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LiLo Blames Her Precious Tea AGAIN For Failed Alcohol Test

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Here we go again…

Remember Lindsay Lohan's precious kombucha tea?? You know, the one that she blamed on setting off her SCRAM bracelet last year?

Well, looks like LiLo has reached in her old bag of tricks and pulled out one of her pathetic excuses. She's now saying that the reason why she failed her most recent alcohol test is because of her favorite kombucha tea drink, which the company says only contains less than .05% alcohol.

When asked about the recent test, La Lohan responded:

"I am responsible, and I'm following the rules and obeying my judge and the Los Angeles judicial system. I'd like to do what I must to get my film career back and the respect of directors, actors, writers, studio heads, fans and so on."

Excuses, excuses, gurl! How many do you have and how long do you think you can go on using them??

It's getting kinda sad, really.

[Image via WENN.]

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34 comments to “LiLo Blames Her Precious Tea AGAIN For Failed Alcohol Test”

  1. 1

    Perez, who the fuck cares if she was drinking in her home. Her mandatory alcohol and drug testing expired on Feb. 25th! She can't do drugs because drugs are illegal, but she certainly can drink because, like her lawyer said, "alcohol is a legal substance."

  2. 2

    Leave Lindsay alone! If this were Gaga, you'd be calling the Tea company and blaming them. Stop being biased!

  3. 3

    I really wish she would learn how to wear a bra. Her constant need for attention is crazy.

  4. Boj says – reply to this


    Say what you want about this girl, no disputing, she is smoking hot!!!

  5. 5

    She is so full of it. she will screw up again the writings on the wall.

  6. 6

    I seriously am sick of this girl getting away with everything. Her A$$ needs to be in jail. Let it be known if it had been me or any other commoner - we would've had the book thrown at us from the jump. Throwing parties while on house arrest is this YIATCH FOR REAL?? I am so over little miss lohan.. She is just a waste of space, a poor role model for younger women, and an outright loser and her mother isn't any better. enabler to the fullist & it isn't doing her any favors..

  7. 7

    Re: LizardKinG – Exactly. Why is everyone defending her? She's a complete loser and deserves to go to jail.

  8. 8

    I believe her. What I can't believe, is how much this website makes a mountain out of a molehill. Perez, one minute you like her, the next minute you don't, CHOOSE! You act like you are friends with these celebs, and then you stab them in the back by talking shit about them. LINDSAY WASN'T BREAKING ANY RULES, SHE WAS WITHIN HER RIGHTS! No one cares if you "think" she's making excuses, she's doing EXACTLY WHAT YOU WOULD DO IN THE VERY SAME SITUATION! ASS!

  9. 9

    Yah cause you were there and you are better qualified to rule on this then the judge. You are still the same lying bully you always were.

  10. 10

    It's the only kind of attention she can get….
    She has absolutely NO talent for anything other than how to be a LOSER…..
    Why DOESN'T she just go and make a PORN like all of the other TALENTLESS people that have made a living out of being a SKANK ??????????????????????
    Kourtney Kardashion realized that if she wants to be as big as her sister Kim she's gonna have to show the world that she too can suck a mean dick too,once that video comes out she will be as big as her sister's FAT ASS…
    Which by the way KIM K. thanks for the x-ray of how much FAT you really have in that ass…

  11. 11

    It actually IS possilble for this tea to trigger a scram bracelet as even shampoo can set it off. Alot of things have small amount of alcohol in it…

  12. 12

    that tea is so nastyyyyyy, i drank some and it tasted like carbonated vinegar.

  13. 13

    Her parents are assholes and she needs attention. She looks good though, better than the last couple of years. I have known people on house arrest and yes, they have had full on parties, the difference is there isn't a pap flying in a helicopter or hangin on a telephone pole to snap a picture. I don't care if she had a drink, the courts said she didn't have to have a test, eff it. Its not like she is an alcoholic, she has made very bad decisions. My cousin got a DUI, made a bad decision leaving that party, but he's no alcoholic. Lets just see what happens within the next year. She has had a lot of chances, but seriously her parents are fucked up, and they fucked her up big time. And Wilmer Valderrama!! I think his skanky ass messed with her head too. The only girl he dated that really didn't have that many issues was Mandy Moore.
    But seriously, Lindsey looks great, not super dirty/wasted like last year.

  14. 14

    Oh, and that Kambucha tea is no joke! Its not very tasty but will make you shit faster than you can spell it. But then you are full of energy. Go figure.

  15. 15

    Re: yeahokayalright – AGREED!!! You have to take it to the head and quickly. lol

  16. 16

    "to get my film career back and the respect of directors, actors, writers, studio heads,"…..Regardless of where we are about Lohan, the quote is really telling about why she offered her feeble excuse. She was found to have not violated her probation so why bother explaining herself. No one with half a brain can accept this excuse. She would have to consume several cases within minutes to fail a test. Really the only ones she needs to worry about are those making movies and they are her potential employers. She won't fool them either. Her constant lies, disregard for the rules set out for her probation and her sense of entitlement will never change and that makes her a risk to employ. Lohan you will need better stories to convince those people.

  17. 17

    Seriously? Again? Wow! She is playing America for fools.

  18. Boj says – reply to this


    Re: PenelopePittstop – Why wear a bra when THAT looks so good? I guess one of the many differences between and a woman's view…

  19. 19

    and what is LiLo blaming her failure to wear a bra on?

  20. 20


  21. 21

    This girl is a mess- she has an excuse for everything- she should have been a lieyer (lawyer) and not an actress because girl can really come up with some theories…. and judges buy into it everytime… such a shame.

  22. 22

    Lindsay IS NOT addicted to anything….



  23. 23

    …stoopid fukin kunt………

  24. 24

    please… I'm so tired of her getting away with everything….. there really isn't any justice out there…. especially when u r Lindsay ….. how discusting :(

  25. 25

    Everyone stfu and stop hating. Lindsays so cutthroat, shes awesome..

  26. 26

    Do you thing lindsay!!

  27. 27

    I want some of that tea she's having

  28. 28

    Why do you keep bullying her, mario?

  29. 29

    Perez you are a such A BULLY , Were You there ? No . Do you know the truth ? NO , Yet you do anything you can to put Lindsay down and make things bigger that what they are . One minute you are cheering for her the next you are Back Stabbing her . and yet you favor others , how fair is that ? Lindsay did nothing wrong and you cant stand that ,so you need to start up Bull to make you feel better . Perez you are so pathetic ! Karma …
    Keep your head up Lindsay ! You are Supported !

  30. 30

    Re: Likeduhh – haha so true!!

  31. 31

    I drink the tea… Never felt drunk from it. I never reaked of alcohol… what's next… her mouth wash is to blame? Seriously, get your ass in gear gurl… Your DADDY ISSUES and PATHETIC Excuse for a MOTHER screwed your ass up to the point where you should seriously invest not in more clothes but INVEST IN GOOD SHRINK!!!!! YOu have no other skills to fall back on… CUT THE SHIT!!!!

  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jacolynne – No, she's actually playing herself for a fool.

  33. 33

    OK- so if she's "supposedly" failed from this before, wouldn't you think she would have stopped drinking it if she knew that that's what it did to her?? Or maybe the probation officer/judge would have told her not to drink any?? That doesn't make any sense. Why would you drink something that made you fail a breath test, and then go and drink it again while on probation?? Either she's dumb as a box of rocks, or she's lying. I personally think that it's a combination of the two.

  34. 34

    Yeah, it's always the tea.