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Glee Creator Talks About Season Three - And A Possible Spin-Off!

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GASP! ZOMG! If he calls it A New Direction, we want royalties! LOLz!

We kid, we kid! We'd settle for a guest spot!

As the Glee kids finish up their world tour across the pond, the Glee creators and writers are starting to think about how they want to handle season three of their musical series, the supposed last season for many of the original cast.

So what can we expect from season three AND the winner of The Glee Project, whose prize includes a seven episode arc in the series. Read on, but be warned … SPOILERS AHEAD!

First of all, to all of those who are worried that this will be the last season for their favorite characters, there is hope. Ryan concedes that some of the kids, including Chord Overstreet and Darren Criss, aren't seniors yet, so they might get another season. However, Lea Michele and Chris Colfer are most definitely graduating this year and when asked if they'll stay on post-graduation, Ryan said, "I don’t think that I like that idea."

Hold on! Hold on! Don't get all riled up yet. Like we said, there's hope and for these two, that means a possible spin-off. It wasn't something Ryan was planning on and it isn't something he's concentrating on now. But, when asked about the possibility, he said:

"I have always felt that those two characters in particular were too big for Ohio. I also just kind of like the idea of them like graduating and going off into the ether and you hope they become successes but you don’t know. I don’t know what we’re going to do — we’re only concentrating on the fall this far."

Understandable, but when your brain gets a second, give a good looooong thought to that spin-off. We're telling you, if you make it, Gleeks will come!

So now, what about the newbies coming in the season, like the winner of The Glee Project? And what about some of the smaller characters in the series? Ryan reveals that season three is going to go back to its roots with the help of his new writing staff. He explains:

"I’ll be honest with you: Glee is going to be different this year than it was last year. It’s going to go back to the broadcast model of the first season where there was a fall semester and there was a spring semester. I don’t know what we’re going to do with the spring semester because we’re having so much fun with the fall semester right now. But I know there’s going to be The Glee Project winner and we’re casting for two other female parts. This year, the thing that’s different is we’re doing a lot of stories with characters that people love but don’t know a lot about. There will always be huge stories with Lea. There will always be huge storylines with Chris Colfer. But like I wanna know more about Tina and Mike. I wanna know more about Mercedes. We have a great storyline planned for Sue which will involve the Glee Project winner who will become the person Sue has hated the most in the entire history of her life. She’s done destroying the glee club and she just wants to destroy the Glee Project winner!"

Fun!!! Nothing we like more than an evil Sue Sylvester scheme!

We're really holding out hope that this season will deliver its best, especially if it is the last for our favorite Gleeks. We'll be sad to see them go, but devastated if they don't get a proper send off.

Thoughts so far fans? Does Ryan sound like he knows what he is doing ???

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18 comments to “Glee Creator Talks About Season Three - And A Possible Spin-Off!”

  1. 1

    Yay!! I really want a spin-off cause seriously I´m not watching Glee whitout Rachel!! I don´t care about the other members of the Glee club, well maybe Santana or Quinn but that´s it!!

  2. 2

    I want that damn coat!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Who isn't a senior, they all went to the Junior prom. If Chord isn't a senior, then that means Mercedes is because they went together. Lauren, Gwen, and Santana all ran for Queen, and Puck and Finn, ran for King-so they all had to be juniors. Artie and Britney went to the Junior prom separately so they have to Juniors. Who does that leave for not being seniors-Tina and Mike?

  5. 5

    What if, instead of creating a spin-off to follow Rachel and Kurt post-high school, later on down the road Mr. Schuester takes the glee kids on a "field trip" to see a Broadway musical? Almost like when he took the kids to go watch the other show choir's show before they had the competition. Only to the glee kids' surprise, Rachel and Kurt are the leads in this musical on Broadway. That way it gives insight to both characters post-high school and reveals that their dreams to make it big came true :)

  6. 6

    I am sorry to say this but Ryan Murphy Screwed up royally! I do appreciate his works but because he likes to work in the present (which is a great thing about him) he doesn't think about his future actions. He seriously could have squeezed out another season before graduating the cast. I won't be surprised if the fanbase dwindles because he tried to add more characters..this isn't degrassi. He was doing fine until the second season when he decided to speed everyone's lives up. But I am curious to see what is going to happen

  7. 7

    I love the idea of a Kurt and Rachel spin-off, but do not understand how ryan could say that the character of Blaine is a junior and therefore, younger than Kurt. He has been portrayed as being older than kurt since he first appeared on the series. How can he possibly get people to believe that Blaine is younger. Just comparing Darren Criss to Chris Colfer and Darren looks quite a few years older than Chris. If Kurt is a senior in the next season, then Darren has to at least be a senior too and one of the older members of the senior year. Is this just Ryan seeing money making opportunities. Is he going for the Hearttrob angle, because if he is, Glee will not do well at all. You need strong actors to hold-up a failing series and he had Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Naya Rivera to do that in season 2 and thank God he did because the series would have been a complete flop without them, especially Colfer and Michele. Darren Criss is just not strong enough as an actor to be able to keep the series going. He's a good singer, but his acting is rather weak especially when compared to Colfer, Michele and Rivera. I really don't think Ryan Murphy knows what he's talking about.

  8. 8

    If this is based on the tv guide and ew articles then what RM said was first that everyone was seniors except Chord, then he said he didn't know what he was going to do with Lea or Chris and he never said anything definite about what was going to happen with Darren so this is a lot of speculation on this sites part.

  9. 9

    well all i want is a big fat juicy dick!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10

    Re: starsea
    Exactly what I thought. The character of Blaine was supposed to be a mentor for Kurt, and I almost think they said something about him being older in the series but I could be remembering wrong. Either way, I'm surprised that Ryan Murphy didn't make Kurt a junior considering how Kurt-centric this entire season was.

  11. 11

    I want a rachel spin-off! forget about glee I want everything to be about rachel

  12. 12

    I feel like he could have some people like Brittany, Finn and Puck fail, because they're supposed to be stupid. Why graduate almost the entire class? I love Glee, but it's seriously going to ruin it.

  13. lmm23 says – reply to this


    If you watched the pilot season quinn and finn and i'm pretty sure brittany, puck and santana were all juniors while rachel was a sophomore. So technically they should have graduated last season Its dumb that ryan murphy didn't start with the main cast all freshmen especially since last season was about guest stars and not about the developing the characters.

  14. xoxoj says – reply to this


    Re: lmm23 – That wouldn't make any sense though cause you cannot have a club entirely composed of freshman and though, yeah some younger kids are crazy talented, high school is a lot about seniority. Therefore Puck and Finn would not be the football star/big man on campus and no way would Quinn be captain of a varsity cheer squad.

  15. 15

    Ryan Murphy looks like he's making it up as he goes along, again, to the detriment of a wonderful show.

    When they first introduced the Blaine character, they described him as older than Kurt. In the "Original Song" episode, Blaine describes himself as a junior when he's making the pitch for a duet at Regionals.

    Love the show, but a 12-yr-old could do a better job with continuity than Ryan Murphy.

  16. 16

    he is too sure everything he does now will succeed, well he is screwing up big! ryan just put everybody in the same college lol done.

  17. 17

    Ok first they say that Blaine is a junior, then Ryan goes onto say he's a mentor to Kurt and he's a year older, now he's saying he's a year younger? They really need to sort their shit out

  18. 18

    RM is all over the place with Blaine's age. First he's older than Kurt, then he's 'junior member Blaine Anderson' and now?…Now he was supposed to be a sophomore this entire time? No way.
    That makes no sense. Kurt's mentioned moving to NY WITH him, not meeting him there a year later. Get your stuff together RM.