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Kim Kardashian Proves Her Butt Is Real With An X-Ray

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And to all you negative nancies out ther: It's real!!

LOLz! Kim Kardashian recently got fed up with all the people saying she had butt implants, so on an episode of her show she and her sisters discussed getting a butt x-ray to put it all to rest — and she did!

Check out the video above for a preview, and check out the pic of proof below!!

Gurl is HIGHlarious!

Does this finally prove it to all U nay-sayers??

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59 comments to “Kim Kardashian Proves Her Butt Is Real With An X-Ray”

  1. 1

    They also took an x-ray of her head. Nothing in there either.

  2. 2

    I'm not buying that her butt is real. I think the x-ray is someone else's. I think she had something done. Why don't any of the other Kardashians have that butt then? If it's generic then one of them would have had it also. They all have flat butts except for Kim. Something don't add up.

  3. 3

    You don't get Butt Implants if you have money and you want your ass to look natural, you get fat injections…. And she should have done an X-Ray of her boobs too, her sister did, why not her, there's rumors of her having boobs implants too

  4. 4

    Perez you are so fucking phony you talk about the kardashian like dogs now you are they best friend, since khloe put your ass on blast for being a bully.you are a clown

  5. 5

    Fat injections wouldn't show up on an x ray.

    But who cares if it's fake? There's a lot of celebrities out there with a lot more fake body parts.

  6. 6

    She should be shot for doing this…. Just shows how pathetic she is and how obsessed she is with herself.
    Why doesn't she prove that she wasn't the gross fatass blowing Ray-J in that sex video?? aka the only reason people even started to know she was.

  7. 7

    Fat injections wouldn't show up on an x-ray, that video proves nothing.

  8. 8

    Well if she is getting injections of fat into her ass, it would not show on the X ray. She claims her boobs are real, her ass is real and now she has her cheeks so injected she looks like the saw puppet. Her ass is not natural. She can lie all she wants but an idiot could tell it is NOT natural.

  9. 9

    Seriously, if shes so confidant about herself why would the hell she care what others( including people shes never met) has to say about her a$$!!! Its just words and people talk. For real she should be happy with her man her life and the fact shes more blessed then some of us regulars here and not worry about her ass…

  10. 10

    lmao who gets ass implants … FAT INJECTIONS!!

  11. 11

    Her ass may be real. I have one like that, like jennifer lopez. BUT the boobs are implants. Nipple incisions. DO THE BOOBS Kim,let's see!! Most caucasions have EITHER large breasteseses and not big butts or the other way around. More african american lineage has both. Kim is caucasion and her boobs are fake. see her EARLY days as proof. I really don't care except that she is so self obsessed and looks obsessed and shows it off so much just admit it! I had breats implants after kids and I LOVE them, fantastic job DOC, but I'm happy to tell you I have them.

  12. 12

    and actually just looking at the pic her eon perez it looks like implants lol

  13. 13

    like who in the hell cares……..god she is so into herself…..no class…..

  14. 14

    Of course her ass is real. Like someone would actually pay to get an ass like that? Its a mess now, but just wait. Once she starts popping out kids, her hips, thighs, ass and boobs are going to look like shite. Her BBoy hubby will be on the prowl.

  15. 15

    the torso's too skinny to be her. she blimped out this year.

  16. 16

    Could have been fat injections, instead. Those don't show up on xrays. But then again, neither do implants. So this doesn't really prove anything.
    I don't get why Kim felt like she had to do this. Kim, it's your body and you don't have to prove anything. It's really pathetic. Sorry.

  17. 17

    ……..is this really news? this braud needs to go away.

  18. 18

    Still don't believe it's real. One fat injections don't show on Xrays and also that could be someone else's xray. How can anyone trust anything pretaped? Please….. She needs to do XRAYs on LIVE tv.

  19. 19

    fat injections and butt lifts wont show on an x-ray

  20. Jai says – reply to this


    Real or fake, she's got an amazing figure.

  21. 21

    In all honesty… WHY as a woman would you choose to give yourself MORE CELLULITE??? WHY would SHE get fat injections… I am not one to defend the Kardashian KLAN in the least but…. come on!!! GLUTIOUS MAXIMUS… it's the biggest muscle in your body… I'm just sayin…

  22. 22

    ooooh my gosh. Is this girl fer real?! I really don't give a shit.

  23. 23

    I used to defend the Kardashians and still don't hate them like most women do…I find them entertaining and love their fashion sense. I for one have never thought she has butt implants/fat injections. Look at Kris Jenner's side profile (as well as Khloe) and you can see big butts run in the family. However I don't know why Kim claims she hasn't had anything nipped/tucked/lipoed/plumped they have lost their mind. You can tell her body looks the same as it has since she became famous but her face looks different now. Her nose is too narrow and her face is too tight. But I personally can't see why people say her boobs are fake, fake boobs (especially that size) look a lot different. It is obvious hers has a droop to them (not saggy, just natural looking). And if anything her butt has gotten smaller since she lost some weight, I don't think it would do that if it were injections. Just my uninformed opinion. :)

  24. 24


  25. 25

    What a dumb bitch to expose herself to radiation for no need.

  26. 26

    we never thought her HIPPOS ASS was fake….even more gross that she feels the need to x-ray it.

  27. 27

    Re: Mad Dog – yeah there it…….DOLLAR SIGNS BABY!

  28. 28

    Re: PenelopePittstop – she has a saggy ass….trust me..it's real.

  29. 29

    She could have had her own fat injected in her butt!!!

  30. 30

    That silly little x-ray doesn't prove a thing! She got silicone injected into her butt, not implants. That's what people are doing these days and that's not going to show up in any x-ray. She has proven nothing except for the fact that she likes wasting money and time on STOOOOOOOOPID stuff!

