Major associations of mental health professionals in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, have not identified credible empirical research that suggests otherwise. Literature indicates that parents’ financial, psychological and physical well-being is enhanced by marriage and that children benefit from being raised by two parents within a legally-recognized union.
    Since the 1970s, it has become increasingly clear that it is family processes (such as the quality of parenting, the psychosocial well-being of parents, the quality of and satisfaction with relationships within the family, and the level of co-operation and harmony between parents) that contribute to determining children’s well-being and ‘outcomes’, rather than family structures, per se, such as the number, gender, sexuality and co-habitation status of parents.

  12. 12

    Was he asked what his opinion on the issue on the thing was?? If so then he has done nothing wrong but give his opinion. It is not like he is rounding people up to go petition the govt against gay marriage…etc. All he did was give his opinion. Leave him alone.

  13. 13

    Re: Dolph – There are some black men that are gay too. White people do not have a monopoly on homosexuality. If a white person spoke negatively about black people, he would be speaking negatively about ALL black people (gay or not)

  14. Shaun says – reply to this


    no matter how much pro gay crap you spew perez wont change the fact that gays are not equal. they cannot procreate. actually it is quite disgusting to think a guy is putting his junk up another mans butt. just gross. so if you want civil unions its fine with me but no you are not equal.

  15. 15

    Hey Perez, when you are going to change the name of this website to: "gayrights24-7.com". I think I hear the word gay coming from this blog more times in a day then I do on the TV, radio and other internet sites combined. How about this: you have CocoPerez, TeddyPerez, FitPerez, WHY DON'T YOU JUST MAKE A GAYPEREZ site? And then you can go on all the "Equal rights for all" rants and call out everyone for everything as much as you want.

  16. 16

    Kocaine Kirstie rocks! Whoopi was lettin' a SBD go while she was responding to Elizabitch's bitchin'. Oh, and please please please let Sherri's son grow up to be a tranni!!!!!

  17. 17

    Re: anonymous_cool

    Protesters against same-sex marriage on Monday sang hymns like "Victory is Mine," chanted "God says no," and held signs like "Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman." Some clustered in small prayer circles to pray for the rejection of the gay marriage bill in New York.

    Former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree also joined the demonstration at the Capitol Monday and lent his star power to the fight against gay marriage in New York. The Super Bowl XLII football champion helped hand-deliver 63,000 petitions against same-sex marriage to Senate Republicans.

    Last week, Tyree appeared in a National Organization of Marriage video saying that same-sex marriage would lead to "anarchy."

    "Once you allow same-sex marriage, it opens up the door for a continued softening of the backbone of our society which will eventually, for generations to come, open the door for – who knows? – polygamy, and all other types of the sorts," he said.

  18. 18

    Traditional marriage should not be redefined as it has been man and woman for thousands of years. Gay unions are a modern family unit that should get equal rights and benifits but under a different name because it IS different. No more than calling boyscouts the same thing as girlscouts. Or the ocean a lake. Equality IS the right way to go but not at the expense of redefining traitional terms.

  19. 19

    Re: anonymous_cool – as per your reply #13, what the fuck does that even mean. when someone speaks negatively against gay people they are speaking about ALL gay people, not just white ones. as i'm sure you know gay people come in all races, sexes, religions, political affiliations, ect, ect……….

  20. 20

    Re: Snookietoes – YES! Exactly.

  21. 21

    Re: AttFinch – Actually, instead of just pasting "studies" youve found, go search real ones that state in the lng run, when the children are in adulthood, how it screws them up. Its not natural and its not a normal environment. and it will never be accepted. So i am statting the truth, not just an oppnion, but pure facts.

  22. 22

    What Tyree said was NOT respectful. Saying gay marriage will cause "anarchy" is over the top, as though two gays loving each other will cause lawlessness and the end of times. Why is it okay to say anything you want about gays and it's "an opinion"? But is saying Blacks shouldn't be allowed civil rights be "an opinion" or hate?

  23. 23

    Re: Kodes100 – It's an opinion. It is never right or wrong.

  24. 24

    Which Living God? The Christian God? There are so many gods!!! When christians negroes will understand that they are preaching a religion that was imposed to them by their white masters and the same religion they're following is the one that kept them in slavery for so long! I'm waiting for the day that we will find that Tyree is just another negro in down low!

  25. 25

    Re: Shaun – Shaun you are a moron and BTW guys put heir junk in many disgusting places and a woman's ass is no less disgusting than a mans (if you are disgusted by ass) But that is not the issue is it? nobody is asking you for your opinion on the sexual practices of anyone are they? This post is about people wanting to force their views on others who contribute equally in a society that is built on the principles of freedom and equality. If you believe in the "American values" we all were thought in school and are against equal rights then you are not living in the America described in our own constitution. BTW the comment on people being up in arms if it were a racial opinion is true, regardless of the fact that there are black homosexuals. Because in a lot of peoples minds and apparently yours too gays are not "created equal" and that sounds like an old argument used for blacks and Jews, sound familiar?

  26. 26

    Re: PinkeeSwear – well you couldn't even find something to "paste" to support that argument could you? Its probably because it would not be from a reputable source, therefor your "truth" is NOT REPUTABLE

  27. 27

    Re: Not my gumdrop buttons! – go the fuck away then! get a life!

  28. 28

    I always find it absolutely hilarious when Black people are prejudice. Had people not stood up against hate and prejudice two hundred years ago - you'd be slaves to this day.

  29. 29

    Re: Dolph – Why are you making this a black and white issue? You do know that there are black people in the LGBT community too right?!…

  30. 30

    There was a time when Religion ruled all governments and people…it was called THE DARK AGES!

  31. 31

    Re: Mad Dog – In some states its marriage! "Too bad" Your an idiot!

  32. 32

    I just don't understand why it's anyone's business, especially politicians and holy-rollers if a man and a man or a woman and a woman want to marry and have children. Shouldn't everyone be entitled to some form of happiness?

  33. 33

    Re: Zephyrinthesky – "Children raised in families led by same-sex parents would be continually exposed to homosexuality. They may choose to become gay or lesbian at a higher rate than those raised by a father and mother.
    Men and women have very different personalities, brain structure, talents, etc. They are designed to fit into very different roles within the family. In order for children to be properly socialized, they need to be brought up by both a father and a mother. The long range effects on children who are brought up by two women or two men are unknown and can only be speculated upon. "




  34. 34

    The prediction was anarchy…so said former NY Giants Superbowl star David Tyree. He was talking about the results of the hotly contested gay marriage bill which just passed in New York, granting the right to gays the nation over to…God forbid…tie the knot. Just what could he mean by anarchy? Could he mean the national rush of drag queens to Kleinfeld Bridal—of television reality fame—to ‘say yes to the dress’? Did he mean that traditional brides would have to plan that much further in advance as all the good ballrooms of Manhattan will be scooped by the double income no kids, DINKs, flush with cash and desire to outdo the last do? Or is it something simpler, like public displays of affection springing up everywhere—handholding, kisses goodbye? I dare ask, has Tyree ever walked through Chelsea? If it means anarchy…bring it on. The last time I understood true anarchy was during the LA Riots where people of Tyree’s own ethnicity took to the streets to burn what they could to…I guess…make a point and scare a nation. Fears not Tyree, gays are scared of fire—too much product in our hair makes us more combustible than the average straight guy. There will be no burnings in the streets.