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Boo! Spirit Airlines To Charge $5 Boarding Pass Fee!

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spirit to charge five dollar boarding pass fee

This is SUCH bullshiz!

Last year, Spirit Airlines became the first American airline to charge a fee for carry-on baggage, which we thought was seriously lame.

Then, they briefly SORT OF won us over with some of their funny ads, such as their recent "Weiner Sale!" ad.

No amount of weiners can make up for their new policy though: starting November 1st, they'll charge $5 for boarding passes printed out by Spirit agents EACH WAY. WTF?

There won't be any charge if you check in online or print your own boarding pass, but just on principle we find this ridiculous!

We understand that people use Spirit Airlines because they have cheap flights, but what's the point in offering discount flights if you're going to add extra charges for EVERYTHING! We've even heard that they charge for water on Spirit flights. SO uncool!

Here's what Spirit President and CEO Ben Baldanza had to say about the new policy:

"We believe it is important to let customers decide what is of value to them. We want to give them the ability to choose the extras they want without forcing them to pay for add-ons they don't want or need. Why would you want to pay for services you don't use?"

Services that people don't use? Everyone needs boarding passes and everyone needs water!

Spirit has tried to justify the extra charge by claiming that flight fares will be $5 cheaper. We suppose that's good for people who remember to print out their boarding passes at home…but if ever we didn't have the time to do that and we found ourselves paying $5 for a boarding pass each way, we wouldn't be pleased.

What do U think of Spirit's new policy? Would U pay $10 for two boarding passes?

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21 comments to “Boo! Spirit Airlines To Charge $5 Boarding Pass Fee!”

  1. 1

    There are a few Airlines in the UK that do this, charge passengers for using the check-in desk at the airport, one even charges up to £40 if you haven't printed off your boarding card, but they can get away with it because it's all stated on the website, rip-off…

  2. 2

    Ryanair charges $73.20 to print your plane-ticket.. now THAT'S BS!

  3. 3

    That's nothing, scottish company Ryanair charges € 40 (about $50) EACH WAY!!! I have sworn I will never fly with them again

  4. 4

    That's CHEAP! Ryanair charges £40 to print your boarding passes at the airport. I fly them all the time and love them, because I carry-on and print my own boarding passes. You're such a whiny bitch, Mario. Print your boarding pass at home and save $5. Easy.

  5. 5

    Ryanair is an Irish airline.. And they charge for water too, they're full of other little charges, you should count yourself lucky its only $5 each way!

  6. 6

    I heard that Spirit is trying to follow in the footsteps of Ryanair. You know what that means: paying to use the toilets on their planes. The airline industry needs to learn how to run a service based business. Drive the passengers away and you have no business. I just read that the airline industry ranked worst of all industries. Beyond the endless fees, in the last week we heard that airlines did not do proper drug testing, kicked people off for cloth they wore and for being disabled, did not check that employees are legal aliens and tortured us with system crashes. I found a great site to your travel adventures at airlineslodgingetc.com

  7. 7

    People need to STAND UP and refuse to fly anymore until this robbery stops. There is absolutely NO REASON that the Japanese - who live on a tiny island - should have a bullet train and the US does not. If people would protest against this nonsense, we might actually get one.

    I would never step on a plane again unless I absolutely had to, maybe if I was relocating and needed to take my cats. Amtrak goes all over the country and I'll spend the extra money for a cabin and ride the rails for a couple of days in comfort instead of worrying about long security lines, terrorists, and paying ridiculous fees!

  8. 8

    Re: carlyt – Have you even flown on a ryan air flight recently? You do not have to pay to use the toilets that was a plan that never went through. Ryan Air get a bad rep, you can actually have a very pleasent flight with them if you just print off your boarding pass at home or work, who doesn't have access to a printer these days? They even have them at the airport now!

    What I find worse about Ryan Air is that they only let you check in online then make you pay for it.

  9. 9

    Can one by pass this fee by flying outside the plane???

  10. 10

    When will these airlines understand the psychology of marketing? Just build in the fee and dont add it on as a very highly visible "extra." Its when they start breaking things down item by item that really shows the nickle and diming effect. And thats irritating.

  11. 11

    This is what happens. You buy a r/t trip ticket for what seems to be cheaper then other airline. Like $40 cheaper. We went to Mexico for a week… NO LUGGAGE is covered except your purse or a backpack. So a family of 3 traveling for a week? Pay and extra $200 for luggage and now $30 just for the boarding pass? It's crazy 50% of people don't know that until they get to the airport.

  12. 12

    Re: tallguy10 – well said. they think we're that stupid? I flew spirit to costa rica last year and i'll never do it again! they charge for your seat, carry-on, checked-bag, and now this? even though i always print mine online, it's just the principle of it! fly delta! northwest airlines was always my favorite and then delta took them over… they might be a TINY bit pricier but their planes are nicer, and with the american express platinum you can get FREE BOOZE AND FOOD in their world class lounges before any of your flights. also, i have the delta amex card too and you don't have to pay baggage fees with that either!

  13. jham says – reply to this


    First of all - the weiner ad was pretty amazing. But - this is getting so rediculous. Charge the money up front - not all of this backhanded bs. So in order to fly at the price I paid for my ticket, I will need to: remember to print out my boarding pass, not take ANY luggage (carry on and checked baggage is charged), and drink the water needed to keep me from dehydrating on a plane from the plane's bathroom sink. Lovely. These people are such sheisters!

  14. 14

    Re: valeok – They're IRISH, not Scottish.
    Re: carlyt – You don't pay for toilets on Ryanair. I flew them last month and I used the loo for free.

  15. 15

    Re: scoochamenz – It's not robbery! I can fly to mainland Europe with a carry-on for £30 return on Ryanair. That's a freaking bargain! Idiots who can't print their own god damned boarding passes…

  16. 16

    Re: scoochamenz – OMG I didn't read your entire post… you're CRAZY!! You won't fly because of terrorists, you prefer Amtrak and you have cats. Wow. Just wow.

  17. 17

    I print my own boarding pass at home so I don't see what the problem is here. Mario must be too lazy to print his own.

  18. slite says – reply to this


    I hate when you post crap. Do you know what the average cost of a Sprit ticket is? its $80!

    This airline separate all services from the ticket price you moron. When you book to fly, all you get is a seat. If you want an agent to print your ticket, you pay $5. If you want to use their kiosk to print your ticket it will be $1 next year. If you print it at home, its free.

    If you want to check a bag, you pay for it.
    If you want to brign a bag on to the plane, you pay for it.

    The flights are bargain basement prices because you get to pick and choose what other fees you pay for a la carte.

    Why dont you fly on American or another airline that charges you for everything within the ticket, PLUS baggage fees. Similar flights would cost you $400 instead of $80 plus these fees.

    But we all know you fly first class you and dont know what a fee is you hypocritical fat piece of waste.

  19. 19

    $5 per ticket sounds a little disproportionate to the cost of paper and ink.

  20. 20

    you're an idiot. print your boarding pass online, and if you're too lazy, you can pay them to print it for you. =cheaper flights.

  21. 21

    this is SUCH BULLSHIT!!!! i'm so sick of getting f*cked by every company around. STOP FLYING.PERIOD.