  31. 31

    Re: MaggieDee – You are sooo right!!! I agree w/you completely.

  32. 32

    There's not a legit doctor in the world that would X-Ray a patient's butt to "Prove it's real"

    I'm sure E! was there to film it….

  33. 33

    and of course everything we see on reality television is REAL and we can believe all of it!!

  34. 34

    staged, fake, we still don't believe you plastic face ho

  35. 35

    to pam's triple silicone filled breasts…(it wouldn't let me reply to you), I hate to say it but you aren't correct. A legit doctor xrayed Tyra Bank's chest on her talk show to prove she didn't have implants.

  36. 36

    There is NOTHING Kim can do.. People are going to believe what they want. She can say the sky is blue and there would be some people saying no its not.She is laughing all the way to the bank… So good for her.

  37. 37

    K Trash should have stayed white and kept it tight.

  38. 38


  39. 39

    Oh dear God, when are people going to stop givin a SHIT about these ridiculous people who do nothing???????

  40. 40

    As a board certified radiographer I can tell you right now that proves nothing because you can't see SH*T.

  41. 41

    She's proving it like having a big fat cellulite ridden ass is a good thing. Have you seen her butt? it's not even a perfect round ass, it's LUMPY!! like lumpy gravy. ewwwww!! omg, if i had an ass like that i get it fixed. seriously. She's got the money too.

  42. 42

    When Courtney gets breast cancer I wont feel bad. This is absolutly ridiculous especially at child bearing age to waste radiation on nonsense like this. Radiation from Xrays cause cancer. Ridiculous!!!

  43. 43

    hahaha Mad Dog was just going to make a comment like yours. Too funny!

    The only thing that makes this report even slightly interesting is that IT'S NOT ABOUT LINDSAY LOHAN! Lohan's & Kardashians need to go away. Enough already.

  44. 44

    Re: MarioMonjack – hmm you're behind in the Kardashian drama — her current fiance is white/caucasian. Ugh I'm not proud that I do keep current with it. BLAH!!!!!

  45. 45

    Look at the twit pics above this post. Notice pic 22/30 where Kim K. is with her grandfather on Father's day. How cute! I know!. However, why does one of the wealhiest families in Hollywood keep their poor, aging grandfather in what looks to be a public retirement home. DISGUSTING. All of them should be ashamed. He should have his own private Condo with 24 hour care. And a limo to go to all the gatherings that he wants to go to. JUst terrible. I bet that's the only time of year they go see him. Pity.

  46. 46

    My Gawd, X-Rays don't lie….Look at that Cavern of a Vajayjay & Bored-Out Tunnel of a Poop-Shoot Kim has……..I'm gonna lose my dinner….

  47. 47

    who cares?

  48. Ria19 says – reply to this


    Erm… this doesnt prove anything. Ass implants are not the only procedure. Its actually the worst. She could have got fat transfer (aka brazilian butt lift). This means fat from her stomach is transfered to her butt, which looks way more natural and WONT show up in a freaking x ray. LOL anyway shes still beautiful, plastic surgery FTW!

  49. 49

    WHYYY won't this bitch go away already!? How full of yourself do you have to be to think people really give a shit about your ass being fake or not!?

  50. 50

    Either she had fat injected or sillicon injected… It won't show up!!! If she does have implants, those xrays arent hers

  51. 51

    I have breast implants and they did NOT show up on an xray. I was very suprised… But it is not unusual. I don't know why kim is showing this XRAY as 'proof', but it really isn't. Quite frankly this makes me question her more than before. Why go to all to all the trouble to 'prove' something when it just brings up more questions? Either she needs more publicity or she is lying. Either way it is a wee bit annoying…

  52. 52

    ok we get it, Kim..you have a big ass! No one else is bringing more attention to it than she is. Geez….she needs to seriously get over herself. She is not the only one in this world with a big butt and guess what no one else goes around x-raying their ass to prove it. No pun intended, but she's an ass!

  53. 53

    Re: Lovlee.Angelz – Huu…Let me guess…youre a white skinny bitch…I dont think Kims body is real, but its hot! Re: GSDsrule – Like I said I think kims fake but kims not caucasian, shes armenian! And im a caucasian girl and I have bigs boobs and butt with small waist and it gets on my fucking nerves when people dont believe im white because of that!! wtf!!

  54. 54

    LOL! REALLY Kim honey NICE TRY, We know you don't have actual "IMPLANTS" …You got a Brazilian butt lift a few years back which is (fat from your body injected in your ass) and you get Hydrogel shots to keep it full..And those will NOT show up on a Xray! Nice try "doll" ..But your ass is a fake as that a baby voice of yours…

  55. 55

    Oh and Kimmie (I know you're reading this), your ass isn't real and you are NOT JLo ;)

  56. 56

    Nobody gives a fuck about you Kim Kuntdashian!!!

  57. 57

    honestly i do not understand why everybodys making such a big issue out of this, what is it anybodys business? she's proved its real so let it GO. get a GRIP move on! as long as she's happy with it then who is anybody to say anything?

  58. 58

    Did anyone else happen to notice in this episode when Kim leaves the office where Khloe had just uploaded her ass x-ray online.. and she goes and sits back down at the dinner table, she already has her whopping big engagement ring on!!! On the correct finger on her left hand - as she sits down she covers it with her other hand - but you still get a good look at it… She hadn't been proposed to at this stage!!!

  59. 59

    all you MOFO are saying that her ass isnt real cause you cant play with it to make sure so you set there an say her ass isnt real her tits arent real an all this other bull shit cause you cant find out for yourself your just mad cause you cant hit that LMAO!