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Male Pole Dancer Dazzles On America's Got Talent

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Check out this incredible performance by “polefessional” Steve Retchless.

The male pole dancer made an appearance last night on America’s Got Talent where he managed to impress many — just not judge Piers Morgan.

The glittery dancer took to the poles and showed off his skills to Katy Perry’s E.T..

But Sharon Osbourne loved it all, stating:

"You should be called 'Steve the Magnificent. You are all things to everyone. You are quite androgynous and I think everyone will just fall in love with you, man or woman."

What do U think of Steve’s performance?

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28 comments to “Male Pole Dancer Dazzles On America's Got Talent

  1. 1

    Seen better, pole dancing is a women's thing

  2. 2

    Seen better, pole dancing is for women, much more graceful

  3. 3

    Well, I'm pretty much sure than 80% of female pole dancers are 90% better than he is. Next.

  4. 4

    I'm all for gay rights but you dont need to endorse EVERYTHING gay

  5. 5

    I loved this, first time for everything - yes embrace life everyone! Freedom of expression is beautiful, equality for all… SWF

  6. 6

    Had he done this in bare feet and I really hope he gives up the heels he would have had a HUGE audience. He needs to include the female population to his gig as they are very supportive of this kind of stuff.

  7. 7

    btw pole dancing for men is easy because they can naturally hold themselves up even if they're chubby. men were just born with upper strength that women were not. however he CAN move. Then again if this was a woman I'd role my eyes

  8. 8

    Urmm…Hulu videos can only been seen in the US. Pleeeease try to stick to Youtube! Thanks!

  9. 9

    First of all you haven't seen pole dancing until you've watched Felix Cane, and second I'm pretty sure I saw a few of her moves in his routine.

  10. 10

    I want to dance on his pole, or whatever else may be in those glorious short shorts. HAWT!!!

  11. 11


  12. 12

    I swear I've seen him somewhere like, last year…

    Plus, super hot. Pole dancing is for GUUUUUUUUUUUYS

  13. 13

    Sexual orientation aside, I'm shocked by the number of men that impose ridiculous gender standards even on other people of the same sex. If the man wants to wear high heels and express comfort with his body, good for him. If it's threatening you, you need to question why. American men have a tendency to be very uncomfortable with their bodies and men often say they can do everything better than women, so here's a guy working it (whether you are attracted to him or not) and proving that he can hold his own regardless of gender, and all the guys are hating. To quote Piers, "I don't get it." Rock on, PoleDude.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Androgynous? Not really.


    His act kinda made me throw up in my mouth a little bit, but, he is not too shabby athletically speaking.

    I'm sure he makes the boys mouths water at all the gay clubs.

    Trouble is, almost none of the audience is his target audience.

  16. 16

    Ok I freaking love Steven Retchless. He's amazing. Actually I am a little shocked you're just now noticing him. He's been on youtube for a long time.

  17. 17

    This guy is doing some incredibly out of the norm, bravely doing what he wants to do in a public sphere open for world criticism, and i think he did a great job. Even if you don't think he was the best pole dancer you have ever seen you have to support his bravery to get up there to represent drag culture or trans culture. AND if your only criticism is that "pole dancing is for girls, he was so gay, men dont wear heels" you are making it abundantly clear to everyone but yourself that you have no stability in your own sexuality and gender, nor do you have even the tiniest of balls to get you to think outside of the tiny box that has been randomly thrust upon you.

  18. 18

    No surprise there that Pierce Morgan didn't like it. He's so deep in the closet. My gaydar almost never fails.

  19. 19

    i think piers is a bit homophobic. he also didnt like hte britney dude. theres no denying this dude was amazing, yes, there might be better, but for a dude hes fuckin amazing. and to use his nakedness as an excuse- puh lease. if this were a igrl he would be like - YOU WERE GREAT. i think hes an ass. i rly dislike piers.

  20. ptay says – reply to this


    saw him perform this act a year ago in full. it was gorgeous. Re: ReallyNotReallyRe: adg100 – women looks like whores doing it. he looked liked a graceful dancer who thought about the act. look up the entire video.

  21. 21

    haha the guy pole dancer on australias got talent was 10000 times better than that guy!

  22. 22

    Wow Piers, can you say homophobic? Seriously, this guy is definitely a talented dancer and for piers to X him just as his routine started was disturbing. Thank you sharon for your outspoken support of this guy and the audience agreed with you =)

  23. meme says – reply to this


    They need to get rid of Piers. He is so annoying and doesn't know that talent isn't just singing.

  24. 24

    Re: Bloodshy – Totally…That look on Piers's face…he wanted Steve's ASS!!
    BTW, Steves amazing!!

  25. 3l$@ says – reply to this



  26. 26

    So much for your beloved Canadian viewers. Get links that work for ALL of us please.

  27. 27

    This looks like the same guy that was dancing on the L train in NYC a few weeks ago. Moving up quickly.

  28. 28

    I've been a fan of his for ages! I'm so glad he's doing well for himself - he deserves it!!